My toddler can be pushy toward other kids How can I make him stop?

My almost three-year-old can be quite pushy with other kids, picks on our cat, and pulls my hair. He’s not talking yet, which is probably a lot of the problem he has on the waitlist to see speech pathology, but it’s a six months wait. What can I do to try and get him to understand he’s being mean He giggles like it’s a game.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My toddler can be pushy toward other kids How can I make him stop?

when does he turn 3?

He laughs because he thinks it’s a game most likely because of the reaction he is getting. I only had one out of the 5 of my kids who was like that. After trying other things such as grabbing his hand and telling him no sternly. I learned that simply not reacting at all to what he was trying to accomplish actually worked…buy every kid is different. My friend had one of her sons who was a biter and THE ONLY way she could get him to stop was once when he was 4 he bit my 1 yo almost drawing blood and she lightly bit him back…he never bit again after that. Not saying that’s the right thing but literally every kid is different so trying different things is really the only way to figure it out.

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My child is an only child so he is used to getting his way and he started to hit if not. He was horrible. I downloaded YouTube kids and that helped SO MUCH! He is now saying thank you and learned to share, and trying to sing along with those songs, just because he watched other kids be nice and made it fun. It really made a difference in my son


My daughter took toys… but then I instructed daycare to let the kids she bullied get her back… she stopped . If she ever develops a biting hitting stealing issue or hair pulling I HOPE they get her back. If they won’t I will

Contact your early development network or the lical school.

My daughter is sort of rough playing w her dad and brother… but she knows when to stop… and when other lil girls (her cousins) try to hug her she pushes them… but she doesn’t pick on babies younger then her… she has a fave lil cousin she protects her… I think she’ll grow out of it tho… my son wasn’t like that… probably cuz she’s got a 7 year gap w her big brother… she knows her manners too and she talks alot :joy:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My toddler can be pushy toward other kids How can I make him stop?

Use negative reinforcement. Needs to learn that bad actions have negative consequences just as good actions have positive consequences.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My toddler can be pushy toward other kids How can I make him stop?

Say no in low stern voice. If repeated time out. Hair pulling its an unpopular option but do it back. My children are biters. My son wouldn’t stop and laughed at us if I or the person said ouch, cry, or said no. Told his pediatrician and her words were do it back. Everytime not hard but hard enough he feels pain. Took each kid 2 times and biting is no longer a problem. My 2 year old has pulled my hair out till I pulled his hair a little. He got the message quickly. Being mean to kitty is a time out. Pushy with other kids ends his game. We play nice or not at all.


My LO is 2 1/2 she’s in speech therapy also. If you can get his doc to give a referral it shouldn’t take that long. He should be saying at least 50 words by now. Try explaining everything or action etc that you do. It should help him start talking.


This is normal behavior, but super annoying. You may have to do the behavior back to show that it hurts or if you have a compassionate kid… cry. I have one of each. One kid did a mean thing and if I cried or acted really hurt, he would immediately change and try to fix it. My other one does not care at all if I cry so we had to pinch back to make him see it hurts… obviously not hard, but it seemed to be the only thing that he understood because he thought it was funny when people yelled in pain. We tried time out and stuff first but he just didn’t care until he realized it hurt. As far as not talking, baby sign is amazing! My son didn’t talk for a long time and had tantrums when he wanted something…I taught him baby sign and it made a world of difference and then we got him a speech therapist too.


Not sure where you live but I work in Early Intervention in NYC. Almost 3 and non verbal? I would get a him to a Neurologist or Developmental Pediatrician for a more intensive evaluation. Sounds like there may be some sensory issues as well, in addition to the communication area of development. Speak with the Pediatrician and start from there for proper referrals. Best of luck!


Take something away from him every time he misbehaves and explain to him why. Try to find something similar to what he wanted or a trip/place he likes to go. Try to teach him some signs if he isn’t talking. Toddlers can get frustrated when they can’t share their needs. I used a book called Baby Signs. It uses simplified signs for chubby fingers


I recommend the group The Talkative Toddler. She has wonderful advice for speech delayed tots and also is a parent coach. She offers sessions and gives lots of free advice weekly in videos.


Y’all going to hate me, if they think it’s a game play back. Obviously don’t pull hair hard or anything, just show that it’s something you are actually feeling not just pretending for “the game”.


