My spouses family dislikes the baby name we picked out: Advice?

Not their baby not their choice


As long as you and your SO are happy with the name (which is a good name) then it doesn’t matter. If your in-laws make fun of your child for his name then they don’t need to be in his life unless they can treat him right. They are just trying to bully you into their name choice which is ridiculous.

Now that song is stuck in my head, “my name is Luka”

Luka Akul give it to the straight and in reverse.
Tell them go LUK A life.

It is sad that they cannot just be joyful and respect your thoughts and ideas for your child. It really is not their decision at all and making fun of their grandchild? What is this telling you. Your Mama Bear feelings will keep developing which is a good thing. That term is what I call the protectiveness you will feel for your little man. I still have it and my daughter is 38. Lol. Good luck and blessings to you a . d your son and S.O.

What has your family got to do with naming YOUR child. If someone gets upset, they will get over it.

You name your baby!!
Don’t listen to anyone, but your SO! He did the right thing by sticking up for your little family :grin::heart_eyes:.

They don’t get a say in that child’s name!
I had the same problem with the dads family. My daughter’s name is Driscilla. They told me I was naming her after an evil step-sister (Not btw). Her grandmother said she refused to call her by her name. They all called her DJ. She never responded to it and now that she’s older, she tells them her name is Driscilla. Don’t let them ruin what you love before he even gets here!

Your carrying this baby! Name him what you & hubby like. Family shouldn’t have an opinion or a say! Luka is an awesome name!

Welcome, Luka! Your awesome Mom chose you a beautiful name.

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They will get over their dislike of the name replaced with the love of the child

This is Your Baby and The Name You Decide Upon Will Be Perfect For Him And If You Also Have Your Partner’s Support Thats All That Really Matters :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: These Family Members Come Across As Immature.

Your baby - your choice - do what makes you happy & your in laws will have to suck it up. If you let them dictate to you now they’ll be doing it for the next 40 years!! Hope all goes well x

My grandson is called Luka we dont call him anything but Luka

U and mate do what U both choose for YOUR baby ::in laws ::out laws ::: they need to shut UP ::: God Bless the baby and family .

Name your son what you want! Not their decision


Your baby not theirs.

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If they are going to make fun of him for any reason, simply do not allow them around your child when he is born.


This is why I didnt tell anyone our sons name until he was born lol

It’s your baby. Name him what you want. They’ll get used to it

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Name your kid what you want. They don’t like it? Oh well. They can either call him by his name, or not see him at all.:woman_shrugging:t2: my nephew’s name is Lake, no one in my family liked it. Thought it was dumb, but they still went and named him that because it’s their kid.

You name your child what you want to. If they are seriously going to bully the child by making fun of his name, then they probably shouldn’t be in his life.

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I really did not care what other people said. My kid would not be around family that made fun of his name

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They could just call him Luke if it’s a problem

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Your baby. Not theirs. Name it the name YOU want, not what they want. No one elses opinion matters.

Not their baby, not their choice. If it’s an issue once the baby comes, buh-bye! Family or not, you shouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect you or your children.

My best friend didn’t like the name I picked for my daughter at first. She’s still my best friend and I still named my daughter what I picked out. They’ll get used to it.

Luka is an adorable name. I’ve had 3 in different classes I’ve had and they’ve all been so smart and sweet. Its a great name

Screw all of them. It’s ur baby. Name him something u like. If u go based on their opinions u will end up unhappy.

Smile and say you named your babies I’ll name mine. I like Luka it’s different not weird

Luka is a great name! Who cares what they think!

All my family did that about my sons name FREDDIE… didn’t put me off whatsoever. Stick to your guns it’s a lovely name. My cousins baby is called Luca x

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Don’t worry about silly people. Luka is beautiful

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To bad for them its your baby

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It’s your baby not theirs and if they are willing to make fun of him then maybe they should not be around.

Start coming up with some awful nicknames for them. What kind of douche bullies a kid before they’re even out of the womb.


Its YOUR baby, you carry him for close to 10 months and you bring him into the world… Name that baby boy whatever you want!

My nephew’s name is luca and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, name him what you want regardless of their insults.

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I named my daughter Anna and everyone thought it was old fashioned…
I couldn’t imagine her with another name now lol. She’s 7. Go with what you feel in your heart is the name for your baby.

i be telling the family to get bent and also tell them they dont need to see the baby

Don’t let it get to you. Our middle child has an uncommon name of Olive. As I’m sure you could assume, we got lots of weird faces when people heard the name. She is almost 6 now and there is no better fitting name for her. They will get use to it as soon as he is born and they see him. Don’t stress Mama

It’s your baby! First time ANYONE made “fun” of his name whatsoever would be the LAST time they would be around… Sounds like their all immature and need to grow TF up…

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They already got to name their own kids. I wouldn’t care who liked it. If they want to be buttheads and call him by the wrong name, they can stay away until they learn some respect.

