Needing advice on how I can manage my morning sickness

I normally have a sensitive stomach, and I have a horrible gag reflex. I’m not sure how to deal with the morning sickness. Did anyone have the same issue? If so, did the stomach sensitivity get worse? Did it remain the same? What kind of remedies works for you? Thank you!


Peppermints help me. Small meals every 2-3 hours, ginger.

Flat ginger ale sip it

Good luck spent a lot of time getting iv fluids.

Candied ginger. Walmart or health food stores. Ginger ale or sprite. Saltines.

Not sure if you can take with pregnancy but I have a sensitive stomach from gastric bypass and I found Nauzene helps me greatly. Chewable. Cherry flavor it typically comes in.

Ginger biscuits keep some in your bedside table hope it helps

I had severe morning sickness and the usual water and crackers didn’t help. Oddly enough, the only thing that did work was vanilla pudding cups and watered down 50/50 Powerade. Just tiny sips and tiny bites

I havent had any morning sickness but a friend of mine did and got Preggie pop drops from walmart she said they work

With me I found lying down really helped have a nap helped. Soda crackers 7 up eat what u can if the morning sickness becomes that troublesome go see.your doctor

Juice from canned peaches

doTerra peppermint beads
Body armor fruit punch
Schweppes ginger ale

These are the things that worked for me

Vitamin B6 and Unisom

I ended up in hospital on a drip with mine it went away at 12 weeks then came back at the end. I was prescribed cyclizine to take 3 times a day…it worked a charm.

I was fine with my first. No morning sickness. My second landed me in the ER with Hyperemisis Gravidarum. This diet actually saved me:

I take NEXIUM and eat a lot of tums and tried different prescription meds from doctor. I eat a lot of popcorn because it’s all my stomachs tolerates.

I have a very sensitive stomach this time around. Found out I have hyperemesis gravidarum and it’s starting to slowly ease up at 15 weeks. I ended up being admitted to the hospital a couple times. I take reglan, zofran and have a patch behind my ear to help ease it. Plus a bland diet. I lost almost thirty pounds.

Motion sickness wrist bands did wonders for me. I was sick 24/7 for 5 months to the point I was laid up at home and constantly being treated for dehydration. Tried everything prescribed, otc and old wives tales and natural remedies. Nothing helped until I put on those bands (I wore them on both wrists). 20 minutes later the nausea left and never came back.

I’m the opposite. I typically have a strong stomach with no gag reflux… then I got pregnant with this little boy and have thrown up almost every day in this pregnancy… I’m 36 weeks. I have HG which is why I am currently so sick. I’ve tried everything from medications to gums, to hard candies, to essential oils, small meals, snacking, water, popsicles… only thing that seems to help is an IV bag of fluids! Then I feel good for a day or 2.

Try taking your prenatal vitamins at a different time. It helped me. I’d get sick first thing am and when I started taking the vitamins before bed instead of in the afternoon with lunch. It stoped I still get a bit neaseous occasionally. But I’m almost thinking that it’s partly hunger while trying to decide what to eat. So many things it could be hugs. Also for some reason. A piece of brick cheese helps instantly. Or half a glass of whole milk. Hugs.

Popsicles helped mine for some reason

My daughter is 6 months pregnant now, she’s still having problems with morning sickness…
Some things that help her:
Seabands (wrist bands that touch your acupuncture sites in your wrists to help minimize symptoms)
Crackers at her bedside so she can eat a few before getting out of bed
Ice chips
Apple juice and sprite/ginger ale
Hope you start to feel better soon!

I had to be placed on anti nausea meds they normally give chemo patients because mine was so bad with my second. I lost probably 15 pounds in the first 3 months, and I was sick allllll the way through. My first and third was a cake walk comparatively. I’m sorry you’re going through it. I would say it gets better, but honestly it depends on your body and growing baby.

Sounds weird af but when you start to get nauseous take a couple deep breaths of your rubbing alcohol. Idk why it works, but it does.

Sip coca cola or get the cola syrup. It’s amazing how it helped me

Watermelon helps hydrate you

Soda crackers always helped with mine

I had horrible morning sickness and the only thing that worked for me were garlic root pills I got from the pharmacy. They worked like magic!! Nothing else worked for me except those

Peppermint. My Dr told me that when I was pregnant with my son so I carried peppermint candies with me at all times. I’m not pregnant (he’ll be 10 this year lol) but even now if my stomach’s upset or I feel nauseous I eat peppermint candy to settle my stomach.

