My spouse gets mad when I help my family: Thoughts?

What do you do when your SO tells you to stop helping your family (as in your parents that aren’t fluent in English? )? I recently gave birth and have my own little family. My parents call me here and there for help with little things like booking an appointment for them or ask me what does something mean ( like a letter or bill) or to do something small for them… well, my SO hates that I always help them out since I’m, not the oldest child ( im the five oldest of 8 kids), but they always call me for help with little things like calling there insurance booking appointments, etc… I honestly don’t mind it because it doesn’t take all my time up in the day. I also don’t do it until after I get my things done that I need to do in my home for my daughter and for him. But he always seems to have a problem when I do, and it’s frustrating because it doesn’t bother me to do it! I do it because I have the time TO DO IT. My parents also don’t press me to get back at them asap with certain favors, but he feels like they burden me, and that’s why I’m always tired. But I work a full-time job working from home; I just had a baby whos six months now; I always make sure things are cleaned around the house before he gets home, I always make dinner now that he’s finally found a full job time and I always make sure the laundry is done so he has clothes for work!!! Ugh, it’s so stressful!!! So YES, I’m gonna be tired !!! Who wouldn’t??? Sometimes when I don’t get something done, I get the “talk” about what I have you been doing all day, etc… I’m so stressed and feel like I’m not doing enough! & I definitely would never want to cut my parents out completely. It’s not like they call me daily for favors, and I have already told my parents to ask the other siblings, so thats why they stopped asking me about everything. It’s just some things. I just hate that it has to be like that because they are my parents, and I don’t want people to take advantage of them if they don’t fully understand the process of something. Let me know what you guys think?! I just needed to vent!!