My teen lies about showering: Advice?

My teenage daughter hates practicing good hygiene. She will run the water without actually showering. It’s obvious that she hasn’t showered, cos her towel’s dry, bath mat’s dry, soap hasn’t been used, & sometimes the shower is just bone dry!! I have caught her out on her lies, & now she tries to outsmart me by wetting the bath mat, wetting the shower, & wetting her hair down, then argue with me that she has showered. Lately, I’ve been confiscating her electronics, as punishment, cos all she wants to do is talk or play games online with her friends. We struggle with her never doing her laundry, brushing her teeth, washing her own dishes. She has been taught from an early age to be independent, do chores, help family & not rely on people to do everything for her. She’s already been diagnosed with depression/anxiety & is medicated, but I don’t know why she keeps doing this. I’m so depressed & frustrated at constantly repeating the same things to her multiple times a day. Her dad & I are separated but have a great connection; even he’s tried talking to her & supporting me. Nothings changed in months. Please, please help me. Much love

When I was growing up I did the same thing. Later in life I realized it was because I had kidney failure and zero energy. After I got a transplant I realized I had never felt “normal” . My point isaune make sure she is not physically ill first. I never had energy for anything even a shower but did not realize it was normal.

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