Vitamin B6 and Unisom at night :slightly_smiling_face:

I was sick day 1 till the day I gave birth. I chewed a lot of gum, ice tea in the morning, I got the motion sickness wrist things those seemed to help a little. And I did use anti nausea from time to time

Ask your doctor for nausea pills.

jelly beans & jolly ranchers. I ate yogurt with granola or a dry waffle when i woke up.

Hot tea and toast. Saltine crackers, Dramamine.

Ginger ale and peppermint oil/ candies.

I had to be put on nausea meds so maybe try asking your doctor about those.

Saltine crackers ginger snaps and ginger ale

Get a prescription for zofran.
Do not get out of bed without eating at least 10 saltine crackers and drinking water.
Peppermint really helps. Especially lift savers!

I had HG so I had Phenergan and Zofran and trips to the ER to rehydrate.

I would try those seabands for nausea and morning sickness, ginger candies, preggie pops, saltines, ginger ale, and if none of the home remedies help talk to your doctor

I had hyperemesis gravidarum and couldn’t keep any food down even water and had to keep getting IV’s so my doctor prescribed Zofran which is an anti-nausea medicaton they often give cancer patients with nausea…it was nice to be able to eat again but make sure you don’t run out of medication because if I missed a pill for 3 days I got sick again

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I had really bad morning sickness with my second it’s how I found out I was pregnant as was really Ill and by 3 days nothing change I spent about 3 months in bed was really bad couldnt talk eat or drink without throwing up every few mins was horrible my did ease little on it’s own

I had Hyperemesis with all three pregnancies. Honestly, the only thing that gave me minimal relief (besides medication) was vapor rub, the smell helped calm my gag reflex for whatever reason… fruit was my go to because it hurt less (depending on acidity) coming back up. Stay away from dairy for sure. :nauseated_face: I hope you find relief soon.


Try a yogurt drink like danimals before you ever leave the bed or if you have to get it yourself go straight to fridge grab then if can’t hold pee take it to bathroom with you and drink as you pee. I found this really helped because the severity in mornings is usually due to empty stomach and I could not do regular yougurt due to gag reflex. Works better than milk by alot

Just got over my hyperemesis. Nothing helped. Tried several anti nausea medications through IV, orally and suppository, even zofran pump - nothing helped. Had to have a home IV at one point, went to the hospital 3 times before that. Being dehydrated made it 10x worse. Best advice is do what you can to stay hydrated, even if it’s just popsicles and eat when you can, if you can. Hyperemesis is so awful, I feel like there wasn’t one piece of advice that helped me. It was the worst feeling ever, doctors couldn’t help, nobody could help. No knowing when or if it’ll end during the pregnancy. I’m so happy it’s behind me. It was a traumatic experience and I’ll never get pregnant again because of it


Saltiness and water before you even sit all the way up in bed. Soft peppermint candy throughout the day, lots of water, and several small meals a day. Mine was extreme and never got better but those were a few things that helped on top of 3 different nausea meds. Honestly the several small meals was the real winner because at least then I was getting something in even if I still got sick several other times. Pregnancy can straight up suck sometimes but it really is worth it! Also extremely bland foods. Minimal spices, minimal grease, low acidic foods, etc. All help as well. I also drank coke slushies. I couldn’t handle a straight soda because the carbonation made me want to gag or just straight throw up but the slushies were my go to.

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I had sickness with all three of my pregnancies. I would eat candy (not chocolate) for example Skittles, Nerds or Lemon Heads. On my drive to work I would always feel extremely sick and this definitely helped. It gets better after a few months. Good luck!

The smell of rubbing alcohol can help with the gag reflex as well. Ginger was my best friend. And so was sprite even though soda isn’t really good for you but I was sick the entire time

I used the Seaband motion sickness wristbands. They didn’t eliminate the nausea completely, but it helped cut it down. I hope you find something that helps.


I had bad nausea my entire pregnancy, but I found if I ate 3-4 saltine crackers immediately when I woke up it settled my stomach for a few hours. I also sucked on Jolly Ranchers throughout the day and when I really felt nauseous I would smell peppermint, orange, or eucalyptus essential oils. Just would open the bottle of one and sniff the smell. Hope you get some relief soon!

