My toddler has been having night terrors: Help!

My toddler has been having night terrors and I really don’t know why. We don’t anything scary around her… is there anything we can do for her? Watching her go through this is heartbreaking.


My great grandson did this for about six months to a year, we took he the Dr., He said that is was normal,he quit in a few months

My Grandson was doing this. We found out it was do to being over tired.

Night terrors are not the same as nightmares. While they look very scary and stressful they’re harmless and children rarely if ever have any recollection. There’s lots of advice online about how to manage them

Limit the screen time before bed. My nephew was having these and that is what the pediatrician recommended.

Make note of anything she’s eaten that day before they happen. I had a friend when I was young who got them any time she ate bananas :woman_shrugging: