My teen has anger issues

I have a 13 year old son.He has an anger issue and has for quite a while.I was told by a psychiatric NP that it’s because he doesn’t have a positive male figure in his life.Although I agree about the part of no male figure,I don’t believe it is the cause for his anger issues.But I do want him to have a positive male presence in his life,but I don’t know where to turn.


Have you thought about getting him into a program called big brothers and big sisters? They find a match and take them out and do things with them


Maybe find a kid at school that is well adjusted. And talk to their parents. And ask if they can hang out with him a good bit. Do guy stuff with them.

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No grandfather or uncle? If not I would look into a program like big brother.

There are endless programs out here for troubled teens nowadays so just pick 1 and get him started. Also counseling would be a non negotiable thing as well. He’s got to learn how to deal with those feelings hopefully before he is an adult because a young man with anger all the time is not really gonna end up anywhere positive.

Big brothers/sisters is a good program

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I’d get a second opinion and therapy can teach really good anger management… also can help cope with the lack of male attachment if it is truly an issue…good luck :heart:

Just a thought but I have a friend that had same situation like 3 years back. Invited them to church and he joined a youth group. Now he’s like night and day compared to how he was acting. Teenagers go through rough times growing up in this era is tough. There is so much peer pressure, bullies, too much open technology. I’ll keep y’all in my prayers. Just wanted to share her experience and hopefully it can benefit you in some way. Maybe Google some fun activities he can get involved in so he releases that tension. God bless.:two_hearts:

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Are there any big brother programs in your area? A community center? Can u have him join a sports team?

Get him in sports! The brotherhood of sports is an amazing support system. My son’s football coaches helped me more with my son than his father ever did!!!


Big brothers is usually good to help with that, I’m sure if you make an appointment with them and explain they could help you out

Local big brothers program?

Uncles, older cousins, grandfathers? Sign him up for sports and less video games.

Big brothers/ sisters

My son had same issuse went threw it w him meds doctors he was placed in residential care an they took him to a specialist an that’s one a chemical inbalance test come to find out it was a vitamin d deficiency turned his world around he’s now a young man an doing well


Try like a youth center or something like that

Have you looked into big brothers program? As a young teen I had a big sister and she really made a huge impact in my life.
is he involved in any sports or other activities where a Male is involved, maybe talk to him to see if he would be able to spend extra time with your son practicing or going to pro events .
I hope you find something that works for your son.

Big brother Big Sister!

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No one “needs” a positive secondary male or female figure in their life to learn respect and how to behave properly


Get him into playing sports if he will and you can. Although I don’t agree with him not having a MALE figure in his life is what’s causing his Anger. Kids these days hold their feelings in especially if they’ve seen their mama get hurt or if they have been treated badly. You mama take him out on a trip, fishing, playing ball of some sorts, you doing what he wants to do just having fun, but as the same time not spending a lot of money. Kids value our time more than money! Reevaluate yalls relationship and make the necessary changes to be who he needs you to be! I raised two by myself and they are well rounded respectable young adults now! Prayers that all goes well!

Try removing red dyes from his died that includes yellow also. My friends son is 6 and becomes super crazy and bipolar almost when he eats or drinks red or yellow dyes. My sister in law started this with her son and she sees a big difference already.


I put my son in football for this reason. He got to be around responsible men and other boys and he had something that kept him consistent and makes him work hard. It was the best I could do till I got married. I only had my step dad around and all he did was baby my son.

There’s a lot of reasons for something like this. Teenagers go through A LOT of internal and external changes.

Try Big Bothers and Sisters. Its a program where adults spend quality time with your child, like a mentor.


Youth group. Find a good youth leader to invest in him.

I know this may sound a bit out there but try getting him into boxing or karate it allows for him to put his anger towards something that he wont hurt it helped my bff and he was a very angry teen but beating up the punching bag helped him to learn to focus his anger in healthy ways


If you don’t believe what a professional is telling you, there’s literally zero point giving you any input. Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

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Church, the Bible!! A male in your life who’s values you cherish and respect!!


First get him to a therapist so he can figure out the root of his anger. If it stems from not having a Male role model, then getting him a big brother type person could backfire and he takes the anger out on him.

Look into a big brother program in ur area and see if ur city or state has one… Or see what other program’s ur city may have that he can benefit from that has positive male role model’s…

Ask about getting him a therapeutic mentor n tell them u want a male

Turn to JESUS ALMIGHTY :pray:. There is not a more positive figure anywhere. Amen


Big brothwrs of america

Find a big brother program.

Is there a big brother big sister program in your area? Or maybe even church. Even if you don’t believe or aren’t religious, it’s a good place to find positive people to surround yourself with. And if it’s a good church, they’ll accept you no matter what your beliefs are. Also, I would get him into therapy. There could be so many things you don’t know about going thru a 13 year old boys head. Maybe even something you would have never even guessed. Or something he doesn’t even realize. Therapy is a great way for him to vent and figure his head out. Good luck mama!!

My kids had their band director, their are so many single moms it there raising boys and they don’t all have anger issues but getting them involved in healthy activities like sports or music can give them an outlet and something to focus on in a positive way.

Get him involved in a physical activity. Boxing, football, karate, etc. He’ll have good role models and be able to get his anger out.

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They did a study in Africa where they relocated a bunch of teenage elephants. The elephants went wild and started destroying the place. So they introduced an older male elephant. Who put them in line and then they were fine. A mentor of some kind. Strong male mentor. Like karate or fishing it just takes one person and it’ll turn someone around one person to believe in them. I don’t Advocate getting a male elephant. But getting a good male role model. Sports coaches are awesome

He needs to get that testosterone out. Even if it’s just getting him a dog and having him walk it. Then get a big brother that tells him how it is you have lots of options.

Read the Peaceful Warrior I don’t remember the author but he has three books and they are awesome. Church or not.

If you read the Bible that’s not really an option. Other than Jesus it’s a bunch of angry men.

Try the Big Brother Big Sister Program or Boys and Girls Club


Sports however I went and sat thu all practice and games to make sure that what was being taught was what I wanted my kid to learn .

Boy Scouts, Big brother and sisters, church group

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Sports is the best thing. Big brothers is also good but you have to keep a good eye on the person as they may be with your kid alone.

Talk with his school maybe they can find him a mentor

A male mentor could work.

Big Brothers of America. The Y may someone, too.

See if they have a local community center for kids that offers a big brother program! Will offer a positive male role model for him to look up to agnes hang out with!

Find something for him to join

A big brother program

It’s not just because of that. But having a male in his life that can help him work thru his anger would be a good idea. Maybe see if he can’t do kick boxing or something like that. They help students learn self control and he can get his anger out safely <3 good luck!!

A military friend family member! Any positive guy you know that has his stuff together and you would trust your son around. It could be a cousin a uncle a friend.

Any type of male activity would work, soccer, football, wrestling… A grandfather, uncle, friend of yours that is male… Look to see what type of organizations are in your area & what they offer… & I dont know your life, but his anger issues definitely could be from that…

Boy scouts are full of pedophiles. Try church group or mentor program

What about your Dad or any Uncle’s

Big brother? Your parents (father), do you have a brother (uncle), some community aid groups run big brother programs, sports team, do you have a male (non sexual relationship) friend?