With my 4th I was miserable the entore time. The only thing eased it enough to function was sipping ginger or chamomile tea through out the day and to keep food in my stomach. It was hard to keep food in thats for sure but I just had to force it down and along with the teas it did help it enough. Hope you find something that’s helps. It can be very disheartening thats for sure.

I couldn’t eat anything but bread and butter for six months. The smell of any food made me sick to my stomach. I tried the preggo pops and b12 and a few other remedies and honestly, nothing works but waiting it out

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Ugh same! I puked EVERY MORNING when I was prego with the twins, especially brushing my tongue when I brush my teeth. My husband would get me a tall glass of cold water to drink before hand so it wasnt so painful puking my brains out. It was cold water coming out, not dry heaving and bile. I hope it gets better for you! But to help the situation, drink water as soon as you wake up.

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Peppermint helps ease nausea and gas for me but for the gag reflex idk i still get that … good luck hun and congratulations!


Unfortunately, the only thing that helped me was medication. I took Phenergan (promethazine generic). It’s super drowsy stuff, but I adjusted to it. On my 5th at 22 weeks and still get nauseated a lot.

Every morning i wake up and make a beeline for the coffee pot. Both my pregnancies coffee was the only thing that helped ease my stomach until i could get something soft like toast or a bagel in my belly.
Some mornings its worse. Just depends on what time i wake up

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I was really sick with my twins. It can be difficult, but I found that keeping something like crackers in my stomach at all times really helped. Empty stomach made it much worse. I also had to take prescription medication for it because I was losing weight.

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I am currently pregnant with my second child and none of the things that worked for the first have worked with the second. I have tried every over the counter pregnancy safe medication that there is. I had to get prescription strength meds.

My doctor for my second pregnancy had told me to take pepcid complete. She said pregnant women’s acid is not the same as an old guy eating a pizza and drinking beer. It worked for me until a certain point on my pregnancy. I threw up the whole 9 months but on occasion pepcid or even sniffing pamolive dish soap (:rofl:) made me feel better.

The only time my morning sickness and go away is when I cut onions. So you can definitely find me in the kitchen just chopping up onions so that I could have some sense of relief. And the only thing I wanted to eat more beans out of a can. How gross is that? But it stayed put when I would eat it!

IMPORTANT!!! I had the best doctor in So. Cal and I had the worst morning sickness with my first son! He told me to put an apple or pear or raisins on my nightstand and when I woke up to just take a few bites before I even sat up. Then let it settle then drink some water as you slowly get up and if you feel like some crackers do that before you brush your teeth or take a shower! It worked for both my pregnancies!

I was the exact same. Even brushing my teeth made me want to gag. I made sure to always have snacks to eat all the time. Before getting out of bed I would eat handfuls of cheerios or special k. I also ended taking up diclegis in my first trimester. Thankfully it went away after the first trimester.

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At Sprouts I found nausea chews, for “morning” sickness. Ginger tea, I’ve heard peppermint candies or tea can help. Good luck!!

Talk to your doctor about zofran. It is typically safe for pregnancy but i believe you need a prescription for it


Nothing at all helped with my first. Sick everyday all day. My 2nd I got prescribed a nausea meds but I can’t remember the name of it. Hope you find something soon. Ik your miserable.

I heard that nibbling on a crackers worked before getting up in the morning. Ginger candies and grahams worked for me. Everyone is different. All the best!

Zofran is only given in extreme cases. I would take to your doc. Unisom and vitamin b6 help.

Small sips of 7-up/ GINGER ALE. Dr said ice chips… U don’t need to DRINK , need to HYDRATE. Can be done with ice Chips. Some people need medical attention- please be aware!

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I read that garlic, ginger and onion are all beneficial. Mine isn’t very severe, but these things do all help me. Happy thoughts mama.

I took about 2-3 bites of a banana in the mornings or whenever I felt nauseous and it made it so much more bearable.

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Pretzel sticks and sour jolly ranchers (green Apple or the like) helped tons! Also the smell of peppermint or citrus oils or rubbing alcohol helped with my gagging feeling.

My first pregnancy sucking on peppermints really helped my tummy and I only threw up every once in a while. My second pregnancy the only thing that helped was eating sour apples. It settled my stomach.

My doctors started me on a low dose of Unisom coupled with B6 tablets. 1 Unisom and 1/2 B6 at night and half of each in morning if still nauseous. So far it’s helping me.