Name your kid what you want. And tell your spouse that he can check his family or you will. If you name him Luka and they later on make fun of them tell them they can be respectful or they don’t have to see him. Simple as that. I did that with my MIL with my bonus kids. She called me a bad parent because all of the kids have some form of chores and they get in trouble if their stuff isn’t done. I told her that you can either respect me and our choices on how we raise the kids or you will see none of them including the baby. Needless to say her attitude completely changed.

Yes I named my daughter Lyric but my bf side calls her Lyrica at first it was bugged me but then I just remind them every time that it’s Lyric not Lyrica. It’s your baby and you will be raising it so who cares what anyone thinks! At the end of the day they’ll miss out because your baby boy will grow up not liking them if they make fun of his name

Name your baby what you want.


I did not like my granddaughters name (Ryett) and her parents stuck to their guns and it is totally fitting for her now. Luca is a great name and should be your choice.

I would tell them that this is your baby and you will name him whatever you want and if they try to make fun of him then that would be the last time they ever see him or your family because that is uncalled for. My husband’s family has nicknames for all the kids, but it’s done out of love and not in a way to do harm.

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Yes! Every name I picked out for my daughter I had opposition from my family. Her father is not in her life so it was just on me to choose. Pick what you and your spouse agree on it’s not anyone else’s choice. And if they tell you that they will tease him tell them straight up how you feel & how that will make you & your child feel. It’s your baby- your choice!

Not their baby, not their decision

Your and ur SO’s baby no one else’s u guys can name him whatever u want… if they are gunna make fun of him cause of the name then they don’t need to be around him or meet him…

The only people that matter are you and your SO… my husbands sister doesn’t like the 2 middle names we are doing for our son and he said “well we can drop one” and I said no. Point blank this is MY son too and we already agreed on the names. Idgaf who likes it or not. If they are going to make fun of his name then they don’t have to be in his life :woman_shrugging:t3:

Luka is a nice name. It’s your baby. You name him what you want.

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Luka is beautiful and means “bringer of light”. They can get the heck over it, your baby your choice.

Its your child and you name him what you want. My mother had the same issue. She wanted me to be named Arielle and someone told her it was stupid. Domt let others take your chance to name your creation. Luka is a cute name!

Yah. They’ll learn to love it if they’re decent people. Just don’t mention it again until he’s born.

I love the name honestly. And it’s yinz baby not theirs. As long as you as your other half agree it shouldn’t matter. Also I’d be talking that shit to my family. You ain’t calling my baby nothing but their name and if you can’t do that then don’t worry about seeing them. You won’t make my kid feel no way about the name they were given.

Choose the name you want and they can make a nickname

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It’s your baby. Name him what you want.

Tell them to fuck off and name the baby what you want. I got all kinds of shit from my family with both of my boys for what I was gonna name them (and actually did name my oldest what I wanted), and I told them off.

If they want to make fun of your child’s name they shouldn’t be around him till they decide to grow up.


I’m currently pregnant with our second. We are naming her Esme Sage. A few family members have brought it up and my response is “Whose baby is it? Ours. Whose opinion matters and who likes the name? Myself and her father.” Everyone else is irrelevant if you like the name.

Hell effin no. Their thoughts about my child name does not matter. If any one said they would tease my child because of their name. Guess what? The fck with them. Out the door for the childish immature people in my family. They would not be allowed around me and my family. Hell fcking no. They have a problem, they dont need to be around at all.

You and hubby’s thoughts and opinions on a name for your child are the only ones that matter.

Tell them to fuck off, it’s your kid not theirs, Luca is an incredibly cute name and if they can’t accept your son and the name your choosing to give him that’s their problem and if they do in fact make fun of him they will not be involved in his life!!!

I notice that the original poster says ‘I have a name that I picked out’ Is the father of the baby in favour of the name?

Name the baby what you want and fight them tooth and nail. Your decision and if they are cruel and make fun of the baby they can be kept separated from the child as not to cause any heartache for the kid.

I would suggest a strong “fuck off” might be in order too but that’s just me

Let them know if they want to name a baby to have their own your baby your name choice

They will learn to love it and if not, too bad for them. Your kid, you get to pick. Plus, Luka is a [email protected]$$ name!

