My waitress stole a tip from my card...what can I do?

Ok not mom related but need to know if this is a problem so I went out to dinner at Dennys Saturday and my total was 39.89 the service was very poor the waitress had A BAD ATTITUDE the entire time… I had to do her job and tell the grill lady the correct order had to wait 45 mins for my order so I did NOT include a tip they have just now decided to take a tip from my card of their own accord without my authorization making my total now 49.89 is it me or is it stealing to just take money from someone


I’ve had this happen before. We had to call the restaurant and they fixed it and ended up giving us all of our money back because they felt bad. But I’d also call your bank and let them know.

In the future, this is 100% why if I don’t leave a tip somewhere for whatever reason or I tipped in cash it’s all over the receipt and in the spot where it says tip I don’t leave any room for them to change it. I draw a big zero with a line through it and lines on each side, or write cash really big on the tip line.

I also take a picture of all receipts until they’ve cleared my bank fully so I can keep an eye on it. This happens way more than you’d think sadly. Better safe than sorry


Bank. And I would call job


Call the restaurant and talk to the manager. This is theft and the waitress will likely get fired for it but that’s what she gets for stealing.


Definitely call Denny’s and let them know too! To me that’s worth someone losing their job.


I’m a firm believer Tipping is a choice not an option between 15%, 20% . If a person Tips you its a courtesy. Don’t demand it.


At a bar I spent $8.00 on a drink and I wrote $0.00 on the tip line and then tipped in cash, few days later my bank statement came through for $18.00. The waitress just added a 1 in front of the tip. I called the company and they denied that any of their staff would ever do that. From now on I write “cash” on the tip line and leave in cash what I think is fair. If it’s food it’s different, multiple people share the tip. But with 1 drink and I watched 1 person make it I left cash because I didn’t feel it should have been shared. She earned it, until she didn’t! :unamused:

Definitely a good reason to pay with cash only.

It’s definitely stealing. People think it’s ok though. It happens A LOT. That’s why I use a prepaid card & I make sure only what I’m paying is on the card. Some restaurants will deny it if there isn’t extra. Pizza hut is big for it.

Call the restaurant first and if they won’t fix it, tell the police and dispute the charge with your bank or the card company

I would complain to the restaurant and talk to the manager about it! That’s bullshit!!!

I always write on the top line either no tip or cash tip so nothing can be added later.

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I’ve had this happen call and they will fix it

Call the store first then if its not resolved then the bank . Then after that district manager, etc

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Geez I wish we’d just pay people a living wage and get rid of tips entirely.

Won’t be going to that restaurant

I would call my bank then the store

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Report her ass to the police DUHH

File a police report, go back and report the person.

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Report it to your bank. That isn’t okay.


Unless clearly stated on the bill, taking your own tip out is theft!