Needing advice from parents with multiple kids

Anyone with multiple kids, 5+? I’m on my 5th babe and I’m so nervous this time around with this many kids at home. Ages are 12 (13 in may) 4 (5 in april) 3 end of February, baby in june, and my youngest will be 21 months when the baby comes. I have no family close by. I live 5 hours away from the nearest member. I have 0 friends since moving to the state im in when I was pregnant with my second born. Winter is frigid here and we can’t do anything. There are little to no indoor things for kids to do


Public libraries usually have a ton of activities for kids of all ages, weekdays and weekends.

I’ve got 4. 14, 12, 4 & 2
Older two are in school minday-friday 8-3 and the littles are home ( 4yo starts jk in Sept) winter time we play inside the house and learn things. Spring, summer and fall we play at parks mostly

You will do amazing. I have 8 and my oldest is 13. We don’t have any help. Honestly after 4 it did not make much difference in craziness. Until my 8th… you’ll adjust just give yourself time and patience.