Do you have early intervention where you live? Him being nonverbal can be causing all of his frustration. My 2 year old (he was a preemie so he is delayed) was self harming himself. We started speech and early intervention and it’s made a world of difference. The 1st thing they had us do with him was start signing, even if it’s pointing to what he wants, that way he at least has some way to communicate. The words will eventually come. We’re slowly getting there. Hang in there mama :heartbeat:


You have to find what works for YOUR child. Not everyone else’s. Some people find redirection works some people find that doing the same action back works. For my son-he bit me once. When he did that I bit him back and he never did it again. When he hit me-I popped him in the hand back. Now that he’s 10 that doesn’t work. I have to start taking things away or threatening that I will and that works. I’ve had him tested three times to see if he’s on the spectrum because of other issues. You have to find what works for you and your child vs what every other parent does. Because every other parent does not have your child. You know what’s best. If he’s giggling it’s most likely because here are no reprocussions to what he’s doing.

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It breaks my heart the amount of people on this thread who recommend hitting or hurting him back to correct it. Like, how contradicting is that, specially to a child. He hits someone, so you HIT HIM and say NO HITTING?? Even as adults we would be like, tf???:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: seriously!!!


Redirect, show with your expressions how sad/hurt you are at the actions. When they’re that little they learn by emotion not demands :sneezing_face::sweat_smile:


Do you tell him NO in a stern voice when he does these things? If he repeats it after you’ve said no or gets back at you by pulling hair or hitting, I say swat his behind or put in time out but do not tolerate it.


I’ve heard it’s common in boys to delay their speech, my sons almost 2 n hardly speaks he can speak but chooses not to :roll_eyes: but I’ve known heaps of boys to not speak until they’re 3 or 4


Redirect. Show him a positive form of what action he is doing. Often times, with my non-verbal daughter, I found that it was simply her way of communicating that she wants to be noticed. At age 3 it was a bit of a phase, and redirection was time consuming but absolutely worth it. By age 4 she was using healthy outlets in place of the rough behavior she had been exhibiting prior. When she got out of hand and needed discipline, I would tell her that we cannot act that way and she is welcome to sit with me till she calms down. Usually she’d choose to sit with me in her bedroom. I wouldn’t say anything, just holding space for her feelings so she felt heard even though she couldn’t verbalize what she was going through. She is 5 now, is partially verbal, but very well rounded and excellent at self-regulating before her actions turn into meltdowns.

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Take him away from the situation and explain its not nice to hit, push etc. If he does it again while at the playground take him home.
If he hurts you, say no I won’t let you hurt me and walk away. Repeat.
Look into sign language as a way to communicate may make things easier and less likely for him to act this way.


are there any signs that this child could possibly be autistic?
when I worked in a preschool setting, my lead teacher would do assessments on every child, and I remember one child that did this, as well as some other things. at the end of the assessment, we met with his parents and discussed what we “observed” and that we recommend the child be seen and assessed further by a professional. child did have autism.
what ever is the matter, best of luck to you. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’d slap his hand when he hits or pushes. It shows him it hurts the people he does it to and hopefully he’ll stop unless he’s like my son who didn’t care about punishments in the slightest when he was that age then I’d focus on taking things away or time out or something along those lines.


My son is 4 and does speech , microphones are fun for kiddos to use and hear there own voice , it’s the only way I can get my son to participate…I don’t have much advice on the pushy part my son was going through that whenever he was that age and I believe it’s because he couldn’t/can’t communicate

Re language/communication issue – our preemie daughter saw a childhood specialist from our local children’s development center who taught her some sign language. That lessened her frustration and ours with trying to communicate. Maybe there are instructional videos on line that might help.


Have you tried sign language? Young children pick it up incredibly well. And it provides them with a way to easily communicate. My oldest had quite a few speech issues and we had to use sign language until she was 4 because she couldn’t be understood otherwise. (You’d never know it now at 10). And my youngest didn’t talk until almost 2 because she is 4 years younger than my oldest and she had found her voice and chose to use it for her sister too. Haha. Signing is much easier than you’d think too. It may not help with other kids, but it could help at home.

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An almost 3 year old With speech delays. He sounds like he is trying to communicate to me, but Nonverbally. Patience, love, kindness… Redirection.

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Get him evaluated through your local public school

Jus cause he doesn’t speak…doesn’t mean that he doesn’t listen /hear…its how u deal with the misbehaviour which will build up his character…for him and for every kid everything is a game…its the parent that has to show them what is right and wrong …many times a stern NO will suffice

When talking to him make sure you have eye contact with him. This helped my sons who had learning delays.

