My toddler won't let me touch her when dad is around: Advice?

Ugh my 2 year old daughter won’t even let me touch her when in public when her dad is with us… but with just me and her she is totally different and all over me. It makes me hate going places with my husband because she acts like she hates me the entire time


It’s just a phase. I would just be thankful she has a loving and good bond with her dad :woman_shrugging: I don’t think it’s something to be upset about.


And this a problem how?? Seems you want all the attention from dad :laughing::laughing:


My 2 year old is the same. Lol as soon as daddy is home, I’m dead meat.


My four year daughter is the same way. Sometimes I feel bad for him. She doesn’t give him a break! :rofl:


That’s what it looks like when kids are learning how to set boundaries and seeing if they are respected. And learning how to react when they aren’t. They are practicing on the people they feel most comfortable with. Go with it, respect her wishes, it’s just a phase and will pass.


My youngest does this to her dad when where all together in public. She’ll only let me touch her. But when i’m not around she’s a daddy’s girl.

It’s totally normal, honest. My son adored his late stepfather - but wouldn’t let him get him out of his car seat. He would scream

It’s normal. Soak in the fact she loves both of y’all…

I would be like okay dad. I’m going to enjoy myself. I’ll be back. Byeeeeee

My son is the same way. Even sometimes at home. He will give his dad hugs but tell me no. It’s just a phase

You should be happy she had a loving father

Who cares??? Especially if she is not that way when it is just the two of you. All four of mine went through this stage. I was happy for the break and dad was happy with being #1 in their eyes for the time being. Trust me their favorite will change back and forth over the years…it’s not a popularity contest. Let him have his moment in the sun! :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


I actually like that…let dad take over🤷

This is normal behavior. It sounds like she’s just wanting dads attention. Maybe set up a daddy daughter day just the two of them so you can have a free day to be you. It will give her time with dad and you a break from always being on mom mode.

I’d highly recommend the book The Healing Code by Dr Bradley. This can be such a simple fix when you know how emotions work in our body and how to release them. If you can’t find anything that works, please give this a try. You won’t regret it.

How active is dad in her life? She could be attention seeking for him. It also could be a lot of other things… I would seek a counselor to help out especially on your end as your anxiety seems to be peaking about this situation.

Could be worse she could have a deadbeat dad who isn’t involved in her life

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Both my girls were ‘daddies girls’ at that age.
This will not last forever.
Enjoy and let him enjoy this time.

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It’s a phase when our youngest daughter was little and I told her I loved her she would say I love my daddy today and I’ll love you tomorrow and this went on for awhile and it hurt my feelings butt then it changed and we we’re close were still very close butt she just turned 13 and we’ll that’s a whole different story lol she just misses him bc he’s gone to work and she also might think it’s funny

My daughter would pretty much always prefer my husband do things for her than me, it doesn’t bother me at all because they have the greatest bond. I know she loves me and when she wants my attention she asks for it and receives it.

Get over it, kids are allowed to have feelings and preferences

Very normal :disappointed: use to hurt my feeling now she is 10 and is all over me :thinking::rofl:

My two year old is going through this phase now but opposite won’t let daddy anywhere near her. I remember my older daughter doing similar too a few times and going back and forth between daddy and I ! They are just babies, don’t take it personal !