Needing advice on filing for divorce

My husband has cheated on me. I tried forgiving but can’t so willing to divorce him. Thing is we still live in the same house. What’s the procedure for filing a divorce? What do I need to know? I have googled but need direct step by step advice from someone who been through this. I have three kids. Please, no judgment.


Cant divorce if you live in the same house

Go and see a solicitor…get legal advice …sorry to hear what your going through :frowning:

You need to talk to an Attorney.


Contact an attorney hon

You need see a lawyer for the state your living in so you will know the laws on divorce and custody laws in that state .


Speak to a lawyer or 2. Most give free consultations. Local laws vary so a lawyer is your best bet

You need legal advice. Contact an experienced attorney.

If you guys can agree on EVERYTHING, you can use a service called “Divorce Yourself” and it’s cheap and easy. Again… that’s ONLY if you both agree on all terms.

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You need to consult an attorney. They can advise you and help protect your interests.

Make sure you get all visitation in writing who gets them on what holidays, make sure you get tax filings in writing ( who gets to claim kids what years ) also make sure to put financial help when and IF kids go to college in writing

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Find Legal aid assistance in your county. Many things differ depending on the state you live in. Whether it’s a Contested vs non contested divorce, matters too. So you need to know how he feels about it.

Go to the courthouse get do it yourself divorce papers

Call your local Bar Association, they can give you information on free legal aid. You need to know your rights ASAP to protect yourself and your children. Please take care and God bless!

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First thing to do is get a Consult from a family division lawyer

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Talk to a lawyer instead of posing this question to social media


Call your Local Courthouse, or call Legal aid, they will tell you where and how to get started, no judgement here, you have to do what you have to do…Good Luck Hun…

You need to get a lawyer, every state is different some states is no fault divorce, some they do,but if you have kids is better to get a lawyer

I wouldnt ask for advise on fb. Call a local lawyer. Or goto your court house and ask

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Get an attorney and they will walk u through step by step

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Depends on which state and county you are in. Talk to someone at your local court house. They can direct you in right direction. I feel for you, I’ve been in your shoes. :pray:t2:

First off … Dont leave the house. Stay living there… make him leave . Before you do anything check balance of joint account and open your own account,then see a lawyer. Then take the money from the joint account put in yours, then ask him to leave . You will need to get a job so line that up first.
Otherwise get some councelling and try to work it out.

Lawyer up. Don’t say anything to him until you have a n attorney. The attorney will tell you step by step what to do in Your situation. Good luck.

First step is consulting with a family lawyer. Once you decide which lawyer to hire they will walk you through the process from there. Also, make sure you go through the Attorney General for child support. I’m sure your lawyer will help you with that as well.

Get a lawyer. I’d say self file if you didn’t have kids. But … get an attorney.

Divorcing with children and martial assets you should consult a lawyer.

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Most attorney’s will offer a free consult. Every state is different. Start there.

I’m sorry you are going through this praying for your family especially your kids as they will not understand adult issues.


Get off Facebook and call a lawyer


apply for legal aide in your state

Divorce laws are different from country to country - so it depends on where you live.
As others have said speak to a lawyer where you live to get the correct in formations.

Go to your local courthouse,depending in which state you reside in,they all have different laws,and if you cannot afford a high price divorce lawyer because it was very expensive for me,They have lawyers at courthouse who usually help for free or very low cost…Good Luck and Stay Strong!!

People stop be so irrational…!! She’s asking for help!! If you read her post…she was using Google, She probably just looking where to begin!! You DON’T get Divorced EVERYDAY!!


Go to a divorce attorney. It depends on your state but you have to be separated for a certain period of time before it’s final. No cohabitation. They’ll take care of it all. That’s the only step you do.

First you need to get a lawyer they can get you all the paperwork and get the grounds of which I could have divorce on. Then you need to decide on living arrangements plus if it were me I would tell him you want a divorce
Plus before the divorce is final I will also get legal separation so you can go on with your life before the divorce will be final I hope everything works out for you in the end

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Do not file let him then you are the agreeved party ,just live with him do as u want . I wish someone would of told me this as i filed after 32yrs of marriage as a female i got screwed . Cost me $18 k and 2 yrs to get the big D just sayin

Have a huge yard sell ,sell the house ,cars everything you can i know if i had a chance to do it all over hun i sure would do it alot different

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Most attorneys give free consultations

A lawyer can handle everything or if needed you can save money by filing yourself at the court house and consulting with a lawyer after to handle affairs. You will still pay a filing fee but it’s cheaper than what the lawyer would charge to file.

