Needing advice about PPD

Question about PPD. I have two kids and had my youngest daughter over a year ago. Has anyone ever been diagnosed with PPD this late after birth? How do you know if it is PPD or chronic depression? I brought it up with my doctor months ago during my annual appointment, but I said, “oh, this is probably just the stress of the pandemic and parenting two toddlers,” and she agreed. But it’s been six months since then, and I am not feeling like it is getting better. I am sad a lot of the time. I feel really lonely. I’ve been crying more often and I am very irritable toward my husband… I easily fly off the handle with him. And I feel horrible when I do. What is my next step? I don’t want to brush this off as “just the stresses of the pandemic”, but I also don’t know what to do now…go back to my doctor?


Make an appt and breath you will get through this

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I already struggling with severe depression & anxiety, on top of not being able to take my medications during my pregnancy, I have been SO depressed with my life. My husband can’t wait till I’m back on my meds. Either can I. Being on medications is NORMAL. I would definitely talk to your doctor about a low dose of an antidepressant.

Whether it’s PPD or depression, talk to your doctor about getting on some meds. Definitely nothing wrong with getting the help! You will feel so much better and wonder why you waited so long! Hang in there!

Get ur thyroid checked. N don’t wait.

What u think is depression may b something else entirely.

make an appt with a mental health provider. a GP tends to brush it off as stress when in fact you may need some counseling and or medication


Please make an appointment with a trusted counselor. Postpartum depression can turn into other diagnoses if not treated accordingly. I’ve been on medication for 14 years now…:cry::flushed::face_with_monocle: Take care of yourself mama and good luck…


Whether it started as ppd or not, after baby is 12 months its typically considered chronic/major.

That’s ok, as in its depression either way. Both “deserve” to be addressed and treated.

Go to your primary and ask for a full blood panel and specifically your thyroid with antibodies testing. I thought I was depressed and having panic attacks when my first born was 14 months and my husband deployed for the first time. Nope it was my thyroid being out of whack. A lot of women experience postpartum thyroiditis.

I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety… my family doctor told me that I was fine and it was just from being a new mom and tired… it wasn’t until I seen a new doctor over a year after my little man was born that I was diagnosed and medicated… I’ve been having severe reactions to my Antidepressants so it’s a go with the flow and try to keep my mind busy.

Go see a person/ MD who deals with this! You can do it, just need some time and help!!!

I was diagnosed with ppd from my second pregnancy while I was already pregnant with my third a year and a half after I had my second. Thinking back now, I most likely had it after my first as well but my doc didn’t take me seriously at the time. Definitely talk to your doctor.