My toddler tosses and turns all night: Advice?

Put a onsie sleeper on him like you did when he was an infant and get a good nights sleep.

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My kids toss an turn in the bed I would make sure they had on PJ’s an sox

My son always woke up on the other end of the bed. And my daughter is the same


No oils-too concentrated for kids! It’s normal - just use footed pajamas after a warm bath. He will out grow!

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Kids are naturally hot natured. It may just be he gets hot and wants out from under those blankets


Put warm pj on him put him to bed with covers, leave him be! I know it’s hard but leave him be. He will cover up if he gets cold. I have a GRT grandson who stays at our house quite a bit. He moves everyway that is possible in his bed or in our bed. I use to fuss about him not being covered. But there house temp is colder than mine so I finally decided to let him be. Now when he gets in our bed I make sure my side of the covers are loose enough to be comfortable with. I go to sleep he’s been alseep! He gets cold he gets under the covers on his own.


All my kids did that as well as my grand children. Completely normal


It’s normal, I would suggest warmer pajamas to make sure he stays warm enough. Eventually it will settle and he will learn to cover himself back up when he’s asleep

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I put one onsie in which fitted and one a few sizes too big ,didn’t matter they moved as kept warm , the big ones still used when grown

My son had a hard time with his toddler bed because of this. I had to get him a twin bed so he had more room. He is five now and still does it. I have a body pillow next to his bed because of the occasional roll out of bed. I have given up on covering him up again in the middle of the night. If he is cold he will wake up.

All four of my kids, some grand children and g grand children. It is normal.

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Could try a weighted blanket


Footie jammies!! Everyone sleeps no worries :sleeping_bed:


Try a weighted blanket it should make them feel more Secure and your find they will have a better night sleep too

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Sounds like a typical toddler


My grand daughter is in a twin size bed she seemed like she didn’t have enough space and she will be 3 in a few months they put the box spring and mattress right on the floor she still moves around but not as much once she got use to it

Today’s toddler beds are too firm in my opinion. They need softer beds and comfortable sleepwear that covers them without making them hot or itchy.

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Mine does that too or better did that too for a long time until i realized, since as you say, your little one feels like you dp in terms of hot and cold, i gave him a shorty PJs and now he actually still robs around a bit, but then suddenly He stops and keeps the blanket on as well. I guess its just normal and a phase maybe that eventually stops after a while?

Sensory sheets or zip sheets wirk to keeo them snuggled in bed

Maybe the mattress is to soft or to hard

Buy warm pjs that cover him whether he’s under a blanket or not.

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My kids rolled all over the place. Id get him a twin and a side rail. No box spring. So its low to the ground.

Itsm bormal my miss 5 wiggled so much she now sleeps soundly i used to put her in a sleeping bag in her bed so that she stayed warm (she was in a sleep sack untill the age of 3 because my friend made me some big ones lol)

My 5yr old did this constantly until he was about 4. I started giving him melatonin and it was the first night he didn’t move all night. They don’t get enough rest when they are moving so much. My son has now been diagnosed with ADHD.
All kiddos are different so you might ask dr about your concern and see if they have any suggestions.

This is normal. Children often kick off covers until they are 7-9 years old. Get a heated mattress pad or those thick one piece jammies with feet.

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Get some gentle lavender oil and a little Vaseline. Rub together and give the baby a good massage to relax his/her body. Lavender help with sleep.

Try brases like the ones that hold up trousers shorten them use the clips to hold the bedding in place

My son rocks himself to sleep on his hands and knees back and forth. Hes pretty much always done this. The doctor said itstoo normal, that its a form of self soothing. My son also turning in a complete circle thru out the night. And anytime he hears a noise or gets uncomfortable, hes back to that rocking thingy!

Try using a weighted blanket… maybe that will help

He maybe just too warm…

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I would just put on pj with feet let him how he lays.

Have you tried a weighted blanket? My 2 yr old sleeps all over the place and has to have 1 let out of the covers. If they get cold they will move and feel for cover. Just let him be. You need rest to mama

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Tuck blanket under. Mattress

A weighted blanket might help

Maybe needs a new mattress.