You can file no fault or fault. He was unfaithful so you would file fault but by filing fault it can take longer. If you want it finished quickly file no fault.

Once you file, you remained “legally” separated (they list this in the paper) and after 90 days the divorce can move fwd.

You can file for alimony and child support at Domestic Relations one he is gone or once you leave. There is a fee. Or this can be handled in the divorce paperwork.

If he is compliant with what you want it will be painless. If he wants to fight you for any property, the kids etc… you should really get a lawyer. You can request that some fees are put on him since he was unfaithful. Although, your going to need to prove that.

The lawyer can put custody agreements etc… in the divorce agreement as well. If you prefer to do things that way.

Once the divorce is final you will recieved a divorce decree in the mail. (This is also listed in the paper)

I’m sorry your going through this. It will get better in time. Take care of you and the kids. Don’t worry about him and don’t look back.

I am in Pennsylvania. Its possible the laws vary in your state. It took me a little under a year for the full process. He was unfaithful as well.

There are no repairs.It’s over.first get control l,of all your money.take him off your savings and cash new accounts in your name only.don’t worry about a car ,when the next payment comes due,He will come begging. That kind of man ,if he finds himself guilty,will work with you.If he blames you
Be fair and square Take care of our YOU and the KIDS

Call your attorney first. Freeze or empty bank accounts. Stop mail to all current residences. I hope you have stockpiled documents, account numbers, cancel credit cards. Don’t think he won’t, because he will.


Go to your local court house and inquire if they hav2 a self help clinic donyou can file all your paper work in pro per if you are unable to afford n attorney

A good attorney is the first step.

Every state is different In TX you can live in the same house and file and don’t have to be separated for any time frame. You can just file. Some states require a year separation like SC.

Sorry that you’re going through however file for a legal separation instead of a divorce give it some more time pray about it and wait for your answer not from us or your friends and family but God will guide you. If your husband is a good father and provider and you all basically do well i would move slowly with my decision making.the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence
Blessings to you always

Talk to an atty or legal aid and they will advise you on each step you need to take. Good luck!

Is there a reason we keep addressing common sense fan questions on this page?
Everything from cheating husbands to itchy nipples to my husband doesn’t want the baby… really??? You can’t use your common sense you need to ask social media

Legal aide is free in many places get advice legally n go from there ,

Each state is different and you should get a lawyer, first session is usually FREE or contact legal aid (low or no income is needed). You definitely would need a lawyer with kids unless you agree on custody and child support and put into the divorce decree. Sometimes you can stay in house and share and other times they make you sell and split the profit if both names are on the deed…loan doesn’t mean crap. Again, get a lawyer, they know your state laws best.

Get a layer. And do yourself a favor dont try to live together through a divorce.

Sister child support & alimony waiting for u & dem kids

I have no advice for you. I just want to say I’m proud of you for holding your own.


Get a lawyer…have him pay for it


Depends on your state

Depends on the state, some states require you to be in separate residences for atleast 6 months or they will try and force you to do counseling

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Every state is different, no blanket law.

U will need a lawyer honey. Been there done it. Took me 2 years to get my divorce cuz he wouldnt pay the $100 for it to file with out a lawyer or sign the papers. So I threatened him with alimony and then he signed

I haven’t been through divorce, but I’d get a lawyer first and from my heart to yours I wish you all the happiness you deserve throughout your journey and in your new beginning, love from Ireland


No advice because every situation is different. But, glad that you’re taking this step for yourself.


Go down to the court house and ask for a form-petition to file for divorce. Fill out and file. He does have to sign thr paperwork also. There is a fee to have the courthouse print for you. It does vary state by state. You probably need a lawyer since the 2 of you share a house and 3 kids. There will beed to be a custody plan and how the property will be divided. Best of luck to you. Sorry to hear this.

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Get a lawyer. That’s the best advice

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Try a mediator first. Cheaper and easier. Only if you guys can come to an agreement.
Other then that contact a local attorney and they will do most of the qork

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Speak with a attorney,not the public


Go to the courthouse and speak to a lawyer there. I got advice for free by going this route and filing myself.

Just go down to your local court house and ask for divorce paper work depending on your income and the rules of the state you live on if you can file for a fee waver good luck and hang in there everything will be ok speaking from experience

Contact a lawyer and they’ll decide the type of divorce that needs to be filed (depending on your state). Then you just file the case and wait for response for him and his lawyer and from there a hearing is set

I know here in Canada u separate first for a year can still live together till house sells, spilt whatever money then move out…rest via lawyer

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Don’t take internet advice, speak to a lawyer.

