My toddler doesn't want to talk: Advice?

Hey guys, so I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter. She is awesome with learning things, so funny, smart, ect… but she just doesn’t want to talk. She says the basics, mom, dad, all her siblings names, idk she says about 40 words. And knows animal sounds. Colors ect… Am I just being an worry wort for nothing? My other 3 kids were talking like crazy at this age. As do other people’s kids. She just wont. We have had her ears tested and no tubes. We have a speech session set up in 3 weeks for evaluation. Help I need advice. Thanks awesome mama’s


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Sometimes the youngest can be later to speak because they don’t need to. Everyone speaks for them and anticipates what they want, so they just point and whatever and someone gets it.


My son didn’t talk until he was about almost 3 I actually was just about to take him in because I thought there was something wrong … one day he woke up and just started talking like he had it all stored up in his little head some kids just go at their own pace


Honestly every child is so different. My first didn’t start to really say many words until 2.5 and wasn’t “talking” until after 3, meanwhile my second child uses 3-4 word sentences and he just turned 2. If you’re truly concerned, maybe speak with their dr about speech therapy. Or just give it time. They will speak when they are ready.

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My son said 10 words at 2.5 they did speech therapy for 6-8 months and now he’s currently in 3 year old preschool and hasn’t had speech therapy at school. He currently now will talk your ear off I’m amazed. Honestly if she says 40 words I wouldn’t be concerned that was our goal and he passed it within 3 months then upped our goal to 60 words. Then slowly weened outa speech therapy

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My great granddaughter was the same way, oh so smart, but didn’t do much more than grunt. Then she had tubes put in her ears. Oh my goodness, it was like night and day. She started talking and hasn’t stopped.

Mama I believe she will get there. Sounds like you are doing a good job working with her. Don’t worry about, she’s not the other kids and every child is different. At 2.5 I was trying to potty train my son and take his pacifier from him and believe me, he was maybe 3 or over when I had complete both of those and doing all the talking he wanted to.

Sometimes when kids have older siblings, they let the siblings speak for them. The speech therapist will be able to tell you what is and isn’t normal progression, but observe how your daughter communicates her needs. Do her siblings say, “She wants….” Or “She needs……”? Are they speaking for her so she only has to gesture?

Definitely get the speech evaluation. It could just be that she’s the youngest. My youngest (3rd) hardly spoke at all. He rarely made noises. His sister spoke for him & he was overpowered if that’s the right word) by her. He was in speech for a year. But I don’t think he ever needed it. Once he got in school & nobody spoke for or over him he found his voice.

I told my daughter we spend all this time trying to get them to talk and walk and then when they do tell them to sit and be quiet! Lol

My nephew didn’t talk till four and then one day he just started talking! There was no issue, he just didn’t want to talk!

My first child, now 19 didn’t talk until she was nearly 4… my 3 after her was talking full sentences by the time they was 18 to 22 months old. My last baby which is 2 only has a total of 5 words she will say, she’s in therapy now, just started in October so I’m hoping it’ll get her on track… she’s super smart and above average for everything she just refuses to talk. I know it’s frustrating but patience momma, if your very concerned talk to the pediatrician

I mean for sure ask the doctor, but don’t panic just yet.

Your making something out of nothing not every kid talks loads at 2