My toddler gets angry when he gets in trouble: Advice?

Hi guys could you post please anonymous? My son is 2 and a half has no words yet I’m waiting for an appointment for development check and assessment but I could be waiting a long time; anyways he gets so angry when I even slightly raise my voice to point out when he’s doing wrong he’ll sit banging his head off floors or walls he gets bad outbursts of shaking with temper and clenches his fist I’m just wondering if anyone has been through this with there child this happens every day and sometimes he does it just sitting down by himself it’s such a struggle he’s so fussy with food, and sometimes it’s a struggle to get him to eat I’m at a loss how I can help or if I’m doing the right things for him has anyone else has this with there kids how do you help them.

Just get ur baby tired by walking in nature called grounding and keep showing him love. Try teaching him deep breathing while telling him lets stay calm and loving. Rub his back and chest in circles while doing that. Ask his angels and guides for help. The archangels,God or however your faith leads you. Try playing Solfeggio 9 healing frequencies during the day and night while he sleeps, they truly helped my children and family/friends. Also watch this movie about grounding itll help!

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My daughter used to get mad like that and I’d ask her if she wants a hug and sure enough she’d come running. Maybe that might help w the tantrums.


You do need to get him to a pediatrician and maybe even a specialist. The head banging could be a sensory issue to sound and he doesn’t know how to tell you yet.

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My daughter did this excpet for the head banging. She actually was on siezure meds and when we aaw her neurologist i mentioned it. I wasn’t sure if this was hormonal because it was my first girl with 5 boys before her, the terrible twos or her siezure meds.
Left it at that and then the virus hit and she didn’t get to see her neurologist until 3 months ago. They changed her meds and she is learning up a storm and catching up amazingly fast.
She is talking and I can understand her 95% of the time or make it out. We are constantly pointing at things in books and she will repeat them when I say them or she will say it without prompting. I have tobe honest she’s a little sweet heart most times but the terrible twos are gone and her aggression an6s anger are too.
If you are having trouble with getting appointments id suggest a case manager. Im a private person but i sure could use some help some days and wouldn’t mind.

Sounds like asburgers syndrome my little brother did the same thing when he was younger. But I would speak with a doctor and go from there. Yeah we can change certain things to help them understand, but it doesn’t mean we tip toe around them because we are worried about upsetting them.

Have you ever had his hearing tested? If he can’t talk he probably gets very frustrated and that is why he throws tantrums.

Could be autistic check for that hence the non verbal and head banging out of frustration from being non verbal. Use a quiet voice get down to his level maintain eye contact avoid touching him unless he tries to reach out first.