My toddler hurt her knee: Advice?

Has your young child ever hurt their knee? My daughter will be 3 in May and today at the trampoline park she hurt her knee. She can walk on it a little when holding my hand but when she tries by herself she cries… do I take her to get an x-ray now or wait? I gave her Tylenol for pain. What do they do to help it? I just had a baby 2 weeks ago. What do you even do to entertain a toddler who can’t walk to play on their own? My poor baby :frowning: she keeps saying she has boo boos. I’m just not sure what to do. :frowning: thanks!


As a parent if you know your child is in pain after injuring themselves then yes you take her into the hospital to make sure she didn’t break it or pull a ligament.


I’d take her in. My daughter (2 at the time) hurt her leg on the trampoline. Cried for 5 min, so I put her down, and when I tell you she dropped to the ground, she dropped. So I tool her in (even tho her dad said she was fine). Turns out she broke her leg right below the knee. My daughter still tried to put weight on it specially after she got pain meds. Better safe than sorry


Definitely take her to get checked. Then let her rest, get some coloring books, books, fav stuffed toys. I hope she gets better soon!

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this is not a page for medical advice everyone has their own thoughts, ice it, ER visit, wait and see, you are the parent you know if your kid is in more pain then usual

Different scenario but my daughter (2) hurt her elbow. The pain was tolerable but worse when she moved it. I was stumped because it didn’t seem like a serious injury, no signs of a break or sprain but something was definitely wrong. We did end up taking her to the dr the next day and it was an out if place ligament the dr. Simply put back into place. She was 100% fine within 2 mins. I was surprised and relieved at the “fix”. I say take her. If you’re like me, you won’t have peace of mind until you do.

The fact that you have to ask if you should have her checked when she can’t even walk is ridiculous. Get off of Facebook and use your brain for 2 seconds.


Ice ,and does it look swollen

Can she move it? Like bend her knee and fully extend? If she can’t do that then it may be more than a sprain.

Get her medical attention! I hurt my knee as an adult and thought it was nothing, pain didn’t go away so saw a local doctor who manipulated it (hurt like hell) told to go home and rest. In the end it never got better as I had torn cartlige and other bits and due to lack of medical care, needed a total knee replacement. Pain is the guide and keep following it up until you are satisfied!

My son did the exact same thing. She probably has a buckle fracture and needs casting to heal properly. Definitely take her in to get checked.

Trampoline parks are the worse at any age!

Yes definitely get it checked . I know a 2 year old that broke her femur on a trampoline and she could move her leg . Better to be safe and get a X-ray

Omg… Why are you even asking… Take her in.

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If she can’t walk take her to the hospital IMMEDIATELY


Take that child to the ER now


I wouldn’t take mine in. I would wait till the next day…but that’s just me