I have an almost 3 year old as well that does the same stuff all the time and does speak. I think at age they are just jerks :joy:. Lots of time outs over here all the time :roll_eyes::laughing:.

Omg same! My almost 3 year old doesn’t talk much either. She says very few words & terrorizes her older siblings. Which are 17, 16 & 13. She’ll be seeing a speech pathologist in a couple weeks. I hope everything gets better for you mama.

There’s a page flourishing homes and families. They post great parenting tips, skills and knowledge.

Put an ad on local moms groups for a speech therapist. Maybe there’s a mom that recommend another therapist who can work with your child.

When it’s done to him he will realize others feel the same he does

Following. My son is only 18mo, but hasn’t been around other kids much. When he is, he’s so pushy!

Can you teach him some sign language?

Has he been checked for autism?

.No proper discipline and it will only get worse, nip it in the bud now.

Have you got his hearing checked?

I have a nonverbal delayed 3 year old. He knows what he’s doing when he’s being mean. I find it best to redirect him towards something more appropriate.

He is frustrated with not being able to express himself and communicate his emotions. I advise NOT to hurt him back. The whole point and lesson is to STOP the hurting of others. You are his biggest role model so be a good example. Over exaggerate emotions/expressions of hurt/sad when he is aggressive. Try your hardest to teach him empathy. For example pet a cat softly and gently with him…show him how to be kind to people and animals with a big smile on your face while in a comfy position and atmosphere. My youngest didn’t talk much until he was 3 and one thing I noticed was he got OVERSTIMULATED and couldn’t speak to say so, so he would break things. I learned to keep things more quiet, no big crowds, less people and loud talking, tv off, dim the lights etc and soothe him. I think you should talk to his pediatrician about this for sure.

Time outs

Take toys away

Kids need a punishment sometimes
Do what works for you

He is frustrated that he can not get his feelings out, that he can not communicate!

Try sign language with him. My son is 18 months and has a couple words and his dr suggested trying sign language.

6 months for a speech appt. Wow

Get his hearing tested.
And remember Einstein didnt speak till her was 5.

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Bad behavior is a sign of communication.

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While you wait to meet with speech pathologists, you should teach him some basic baby sign language that way he has a way to communicate his needs. You can also work with him using cvc picture cards and create a communication board. Some of his behavior is likely due to being a toddler but I would bet that a lot of it is mostly not having a way to communicate his needs and wants. My youngest son has childhood apraxia of speech and wasn’t talking at all by 18 months, once we started speech therapy he quickly started picking up more language skills. We did a lot of his speech therapy using cvc picture cards and baby sign language. I hope your able to get an appointment soon.

My kid is an asshole too…. Half waiting for him to start torturing small animals… :rofl:. You’re definitely not alone if it’s any consolation. I just try to emulate the right way to act/do things and correct him when he’s wrong. If he really doesn’t listen, he gets a time out in his crib and usually that sets his ass straight for a little bit until he’s up to the next asshole thing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My son is 2 and also doesn’t speak and does all of these things your saying besides he picks on our dog instead lol i feel your pain girl it’s hard!
I’ve been looking into starting a PEC system with him. Look into it, it’s amazing! Helps kids who can’t speak communicate
I know people are saying do it back to show that it’s not a game but I tried that and my son thinks it’s even funnier :roll_eyes:

If he’s on the spectrum, you have a different situation altogether. All your collective “punishments” won’t make a difference. Please get to the root of the problem. Sincerely, Lola’s Mega.

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My almost 3 year old does this as well!!! He’ll have me pick him up and like pretend to love on me and start smacking the flames outta me and i try to explain that it hurts or tell him to stop or even set him down and he will try to keep hitting me or start throwing things at me… One time he gave me a black eye before an appointment and they handed me the domestic violence hotline number :upside_down_face:

I honestly think this is typical 3 yr old behaviour… and it next levels once the are 4 (little fckr fours ) …
For us we stop the action if we can before hand and say no (we have found this to be the best as on occasion my bully will almost catch himself or if I say no he is able to catch himself and stop )
Other wise we get to eye level and say no that’s naughty (he doesn’t like being told he’s naughty) and redirect … We do not give the victim attention or pretend to cry or whatever cause that just doesn’t work and I honestly think that creates a narccistic pattern …

Good luck … Ultimately my advice is read through everyone’s advice and pic something that works for you guys … :kissing_heart:

I would not tolerate a child hurting an animal. Id bust his ass, but that’s just me. It would stop, tho.

