My son uses the potty at school, but won't at home: Advice?

My son is 3, he started headstart on August, he wasn’t potty trained, well his teachers told me he goes potty for them, but at home he does not want to be near the toilet, I tried letting him draw on the back of the toilet seat, it worked for about 3 times then he wasn’t interested, I then tried giving him a treat if he would go and it didn’t work at all, I tried letting him use it with the phone but it only worked 2 times then he didn’t want to, how did the other mommies got their kids to use the potty??


Take away he diapers let them bottomless and take them every 30 minutes to try. If he can do it at school he’s being lazy and jerking your chain at home


Get him on a routine at home. Maybe a timer to go to the bathroom every 30 min. Also allow him to use a potty chair as a lot of kids are scared of the big potty or thw sound of it flushing. Most preschools have small toilets for kids which is a bit less scary than a big toilet.

Take away the diapers and pullups. Use real undies.

i bought a mini wall urinal like in the mens room and i also used cheerios for ain

He understands that not using the potty at school is not acceptable and see the other kids using it, he needs to understand this at home as well and watching mommy and daddy use it can help.

With my brothers I used a prize box each time they went potty sitting down I gave them a toy. Then it went to targets each time they peed standing up they had to hit a target. Pooping he refused until my dad showed him it was fine and his turtle wouldn’t fall off I was 9 when I started potty training my 2 year old brother. He did great tho

Mine were potty trained to pee on a tree…but their school helped

My son was the same way. He would go at his grandma house but not at home. I didn’t pressure him and one day it just clicked.

Is the toilet at home different? A lot of childcare/preschoolers have smaller toilet and possibly without lids. Does he have a step stool? How about a special toilet seat? Something that provides physical stability and also something that makes the potty special, just for him??
I also highly recommend undies and a timer and take him in every 30 minutes to sit for a short period of time. It’s a pain but they then learn they’re going to have to go in and go and they also will learn they can come back out and return to whatever activity because bathrooms can quickly be associated with transition and a loss of play


I give mine a lollipop to have while he sits there. Maybe his favorite candies?