Need some s3x advice.

My bf and I have been together for about a year now and our sex life has always been great. He recently got a sports injury and has expressed that he feels inadequate and has been avoiding seeing me. I don’t mind not having sex but I’d like to spend time with him but he’s in an all or nothing mindset. I asked him to come over this weekend (I have kids he doesn’t it’s just easier this way) and I would let him relax and take care of him so that he can rest and heal instead of himself having to strain himself while caring for himself. When he decided not to come I made other suggestions of things I could do to him instead of him always being so dominant and he straight up shot me down saying he hates being on the bottom and just laying there cause he gets bored. I’m not A very dominant person so I haven’t a clue how I could spice things up for him so he wouldn’t “be bored just laying there”. lol