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Yall telling her to hit a NON VERBAL CHILD is just ridiculous.


Maybe he’s on the spectrum?

Take away his favorite toy until he stops

Discipline him! Put that foot in his ass.

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Start teaching some basic sign language

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Take him to his pediatrician ASAP!!

Is there other groups that can help til he gets in that program or he’ll even a preschool? That’s be better than nothing. Let other kids pull his hair back or hit him back. If he bites u bites him back . Makes it a nono to touch cat. Lots of time out . Just because he can’t speak doesn’t mean he is dumb and doesn’t understand.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My toddler can be pushy toward other kids How can I make him stop?

My 2.5 year old will understand if i say “be nice.” It was to the point if another kid hit or pushed her, she would stand there and stare at us as if asking permission to do anything. Her speech is a little behind as well. She used a tablet, but things like cocomelon, blippi, anything fun with abc’s help. <3


My kids can be a little like this. My daughter (3 yr) can be a bit rough and my son (1.5) treats being rough like a game. It’s been a long time coming but for my daughter (and hopefully soon my son) word association seems to be the best.

Like her and I would sit and I’d hold her hand to guide her as we pet that cat and every stroke I’d say “gentle.” So now when she goes to rough house our cat and I say “gentle” she switches to pets.

For the “no” concepts, we had to take it one at a time. “No pushing” “No hitting” etc. It wasn’t until I got her to respond to one of the fully would she really start paying mind to the next.

But once it’s started it seemed to roll fast.

Now it’s time for my son. Best of luck to you!

Try simple sign language…not being able to communicate can be rough on everyone…how’s his hearing?


He is old enough to have his hands popped.

Following my son does the same

Take him over knee tan butt tell him no in harsh voice

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Have hearing checked, teach sign language, grandson learned some at 11 months.

You should have him evaluated for Autism
My daughter didn’t and still dosent talk
She did some of those things as well
She would pull my hair and thought it was funny steals toys ect
She’s what you call Low functing autistic she’s mute ect
But it sounds like he could be autistic because of the non verbal aspect and the other things you mentioned
Call your Dr and ask for him to be evaluated for Autism
It dosent hurt to have them do it
At least you can rule that out
Good luck

When my kids would be mean to the animals I you pull their ear if they got mad then I would explain well the animal doesn’t like it either and he’s not to young for time out 1min per age so 3 min in the corner or chair with egg timer

The speech have him watch speech videos on YouTube

We have birth to 3 in my state and it’s never a wait especially when Dr refered

Three year Olds can be such a challenge. This is the age when they really start experimenting with autonomy. This is also when they need to experience your love through well set loving boundaries and expectations.
When a 3yo expresses assertiveness it is important to understand that is his/her way of establishing a place in the world. When a 3yo expresses aggression it is important to understand and shape it in the least confrontational way. Aggression feeds aggression, so the lowest emotive level of intervention is critical hear.
When you see your child be inappropriately aggressive calmly walk over to the child, softly reach for his/her hand and lead the little offender away to a place near you and have them sit. The trick here is to be gentle and quiet. Do not say anything, move slow, gentle and soft. Meet resistance with only enough counter force to move the child. Have the child sit for 3-5 minutes. If the kids has a fit…let them have a fit, Don’t engage or entertain the fit. When the child calms and has sat out for 3-5 minutes motion for the child to rejoin the fun. Do not be tempted to tell the child why you did what you did or ask the child what they learned, moralize or give a sermon. If and when (most likely when) the child is aggressive again, calmly repeat the procedure. You will probably need to repeat this frustrating process 6 to 8 times and if you are calm and persistent you will see aggressive play diminish.
This is why this process works:
Kids learn best through modeling. A 3 year old is smarter than a dog. Dogs don’t understand the human language but they understand love and routine cause and effects.
When you peacefully move your child you model appropriate emotional self regulation, when you gently physically move your child you are asserting your place as a loving provider of safety and security. When you don’t say a word as you move your child you are engaging the developing prefrontal cortex and disengaging the fight/flight/freeze/avoid mechanism of the amygdala.
You are also assuming the child is smarter than a dog and can figure out the cause and effects soon enough.
When you let the child have a protesting fit without getting involved you are teaching self regulation skills and showing the kid her problem is her problem not yours. This teaches resilience and independence which is what the kid is trying to do anyway. When the kid is sitting calmly the kid is thinking and processing. When you turn the kid loose in 5 minutes you are sending the kid out with the belief that you trust them.
Here is the fun part. You hope and pray that your kids experiments with aggression again in a few minutes so that you can calmly and lovingly repeat the process. Therefore giving
the child the opportunity to reinforce learning and develop trust that your boundaries hold firm.
Best of luck. Remember kids learn emotional regulation through experimentation and modeling your job is to be the calmest model they can emulate.
Does this guarantee the kid is not an aggressive Bully? No, not at all but it does increase the odds they will be less aggressive and more amenable.
Good luck…3 year Olds are a challenge.