It’s okay. Adults toss and turn.

Good Luck Momma- Maybe invest in some sleepsacks- they are actually safer than blankets and no worries on his blankets coming off- they have some with legs in them now as well as lighter weight for summer months-

Have you thought about a weighed blanket for a toddler.

Put warm pajamas on your baby and forget the blankets.

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He’s sleeping, let him be!

Put him is sleeper PJs that way if he gets the covers off he will be warm.

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Toddlers? My husband sleeps like that all night too.

Just about all of them are that way

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Try a weighted blank

I would have been your worst nightmare. I walked and talked in my sleep. I had terrible nightmares and “walked” throughout my teens. Funny, all my children had the same afflictions. Not as bad. It only made me more sensitive to them. I readily accepted them into my bed because I knew that I had dark terrors. Now as an adult, after 30 years. I walk when I’m upset. My advice is to dress them warmly and let them sleep. If they scared don’t chastise them. My father insisted on turning off my light. It terrified me. Listen to your kids, their fear is real.


My kid was like that. Now she uses a weighted blanket and doesn’t seem to move at all.


Kid shouldn’t be freezing if he kicks his blankets off, does he not have pajamas on? Is there heat in the house? You sound paranoid and overprotective.

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Normal for many kids. If he gets too cold, he’ll wake up and can cover himself.

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Try also some stars and stuff lights relaxation is part of a good sleep with maybe some relaxation sounds like rain or something its just part of how they are sleeping its okay its normal just try to make it more relaxing room being comfortable is the help to get better sleep.

Buy him blanket sleepers! Big soft onesies and let him toss and turn.

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A weighted blanket might help.

I put a weighted blanket on him

Nyquil or Bourbon for both of you. Seriously.

Get him warm sleepers and forget the blankets

Try a weighted blanket

A thermal Balancing mattress topper and quilt…they are fantastic as it collects your body temperature and keeps you regulated throughout the night…perfect for winter and summer…just like having an electric blanket on the bed without the concerns about fire hazards and over heating. If you’d like more info please message me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mine tosses n turns when she’s hot.

Pj’s with feet. He’ll stay warm

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No a mum; but as a child who used and still dose move multiple times a night with no cover back then and even now. My mum was constantly getting up and putting the cover back on and then I used to kick it off. She eventually stopped coming in as it was a fighting battle. And let me make the decision to cover myself. I now wake up in the middle off the night when I’m cold and put the cover on, even if I kick them off 5 mins later.
It’s most common thing.

It’s normal, he’s old enough to put a blanket on if he’s cold or kick it off if he’s warm. If they’re obviously exhausted and more cranky than a normal toddler (which can be quite a bit) try to find solutions but I’d leave well enough alone.
Stop worrying about him and worry about you getting sleep.

Get him warmer pajamas or let him wake up and adjust his own blankets

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Footie jammies are fantastic! My lo is 2.5 and rarely uses his blanket only if he’s actually cold he will use it

My son when he was little tossed and turned and never stayed under the blanket. I had to get him some long sleeve and pants PJs so that he’d stay warm at night. The tossing and turning eventually faded away.

It’s normal…my 3yr old an 7yr old hates cloths. My 3yr old always ends up sleeping on top of his covers no matter how many times you cover him up through the night

My kids 7 almost 8 and she moves around like a crazy.

Sometimes the weighted-blankets can help

My 6 year old still does this. She has the best nights sleep she’s just a fidget!

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Toddlers are the worst for restless sleep. They out grow it by kindergarten.

Had this happen with my son, my mom noticed it first.
First day we had tubes put in he slept like a totally different kid!

I’m pretty sure all kids do this, atleast mine do, but maybe try a weighted blanket.

Try a weighted blanket may help him get more comfortable

I’m 24 and still do. Ira fine. As long as he’s getting some decent sleep and decent hours it doesn’t matter.

