My spouses family dislikes the baby name we picked out: Advice?

I have a name picked out for our baby boy (Luka) that I really like, but my SO’s family absolutely dislikes it. They even stated ways they would make fun of him if I gave him that name; they said they would call him Yuka; I think it’s a vegetable of some sort. Then proceeded to suggest a list of names that I did not like, including the name Leif My SO did set them straight and told them that my opinion matters more than anyone else’s, but I still can’t help to feel some type of way about it and wonder if in the future they’ll cringe when they call out to him. This baby boy is a big deal because both sides of our family all have girls. Have any of you dealt with this baby name dilemma from your families?


Show them the finger and keep ur kid away from them.


Your baby your choice…if they bully him keep him away from them


I hated what my daughter was naming my granddaughter But now that she is here It’s just her name and it fits her

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My mother in law told me the name i had picked out was a stupid name. My reply was that it was my baby to name not hers. A few years later as she called for my child she told me it was the perfect name.

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Luka is a beautiful name.


My son has the same name and everybody loves it. it is you and your SO’s choice at the end of the day don’t feel put off by what they say

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Good Lord. It’s only an issue if you entertain it. Name your baby whatever the hell you want!


My sisters sperm donors side of the family tried to do that when my mom named her. They all made fun of it. All said it’s ugly and that she would be bullied her entire life because of it. My mom named her what she wanted despite their opinions. Now there is kids with her name all over. Her name is Delanie.

Tell them to grow tf up. He’s not their baby. As long as you and you SO like it :woman_shrugging:

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The decision is between you and your husband. When/if they have children, then they can choose.

Who’s baby is it? Yours end of story.


Ummm,your kid your choice.period

Your child, your choice

Luca is a good name. Certainly not a bad name. Every one has had opinions about the names I have given my children and no matter what name you pick SOMEONE will have an opinion.

You like the name and that is all that matters. If they make fun of a child’s name they have issues.

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I am glad someone supported you!

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Name your child whatever you want. And anyone who wants to try to make fun of him is not welcome in his life. Period. Tell your SO to spread the word around his family.


Honestly it’s your child not theirs they already had their chance at naming their children now it’s your turn …n his sad that they’re thinking of his they would pick on him :cry:


Sweetheart listen, you are the one giving birth, your the one who has to push a watermelon out of the open side of a lemon, or major surgery. Who the hell do they think they are telling you what you should name a baby thats YOURS! Tell them to blow it out of their asses, if they dont like it they dont have to be around. And if they are going to make fun of a baby about his name i wouldnt want them around my kid, inlaws or not. I bet your MIL didnt let her MIL bully her like shes trying to do with you. Its yours and your hubbys choice. PERIOD!

Let em cringe. To say that they’re already planning how to tease and bully him - a child- just because they don’t care for his name? Really? Bunch of jerks


They can nickname Luke it’s close enough or Lukas ? I like Luka that’s unique very nice -

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Make fun of their names, turn around and say if they ever do that to your son, then you won’t allow them access or the chance to do it ever again. Bullying is hard for kids, and simply the worst when it comes from extended family. Put your foot down, this is your child and your SO’s child, no one else’s opinion even matters.


Nothing wrong with Luka! It will grow on them!


Your baby, your choice! Luka is a beautiful name and if they don’t like it they have 2 options. Either they suck it up and respect his name or they can not address him at all. I would be really angry if anyone dared to call my kid a despective nickname SPECIALLY his own family. Why would grown adults make fun of a baby!? They need to grow up!

Btw. Yuca (also known as Cassava) is a root shaped vegetable.

I have friends who’s grandson is named Luka.
Very shy when younger, now can’t keep the girls from him. Lol… not anyone’s decision, but parents…

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Your kid, your choice. The first time they make fun of him, ask them to leave or you take the kid and leave. Tell them when they can be mature adults they are welcome to see Luka whenever they like. But until them keep them at a distance. I say nip it from the get go. Do not let the bullying start. I like Luka BTW.

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Luka is a beautiful name and if your spouses family is that fkd up that they would make fun of a child because of their name then maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to be around your child. :woman_shrugging:t3:


A lot of folks need to stfu. Especially about things that don’t concern them. My mother always told me that naming another person is one of the most difficult things you will do. Side note… The name means bringer of light. Name your baby whatever you want. :heart:

Your baby not theres :heart:


It’s your baby!! NAME HIM WHAT “YOU” WANT


Fuck the them and name your son what you want and if they don’t like it and can’t be an adult about it they shouldn’t see him. Fuck them and there damn there petty bull shit


Tell them to piss off. What kind of family plans in advance to make fun of a baby’s name?


They’re gonna tease a child ? Hmm… Says a whollleeee bunch about them. And for the record. The name is cute.


I love that name!!! Its a name I’ve suggest to my significant other a few days ago, we are expecting in March 2021. Your baby, your choice. If they will make fun of him, Id make the child not around them. That’s disgusting that they would do that.