Get down to his level and make eye contact. Talk to him …don’t yell. Do this every time. It works. I’ve done it with all my grand children.


Start teaching him simple sign language signs like the sign for more, eat, drink, poop (kids love that one), etc. Something else you can do to help facilitate speech is like little cue cards with a picture and word that he can show you or another caretaker for what he needs. Blowing bubbles can help with mouth formation and to strengthen those muscles. Also take time to sit with him quietly on your lap facing you and make different sounds and faces at eachother. When you make a sound put his hand on your throat so he can also feel the vibration.
Another thing is narrate everything you do- a constant stream of words. “Mommy is getting the milk out of the refrigerator” “mommy is pouring milk in the blue cup, its so nice and white and cold” “look at mommy picking up your book and truck and ball and what a pretty red race car this is!” etc.
While you are waiting for the slp get his hearing tested if you haven’t already. Just to rule it out.
I have a son with autism who didn’t speak until he was 3 and a daughter with childhood speech apraxia who began speaking at 5. Kids who have little or no speech tend to seem aggressive (or mean) because they act out of frustration. Once you start working on ways that he can communicate with others the aggression will ease up.
About the cat; the cat will teach him lol But keep demonstrating being gentle with the cat.

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Get down to his eye level. Look him in the eyes. And in a stern but calm voice. Let him know it’s not acceptable. And if he does it again. Put him in time out. 1 minute per year of age. Stay consistent. It won’t change overnight. Let him know you do love him. But what he’s doing is not funny and needs to stop.

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You talk and teach him to be gentle by showing him. You tell him that is not ok, you are hurting… you explain if he does it he will be punished. If he does it put him in a corner or on a chair or stair and make him sit there. Be firm and let him know that is not ok and will not be allowed!

If that cat is getting by a toddler it must be a pussy.

My son used to bit when he was 2 and thought it was funny and 1day i glue bit me so hard my reaction was to bit him back it didn’t bruise but I left an imprint of my teeth for a few min and he really cried and ran to his dad. My husband had a hard time keeping a straight face while yelling him he needed to stop. He never did it again

Have you tried teaching him sign language? I’ve taught both mine and have noticed that this has been a great way to communicate when we couldn’t talk to each other, I really believe this has stopped alot of tantrums as it cuts alot of the frustration out.

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Lucy Brooks I know I’m not the one to give advice on this subject I’ve never had any children of my own but I was with a young lady for 18 years raising two boys and another young lady that had her daughter and nephew. And happy to say all four children are doing fine I guess what I’m trying to say I like your idea of teaching him sign language just maybe the little guy could be hard of hearing I wish that mother and the little one the best of luck good looking out Lucy

Does he understand what you tell.him??..I.know you said speech delay…but does he understand when you tell.him to do.something?? Pick.up.a toy…go get the chips…give me a hug/kiss??? If so then he does not need special treatment…
A time out chair… Not going somewhere he wants to as punishment… And explain why… Stay consistent!!!
If that doesn’t help show him that biting…pulling hair…ECT Hurts!!! Either try present crying or pull hair…pinch back. Obviously not super hard but enough he learns inflicting pain on others is not funny… ( some other little kid will get tired of it one day and really hurt him back) And if he is being abusive to an animal then you should find another home for the cat… The cat deserves to be in a home where it is not terrorized. Your responsibility to keep the cat safe

Pull his hair back so he can see that it hurts and it’s not nice.