Being a sleeping gymnast is the “normal” for kids :joy::joy:

My now 12 year old was a WILD sleeper since birth. She has calmed down but she was about 10 when she finally did. :joy:

I was a rough sleeper as a child, and here I am at 31, I’m still a rough sleeper. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My 4 yr old sometime sleeps like that he did it more when he was littler…he was hot I stopped covering him all the time…once in awhile in the winter he would sorta pout in his sleep I’d go in and hed be all curled up with no blankets I’d cover him wrap him secure in his blankies and all was well now that hes bigger he refuses to wear jammies to bed just his undies…I’d say try not to stress ur self about it dont go in by him unless he needs u let him be he will let u know what he needs if he isn’t making big deal about the blankets u dont u want him to be able to wake and fall back asleep by himself without making a fuss if ur fussing over him all night he will never learn and u will be stuck in the habit of fussing with him all night because he wont be able to go back to sleep without u.

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I bought my son a weighted blanket. Helps

I’ve literally found my daughter sleeping on the ledge on her wall :joy::joy: she usually likes sleeping under her bed :woman_facepalming:t4: I’ve given up trying to get her to sleep with a blanket on, there is always one on her bed but I just dress her in warm jammies since I know she won’t keep it on :woman_shrugging::joy:

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aweeee i hate when i see my baby uncovered at night.
it’s annoying how they just want to freeze themselves out, but i think it’s normal.

This my 6 year old. Practically falling off the bed from moving around so much when he sleeps. He has always slept like this! I just let him be.

Totally normal try putting him in a onesie so if he sleeps on top of blankets he’ll be warm enough in his onesie

It’s normal his a toddler

They all do it. He may be hot blooded. Just chill.

Miss almost 9 still does lol

My 1 1/2 y.o. does. All I hear all night is her bed squeaking lolol

As long as he’s not rolling of bed, leave him alone.My kids were hot natured and always kicking off the covers. My grandson is the same way. If he gets cold, he’ll crawl back under the covers.

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When I was a baby/toddler mum said that I hated having my hands tucked in, now I’m an adult I will wake at different times cold as I’ve moved so much that my blankets fall off me and on to the floor, I’ve been sleeping like this for as long as I remember.

I always said that sleeping with our daughter when she was a toddler was like trying to sleep with a windmill! The Dr. said it was very normal.

I made our son a quilt he could get into …so he could move around as much as he wanted. And stayed nice and warm…

Yes, say a prayer over him and ask god to give him a restful sleep, the devil is after him as a young child so when you put him down to sleep plead the blood of Jesus over him and ask the ministering angel to watch over him.

Very normal. Don’t worry to much. As u can always get an electric blanket and if the blanket comes off he still warm

I would put him in a sleeping bag and give him lot’s of bananas to eat

Just put on warm jammies and quit worrying about covering them up. My kids pediatrician said whatever I wear to stay warm, dress them the same way and take off two items, because they are more compact and generate more heat.

My son does this sometimes and it’s only when he’s gassy. If he has a bubble that won’t come out he tosses and turns till it relieves the tummy pressure.

Is the bed soft or hard? I had the same problem but our mattress flips over to either be harder or softer and once I put him in a softer bed he would sleep throughout the night with no issues

I’d put him in blanket sleepers so he won’t freeze and let him go. he doesn’t like his feet covered? cut the footie part off. If he’s cold he will tuck his feet into the legs of the sleepers. Make sure you get them big and roomy.

Mattress may be too hard to sleep on. Does your child have a pillow it may be uncomforable to hard to sleep on. I have a feather pillow cant sleep on foam pillows too hard. Let your child try out different mattresses notice if your todlder starts to relax and may fall asleep. Is the room too hot stuffy or too cold. How is your childs diet. Too many sweets or lacking something in his diet. Try a warm bath before bed.

My active kids were like that, always tucking them in. Layered them in track pants and jumpers when cold, socks etc. co-slept with the last one for that reason as he was pretty bad for it, until he was 6

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Don’t worry about the tossing and turning I’ve known a lot of kids who toss and turn try a lighter blanket if you have to babies can sleep warm too just like adults. Unless the kids turning blue he’ll be fine

Get him a weighted blanket. 1 lb for every year old he is.