Oh well, no their baby!!

tell them to suck a big one or deal with it

If they don’t like the name they can simply give him their own nickname. My in laws did not like my daughters name at all either, they ended up coming up with a nickname for her. I personally love the name luka!

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The next time they say they will make fun of him, tell them that you will correct them every time they call him a different name, and that he will eventually cry because he will wonder why his family makes fun of him (and possibly think they don’t love him). Even with that, name the baby what you want. Their input isn’t needed any way. It’s your child. They had the chance to name their own children.

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All my family hated my kids names. Lol.

Tell them when they push the baby out of their vagina they can name it.

First of all, Luka is very cute. Second, F em. Name him what you want. I tell people, I’m pushing the baby out so guess what I get to name him/her. You want to name the baby? Have another one. Stick to your guns and if they keep it up after he’s born then say either you call him by the name or you won’t get to. :woman_shrugging:t2:


You name him whatever you want and when they meet the baby they’ll end up loving his name! And if they have the heart to make fun of their grandson, that says something about them but I’d like to think they’re just saying that to sway your decision and that they really wouldn’t do that.


It’s a great name! Tell them if they BULLY your BABY! They are not welcome in your life.


It’s not their kid. :woman_shrugging:


When u see your sweet boy’s face you will know if he is a luka or not. luka is a beautiful name and if it suits him, then he must be a beautiful boy!


It was our child, they all got over it and now no one could picture a different name for such a great kiddo

Name your baby anything YOU want and cut out anyone who is willing to make fun of a child, it won’t be a big loss

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My mom didnt like my sons name Ares at first either. She came around once he was born and she saw we werent changing it. Its YOUR baby not theirs, they wanna name a baby boy so bad then they can have a boy themselves. If they make fun of him for his name I would just never let them around him :woman_shrugging:t3: You cant support him then fuck you.

I’d tell them tough shit.

They Will get used to it. Dont give up his name!

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It’s your baby, you name him what you want. They’ll get used to whatever you choose. If they’re bullying your kid later you’ll have to stop or limit their visits.


No one liked my kids names… doesn’t matter what anyone thinks but you and the dad


None of their business. Your decision. End of story

Is it their baby or yours? We had a few people not like our baby’s name but we kept it anyway

Luka is absolutely adorable!! I love it!! Anyone other then you and your husband thoughts on what you name YOUR baby do not matter… they will suck it up and get over it. My family hated my sons name (Taliesin) but I love it so we stuck with it. The family will get over it and accept it or they will learn to love it :woman_shrugging:


With my first child we told family the name and it was made fun of, but we still chose it and they felt like assholes. Second child we did not tell anyone the name until birth, so they felt like assholes again because of what they did the first time. So name your baby what you want and hopefully they won’t actually be assholes.

Luka is adorable !! They’re rude :rage:

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Who Gives a F what they think as long as you and the dad are happy with the name and baby is healthy is all that should matter .

I didn’t get my son cercemsized and my family always tells him that I did him wrong that j should have gotten him cut

I snapped back everytime that it is my son and it’s not there’s choice on how I want my sons body to be
And that why do they care there not going to be dealing with that anyways
Do what you want If your husband agrees the so what of what his family thinks
And if they say something tell them it’s not there choice and not to call him other names besides his name put your foot down

Sounds like his family is toxic. Stand by your choice because your baby’s name is your choice after all and not theirs. If they are going to make fun of your child because of his name and bully him then I would not let them see him because they don’t get to put that negativity on a child.

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First of all if I ever had a relative tell me they would make fun of my child because THEY didn’t like their name, they wouldn’t be family members anymore. You don’t have a right to make fun of a child for something that is not only out of their control but also something as irrelevant as a name.

People like that, there’s no way I’d give in and change a name to accommodate them.


Your baby your choice. And if they are going to act like playground bullies and make fun of your (lovely) chosen name, then they don’t deserve to be in his life!

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This is why I never tell anyone a name till baby’s here, the one person I told with my son just rolled her eyes and was so fucking judgmental. Your baby, your decision. As long as you two love the name you choose nothing else matters

My husbands family told me they were going to give my son the nickname “butch” which i fckin HATED. We went back and fourth a couple times, I finally told then if they called my son butch they wouldn’t see him. PERIOD!!! Problem solved.

Tell them if that’s how they feel then they simply will not be in the child’s life🤷 that’s how that works

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My family did the same to me. I was going to name my son Conner Rhyce, and they said they’d call him mahatma :roll_eyes: (popular rice brand). I was dead set on still naming him that, but my husband found one he liked more, and we agreed on that one.
Name your baby whatever YOU want. Do what makes you happy, and don’t give them the pleasure of having control over you like that! Gotta love family🙄