Novella warning lol…I think facial expressions/reactions are a BIG thing with kids that age. I read a lot of other comments indicating a few different things from other parents. They tend to react to this sort of phenomenon in 1 of three ways 1) they bite/hit/smack back (which is not only ineffectual–it may stop it in the short term but does not teach them good coping skills or ‘reasons’ for stopping) 2) they give time-out/naughty corner or yell (may be effectual in terms of time-out) or 3) have no idea how to react and/or just hug/redirect, which I don’t necessarily think is effectual either. I am NOT a child behavioral expert but I did clinicals in speech pathology and have some experience with this, and if your son is autistic or nonverbal, please keep in mind he could be doing these things out of an inability to communicate (nonverbal) or delayed speech onset and unable to communicate his wants, needs, or frustrations and feelings. This is already very daunting for toddlers to begin with! Additionally, most ‘developmentally on target’ toddlers have a lot of the behaviors you described, and it almost always goes away with age. I try to tell this to people who are dismayed that their son or daughter is biting or hitting at 2 or 3 years old. ANY pre-k or daycare teacher or director can tell you that these are unfortunate but normal toddler behavioral phases and that, with positive redirection and appropriate ‘consequences’, they almost always grow out of it. Now, if your child has special needs, that does NOT mean they are stuck in this phase. That just means you may need to convey messages differently, whether by learning sign language, iPad, or facial expressions to get your message across. PLEASE don’t lash out at your child by hitting or biting them back. I’m not saying the people that do this are evil but I do think it is harmful to the child. Instead, you need to a) ensure your baby either does or doesn’t have something like autism and then b) come up with a plan from there. Please also keep in mind that not just autistic toddlers but ALL toddlers can react to over OR under stimulation like this. He may be bored, not being challenged enough mentally or getting enough exercise physically. Try to take him to spend his energy outside of the house. If you think it’s OVER stimulation, try reading to him somewhere with dim lights, no TVs or distracting noises or other children, or another similar quiet activity, sort of like a Quiet Corner or Kozy Corner thing. PLEASE do not feel too overwhelmed—these are very common behaviors and you are NOT a bad mama! If he’s being pushy towards other kids or you, take him aside-gently-and then make a sad face, tell him firmly this makes Mommy and his friends sad and hurts their feelings. Instead of yelling/angry face, this conveys the emotion of hurt/sadness. Sometimes toddlers do these things to get reactions out of other people; not because they’re malicious or want to be naughty, but because it’s almost like an experiment…hmmm, when I throw this cup Mommy makes THIS face; when I shove my friend, they do this, etc. and they do it again to see if the same things happen. Again, try to redirect, and make the sad face while firmly saying NO that is not okay, we don’t hit, push, etc. If that doesn’t work, time-out or Quiet Corner is a great option for kids that age but one minute per year of age, so 3 would be 3 min. These are my suggestions! Good luck Mama! You’ll both be fine no matter what. Another really important thing is, you can get your child evaluated for autism at the age of 2 or 3 by your pediatrician or pediatric PCP! Please do this ASAP so you can get early intervention if this IS the case, or if he has some other neuro or sensory or developmental difference. If neuro-atypical get very early intervention BEFORE the age of 5 when their brain is still “plastic” and “moldable” it can make HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE differences in their improvements in development, speech, learning, and overall abilities! I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. PLEASE make an appointment to get him an assessment with your pediatrician immediately, while you’re waiting for speech pathology. Having an actual diagnosis will also speed up the waitlist wait and in the meantime, open many more doors for other resources, caregivers, specialists, IEP, etc. and so on. It’s really important. Sorry for the novel, I just know from experience that this early intervention and getting a real diagnosis on paper is so huge. It opens SO many doors and financially gives you many opportunities for assistance and most importantly is huge for your son in terms of getting him help and getting intervention so he can reach his fullest potential. God bless you both. <3

I would start by keeping him away from animals. He is going to wind up getting scratched or bit when the animal has a natural reaction. Push to get an earlier appointment to help get to the root of the issue.

Try introducing sign language, it’s a massive help with non verbal children and he may be able to communicate his needs a bit easier.

My son was the same way and doesn’t talk. I started him in Early intervention at 19 months for speech delay and taught him sign language and made him boards with his favorite foods for meal times that he can point to what he wants. He is 3.5 now and still in specialized preschool for speech and is going to start a private speech therapy. He does have some words but still uses sign language which has really helped to decrease his frustration. Good luck mama.

Could just be a phaze xx

Ignore people on here that are suggesting hitting him in any way!