I highly doubt they’ll call him Yuka.
It was a tacky comment but I think you’re blowing it out of proportion because you’re mad.
Gauge how they behave around him and if they continue their foolishness keep Luka away.

They will get used to the name. It’s your opinion that matters.

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Ultimately it’s your decision. But I can see your dilemma. Tbh when I hear that name I think of that psycho from Don’t f*ck with cats.

Name ur kid what you want. Ya know it is ur kid not theirs. Tell them they make fun of ur kids name then they don’t need to see the kid


Honestly it’s a beautiful name. If they choose to bully your child they shouldn’t see him. Good luck


Love the name ! I have a friend and a work colleague who both have boys called Luca ( spelled differently but sound the same) it’s your baby your choice and like above if they’ve even gone so far to say they would slag your child then keep him well away you don’t need people like that in your son’s or your life .

Your baby boy name him as you wish!

They sound like complete assholes!!
If that’s the way they plan to treat ur child, then they don’t deserve to be in his life.

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I bet they will still have something negative to say whatever name you give your baby. The problem is not Luka, the name itself, but it’s their sick ideology. Tell them to make their own baby and name it whatever they want.

Who cares… snip snip

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Names which people think are atrocious all become accepted with the passage of time. My neighbour had a grandson Caleb and she couldnt say it for months just referred to “the baby” but soon everyone was used to it and didn’t bat an eye. It’s not as bad as Moon Unit Apple or Dweezel.

I’m having the same problem. I wanted to name my son Atlas and so many people have said that they’re going to call him map, globe, ect that I honestly don’t even like the name anymore.

Apparently the child’s name is more important than the child…
This is our child’s name. Deal with it or stay away, how about that. You better pull momma bear out or these people will control you, your husband and this baby for the rest of your lives. Time to take a stand…

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It’s your baby I love that name its very unique dont let anyone change your mind its your choice and the first time somebody calls him something different tell straight out thats unacceptable behaviour and you won’t tolerate it no way put them straight in their place and mean it

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F them and their opinion your baby not theirs

Lol just to be a butt to them… I’d still call him Luka! How can they dislike that name? Luka is a very nice name!
If you & the hubby like it, then that’s all that matters

Sometimes I can’t believe these are real questions!!! This is YOUR child not theirs. All that matters is what you and your SO decide on. And yes I had similar situation. We named our child a name and my husband said that his side of the family would use a certain nick name I politely told him if they could not call OUR child by it’s rightful name they need not be around them. End of conversation! Needless to say we have not had an issue. Put your big girl panties on find a backbone whatever you need to do to stick up for yourselves!

If they tease your child for any reason, they dont belong in the child’s life!


I love the name, tell them to fuck themselves.

You all do as you wish I like the name🤩don’t let others ignorance sway u. And if they don’t call him by his birth name instead make fun then that shows their ignorant

I love the name Luka but my partner’s name is Luke…

Luka is a nice name and they can fuck off :blush:

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My theory is you get name the child you birth. No push no vote! :rofl:

If they are gunna be petty and make fun of his name calling him Yuka, well then they won’t be seeing my child. Period. Childish is what that is.

I picked Asher and my bf mother said “EW, sounds like ash tray” I said “OK DONNA. :joy:

Tell them to shove off honestly and the 1st time they disrespect your baby they will get permanently cut off from him.


Its ur fuckin baby - the only person you need to consider when picking out baby names is 12 year old version of ur baby…

Who cares what anyone thinks its yr kid . I wasnt a fan of my grandsons name for a little while ( thought it sounded girly ) I was used to it by the time he was born and now I think it suits him …

Luka means “light”, “bringer of light”… it is also the name of a boss footballer, Luka Modrić.

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It’s your baby you pick any name you want…

My dad dislikes my kids names but he never once said anything about it except to tell me he was going to give them nicknames to make them feel closer to grandpa. This is how you grandparent with a name you don’t like. You be an adult about it. He didn’t want to be rude or say he didn’t like the names so he just gave them cool nicknames.

If you are happy than thats all that matters . I dont like my granddaughters name but its not my decision and ill never speak on it

My daughter name is Sparkellez her older sister said it sound like a strippers name. Today Sparkellez is 10 yrs old I couldn’t imagine her with any other name. LUKA is a good name💞

Lol omg someone is never gonna like the name you choose. Don’t let that intimidate you. Just let them know in the end if they choose to call him outside of what you choose to name your son it isn’t just going to hurt you but it may also hurt your son. Hopefully they grow up before the baby is born. Luka is a beautiful name.

Why the hell do you care what they think? Omg

Who cares it’s not their baby

People have all kinds of opinions on baby names - but they will love your baby and the name will fit once it is theirs. I wasn’t sure about my granddaughters names either - but now they are perfect for them.