Lawyer, and file on grounds of adultry


Speaking to a lawyer or even 2 is the best thing you can do. things may work differently in other states, peoples stories will have different variables. Just make a couple appointments and meet with some attorneys and talk to them. Then decide which one you feel confident going with

Get a lawyer, you should also be able to find some information at a local court house. You didn’t mention where you live so it’s hard to give you accurate step by step advice.

1st! Get an attorney. It’s hard to do on your own especially with Children.

Talk to a lawyer, not Facebook. They’ll take you through everything

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Lawyer 1st. Every country and state has different requirement to file for divorce.

See a good lawyer. Immediately.

For mine, I went to the courthouse and went to a “self-help” room. They can’t give you legal advice but there were step by step guides on all the paperwork, and for every situation on how to fill it out, and the people working helped me find out how to get the needed papers. Mine took years only because he refused to sign and kept dodging it, but once I put my paperwork in by myself, it was done. Kids are a harder subject, I’d get a lawyer for. I had my daughter at the time as our child, but he signed and notarized a paper basically saying he didn’t want her. So I didn’t have to fight that. He still refuses to pay child support and all that stuff, which a lawyer could help with, but that’s the easiest and only way I knew how. I’m sorry for what you’re going through, but I’m proud of you for keeping your dignity and self worth intact.


Apply for legal aide if possible

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Well first you have to have seperate homes for 60 days.

Varies greatly state to state

No one in their right mind should judge you hun! You have every right to divorce him for being a cheating piece of :poop:


I just want to say I am so proud of you. :heart: you deserve the world babe!!!


Call and get a free consultation from a lawyer. My divorce was simple. We both agreed and there was no fight, no extra cost nothing. I think he spent 600 or more for all of it. :woman_shrugging:t3: (I didn’t pay a dime because I didn’t feel I needed to because his addiction is what split us & he agreed)

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Ask a lawyer for the step by step instructions.


It depends on where you live. Most places you have to separate for a set amount of time before you divorce. So you need to move out and speak with a lawyer. Or even speak to a lawyer before you move out.

The women’s center near me had great courses on legal, financial and emotional considerations of separation and divorce. The classes didn’t cost much, didn’t take a lot of time (so you can do it on the down low if you have to) and were really helpful. Plus they had resources for reasonably priced lawyers.

If you don’t know whether or not your husband will be an asshole about it go with a firm & start with a lower priced lawyer. If it turns out you need the expensive pit bull lawyer, you can bring her/him in as needed but don’t engage the $800/hr person if you don’t have to. If you do need one, the base work will have been done at the lower rate.

If u guys agree u can see a divorce agency that can help u file paperwork… my husband cheated on me with two diff women… he begged to come back 20 days after i caught him the first time… in the meantime he was already fucking around with girl #2

I think this is the same person who was saying she got an STD. I can tell by the hash tags. I’d fucking go bat shit crazy on him.

Talk to a divorce lawyer that offers free consultations. They’ll tell you exactly the process and the steps you need to follow, forms to fill out, where to find them, etc. Every state and their laws are so different than the next. Especially with kids involved, start with a lawyer before you do anything else. In Nevada it’s not required that you separate from your spouse first for a certain amount of time, but other states do have that requirement. Even a quick google search of local divorce lawyers in your city, many of their websites will have detailed information that will probably answer some of your questions.

Best of luck and good for you for taking the first step which is always the hardest! :two_hearts:


Get your OWN lawyer. Some will take your case, charging your ex with the bill.

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I got a divorce book from the library that had step by step what to do. Had websites to use. Was a great guide during my whole divorce. Also consult a lawyer. Most do free consultations.

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lawyer up. states have different laws n requirements

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Talk to an attorney,( also if you can start stashing a little money on the side that he won’t notice missing)sorry your going through this, I’m very proud of you that are doing this even though it’s not easy

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are you working and can support three kids-if not welfare will get them or give them to husband-just because you will get child support-can’t depend on it -sometimes they don’t pay on time or at all-think things thru-go talk to lawyer

Legal Aid they will be there through it all !!!

Get a lawyer for a consultation. They can give you directions on what to do. Legal aid can help also

Get evidence if you can of him cheating or when he did cheat. Divorces are nasty most of the time, but if you get the upper hand, its always best. Good luck and hope all goes well for you and the kids.

Just don’t stay with a cheater.
They will cheat again

We got the pay work filled it out turned it in took the court required parenting class then the court granted our divorce but we agreed on everything we had a non-contested divorce.

It differs state by state. Please call a family attorney. The last thing u want is legal advice off Facebook.