My toddler is giving me a hard time when it comes to eating: Advice?

Hello mommys, so my 2 and a half yo is showing me hell when it comes to eating. Since he was 1 he wont eat anything. No vegetables, no fruits, no eggs, no chicken, no meat, no fish, no cereals. Im tired of trying. He eats bread without cheese or anything on it, two baby jar meals one with potato with vegetables and the other fish with spaghetti he likes them (they are for 12+ months and his dr told me thats nothing for him anymore), or rice with yoghurt ( i try to put small slices of chicken or fish without that he feels) sometimes i try to put carrots and peas but he will spit it . And he will eat spaghetti without anything just cooked spaghetti🤷🏻‍♀️ he drinks milk and tea only and eats banana and apple. Even when he eats something he eat just couple of spoons. Anyone was in a same situation? Any advice? I get frustrated when i cook for him and he wont eat


My son dr said he,ll eat when hungry just keep trying diff thing now 30 and still very picky eater


Look up recipes from the Sneaky Chef. Keep trying. It’s exhausting but eventually he will start to like more things. Texture is a big deal at this age so it could be that. Just watch for signs of food allergies, I didnt realize why mine wouldn’t eat certain things and found out through allergy testing exactly why!

Look up toddler serving sizes you really don’t have to get that much food into your kiddo at a time. Could be a phase or you may forever have a picky eater just keep offering different foods. Finger foods are the easiest to get in cause they like to pick at things…look on Pinterest for toddler friendly foods

My son is also a very picky eater… he’s allergic to eggs/ peanuts. But he’s 5 now and just starting to eat chicken (besides chicken nuggets ) and trying things he would never eat before. I was always a picky eater growing up too but the older I got the more I tried. I’d just give it time. But some tricks I would use is eating vegetables and saying how yummy they are and that I’m not sharing because it’s soo good… sometimes out of curiosity he would want to try it so maybe some reverse psychology

Also if he’s drinking a lot of milk he could be supplementing his meals with the milk. I know my son would drink a lot of milk so he wouldn’t hardly eat besides being so picky. So I cut him back on the milk and noticed he’d eat a little more.


It sounds harsh but I swear it works. With my son who is 2 just started the picky eater business so now if I make him a plate for example lunch or dinner and he doesn’t eat it. I wrap it up and every time he comes to me hungry he gets that same plate offered. Over and over until he decided to eat some. I won’t force all of it but I refuse to waste a bunch of perfectly good food in my home. And it works. When I started he would hold out strong for a few tries but I guess he figured it out because he knows when I pull that plate out of the fridge and heat it up that it’s all he will be offered until he gives in…


If he eats the majority of the plate he gets lots of praise and a snack of his choice.

I heard reverse psychology sometimes works. Sit beside him and tell him that’s mommy’s food only and he might want to eat it…something like spaghetti with sauce with veggies and everything blended in so well that you can’t tell they are in there

My child has food aversion and will not eat any meat, and way too many other things to list. He has sensory issues and used to choke alot which gave him involuntary physical reactions to the majority of foods. He is going in for a feeding eval. And will be starting feeding therapy soon after. Its not always that they are just picky it can be a very complicated situation that you may not fully understand. I would look into getting him evaluated

My little sister was like this it was actually her tonsils were swollen like golf balls! Not saying this is what’s happening, just keeps eyes out for all possibilities.

As an older “grandma” , I will share a trick that usually worked on my kiddos and grand- kiddos. On a very large plate, put tiny portions of food. The reverse psychology will kick in, and the kid will be thinking “is this all I get?”


my kids did this for awhile. i made up stories to get them to eat. one example I still use on my 6 year old is that you have to eat the trees (broccoli) before your dinosaurs ( dino chicken nuggets) so your dinos can live in your belly. works idk why but they love the stories. the other thing I did was refuse to give in when they wouldn’t eat what i made. thier doctors will tell you they will eat when hungry. my older two are no longer picky eaters. 6 year old is still getting new things she hasn’t tried. once she tries something 7 times she can officially say I dont like it


Maybe try shakes ? Make them yummy with fruit and veggies;) and bone soup broth …

He’ll eat when he’s hungry. As long as he isn’t underweight don’t stress about it.


You simply MAKE them eat… Don’t give the option not to. It’s a learned behavior. If a child knows they will get what they want they will do what it takes to get it. Take that option away completely. You have to be the parent. Make dinner. When the child refuses to eat cover the plate and put it in the fridge. When the child is hungry they get their dinner reheated. They will learn to eat what you make…

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My 2yr old is the same only eats chicken and hot chips and sometimes a bit of meat like pork or steak

Try a tin of big soup… Its got potatoes and veg and if you mash it up it has the consistency of baby food… My almost two year loves it for lunch…

Don’t worry about it. It’s not forever. As long as he’s eating something and drinking!
The more stressed you become about it, the more your child will too. Hope it doesn’t last! My little boy is a dreadful eater but he’s a happy and healthy 2 year old - you’d never know to look at him that he lives on toast, pears chips and sausages!

Pediasure helps alot. My almost 4 year old is still a picky eater. I have to make her try things before she realizes that she does like it. For example, when I make a pea it butter sandwich, I cut it up into little squares. When she pushes it away and acts like she won’t eat it, I will separate a piece and I will quickly put some peanut butter on her lips. And yes, sometimes I have to hold her head. But then she licks her lips and it clicks “oh this tastes good”. I also have to do this with my son. It works. If they dont eat what you make, I have found that a good protein granola bar and some pediasure does the trick. But dont do it all the time, or that will be all they want. You have to make sure to MAKE then try their food.

Start bland, as at that age, a lot of tastes are over bearing, & meats are really just to chewy for them. Try beanies & weanies, noodles & butter, plain oatmeal with a touch of sugar, chicken nuggets, baked french fries, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, peanut butter no jelly sandwich.
Dont force, or get mad, make a game of it, have fun, encourage him, by letting him see you try it first, let him help fix things, ask his opinions. You want to form a good relationship with food & eating, especially at a young age. & remember, his belly is as big as both of his fists put together. So he really doesnt need much at once. Try eating smaller portions more times a day.

Make sure he’s not getting too much milk or liquid to fill him up. Put his foid, veggies and meat, tiny amounts at first on his trayor plate and let him feed himself. Don’t worry about the mess, just use bib or take shirt off its not important. Never give him sweets or junk food till he learns to eat healthy food that includes chips,and crackers. Offer him steamed broccoli (if he has teeth) asparagus, peas ,green beans , cabbage. Tender chicken and turkey and hamburger. Scrambled eggs or boiled. All that he can eat with hands for awhile. Back off the bread to 1 piece a day… slice apples, pears, bananas, mellon. He will eat eventually, he possibly could be getting too much milk still. Take bottle away. Start giving cup before bed. A couple times,a day offer some milk . But let him start his meal with food and not his cup… he may even like ranch dressing for his veggies to dip! Long as you keep the wrong food away, he will eventually eat…

I’m going through this with my 2yr old his go to is butter noodles right now and a soft taco shell with cheese. I just make sure he takes his vitamins and know it’s just a phase and it will pass. Also his stomach is the size of his fist right now so he actually doesn’t need much to be full

My daughter did that from 2 until 5… she’s 8, turns 9 now and she’s better but still picky.

Keep offering. Supplement what you can. Even stuff they’ve turned down previously. And while its a controversial method, bribery can occassionally lead to small victories. “You can have ice cream but only if you eat your chicken…” Its also helpful to try small portions at first. Sometimes kids get intimidated by portion sizes, especially when they aren’t too keen on eating it in the first place. Every small victory should be celebrated.