Id have some picked out bc you should see the baby first but be careful w names bc its a big decision that lasts forever and the child could potentially hate and be made fun of for. They are adults but they are trying to tell you its easily made fun of. Kids are mean.

I’m sorry what kind of infantile degenerates are you dealing with? It is a good name. Regardless it’s your decision. It would be different if it was a strange name and they respectfully brought an issue to your attention. That’s not the case. I’d tell them that you expect them to grow up and act like adults. If they don’t they won’t be seeing much of Luka cause they will be cut out of your life. What a bunch of asshats.


What a bunch of controlling imbeciles!!! Luka is a great name. And you know what? Yuca(is with C) is delicious and it was the staple of my ancestors in the Caribbean, the Taino tribe, like potatoes are for the rest of the world. They even made their own bread with yuca called Casave! It’d be a great diversity lesson for your SO’s ridiculous family.
I’d make a list of all of the names of the ones planning to make fun of a child and start your own list: Uncle Joe? Now uncle blow, uncle Art? Now uncle fart, grandpa Gus? Now grandpa pus, auntie Alicia? Now aunty Morticia…you get my grip, present the list to them and have fun!!!

It’s not what they like. It’s y’alls baby. Thank god you have a healthy baby and a family that loves him. :heart: don’t change anything.

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If you like the name. Then name your son that. He’s your son not theirs. If they make fun of a baby or a little kid beacuse of their name they’re childish and petty!


So what?! You dont have to please everybody! That’s not your job. Do what makes you happy. Not everyone is ogunnaike it. But you dont have to care my dear! Make YOU happy first!:heart::heart::heart:

Name your child a name YOU love…I really like the name you chose!!!

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tell them to fuck off

My ex picked one of my twin girls’ name and I picked tbe other. He said he always loved the name Ashley, so Ashley is was.

A few days later he said he wants to change her name because his mother didn’t like the name Ashley! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: RIGHT!!! SO my girls names are Ashley and Amanda! I laughed in his face, didn’t think about changing it for a second! :roll_eyes:

  1. He is YOUR child, not theirs.
  2. If they make fun of his name, ask them (at top volume) if bullying a child makes them feel superior.

They are trying to bully you…screw them. You picked a beautiful name. Next time they say something crappy to you tell them point blank it is you and your husband’s choice and you can name the baby whatever you want to in this world and frankly their opinions don’t matter and they can keep their crappy comments to themselves. It’s fine to be a nice good person,but sometimes you have to show people you aren’t the one to mess with. I wish you the best with your little one


It’s your baby! You name him what ever the hell you want! No ones gotta like his name!


Luka is a good solid name. I did make sure when I picked my kids names that I couldn’t think of any words it rhymed with…like smelly Nelly or fatsy patsy…i heard kids get made fun of when I was little and it made me very cautious when picking names.

Set limits now.
If they are trying to tell you how to name your child, before he is even born, then the telling you how to and what to do with your child has just begun.
The first person you need to have a conversation with is your s/o to let him know where you stand on this and for you both to come to an agreement that both can live with.


My father hated what I was going to call my son. And I didn’t gaf. It’s my baby nobody else’s. Just like you. It’s your baby you name him what you want. If their going to stoop that low to “make fun of him” then they don’t have to see him either. Their loss. It’s your child not there’s.

Who cares what they think. It’s your child not theirs. Go with what you like. Period.

That’s a badass name. Screw them. If you and the father like it go with it!

It’s your baby you choose

I like it! Bottom line is it’s your baby. You and your SO can name it whatever you want. They will get used to it and if they do make fun of it nip it in the bud real quick. Let them know it will not be tolerated.

Pick the name you want .If they don’t like it .Then tell them to just stay away. You don’t need the drama.

My advice is tell them to have a baby and they can name it whatever they like. This baby is yours, you get to pick the name.

Too bad for them. I mean who even tells someone they don’t like their baby’s name? Ignorant asses.

My childrens names are very different and my family just got used to it .its absolutely your right to pick the name u want for your son.dont listen to anyone but yourself and partner x

Tell them if they make fun of your child for his name then they will not be part of his life. To make fun of someone because of their name or for any reason is god awful. What type of people are they!?


OMG how juvenile. Name your child what you want it to be. It’s your child & if they threatened to tease him then they’d never get the chance when you refused to let them see him.

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He’s your baby call him what you want Luca is a great name!! They should be proud as he’s the only boy tell them to fuck off and set your boundaries now otherwise they’ll try calling all the shots tell them if they’re gonna make fun of him they’re not gonna see him to call him names …don’t let them or anyone bully you !! You enjoy your baby and don’t let them stress you out

His name is Luca. End of story.

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I knew I wanted to name my some Miles not Myles. What’s a mama bear sets her mind to something it’s law.

He is your child name him what you choose Luka is a cute name. If they tease him about his name they would be a bad influence on him and your son would be better off without family like that.