I got sick everyday for 9 months and then including labor! I was 198 lbs and month after dropped to 135 lbs… the heat thing I can say is find something that u can the stomach and just eat that… to this day I hate watermelon. Hot lemon water helped (fresh lemons)

Anything sour works wonders. Google preggie pops. HEB, motherhood maternity and amazon has them. Only thing helped me

When I had constant nausea, I sucked on life saver mints to keep it at bay. It was the only thing that helped me get through the day.

The nurse told me to use papaya extract. You can get it at Whole Foods

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Vomited several times a day every day from 6 weeks-labor for both of my pregnancies. Non-stop nausea. Zofran
Tablets helped a little during pregnancy 1. Had to use a Zofran pump for number two. Lemons helped reduce nausea some. I would slice them up and suck on the wedges. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Talk to your doctor about Hyperemesis gravidarum or HG for short. I had that with my pregnancies I was basically throwing up and nauseous the whole nine months. I ended up on lots of medications to treat it and ivs at one point.

I ate pumpkin seeds, have to be salted. I threw up every day until the day she was born.

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Normally for me nothing gets to me. Like blood guts, vomit, poop, snot, I’m good with alll things nasty (probably why I’m going into the medical feild) however while pregnant I’m so sensative lol I just have to tell myself in my head to suck it up. I did have hypermisis gravadarum with all 4 of my pregnancies for the first trimester. So there really was nothing I could do. I threw up so much. I lost so much weight, ginger didnt help, b6 didnt help, SOMETIMES zofran helped but I had to be meticulous about when I took it. My prenatal vitamins made it so much worse. I usually threw up with in 5 minutes of taking them. So it honestly depends on the person. Some people can eat a peice of toast and feel better and some people need to be hooked up to an iv so we dont die from dehydration lol. You would have to find what works for you.

Grape juice seemed to take the edge of a little and preggie pops but had morning sickness till the day I delivered

Nothing helped me through the whole pregnancy except the prescription Zofran tablets.

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Preggie Pop drops keep them by your bed have one as soon as you wake up small sips of water have crackers until you can eat something my doctor prescribed me something to help!

I ate nothing but soft vanilla ice cream for about 4 months. Nothing helped the morning sickness. Got up an hour early every morning so I could be sick before going to work. Lasted 5 months too.

The best thing that worked for me was to drink water before I even got out of bed in the morning, or eat some crackers or a handful of cereal. Something in my stomach. Empty stomach made the morning sickness so much worse!! I also took zofran a lot, and would lay down in front a cold fan when I felt waves of sickness.

I had morning sickness my whole first trimester. Peppermint tea and mint water helped me and ginger

Green olives and lemons with salt.

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I was really really sick with my first, finally found I could only keep down lays potato chips and lemonade

Eat what you can, and what will stay down. Take your prenatals at night. Pop some gravol. There are meds for it tol

I had extreme morning sickness for the first 6 months of all 4 pregnancies. The only thing that worked was Sea Bands. You can find them at any drug store where the Dramamine is. They are bands you wear on your wrist that apply pressure points to ease the sickness. Go pick them up today. You can also use them for headaches while you’re pregnant :wink:

Candy canes/peppermint sticks are all the really helped with this pregnancy, besides medications/supplements.

I was so so sick my whole pregnancy and I ate those little halos (I believe they were clementines) like they were going out of style. It was the only thing I could hold down

Crystallized/candied ginger helped me a lot. I hate ginger, but little nibbles of that calmed my tummy. That and salty things

When I was pregnant I was so sick all 9 months I ended up loosing 28 lbs nothing worked good luck

Every pregnancy is different. I didn’t have a lot of morning sickness until my 9th month. You are just going to have to deal with it. When you hold your baby, you will see that it was all worth it

Mint tea.pepermint oil…fruit like grapes: apples: mangos.
Protien if you can tolerate it. Stay as hydrated as you can. Sleep a lot

I was sick before I knew I was pregnant. That’s what made me decide to take a pregnancy test. I was sick all the way up to and through labor. Get yourself some pee pads cuz man it got violent. Ask your doctor about reglan but be advised it weakens the baby teeth. Didn’t know this till after The fact and a dental tech asked if I took meds while pregnant. But don’t worry my daughters adult teeth are just fine.

Carbs. Carbs carbs. Never liked baked potatoes till I was pregnant. Pretty much all I could eat. I have the same really bad gag reflex issue. I throw up a lot without being pregnant.

I had hyperemesis with all my pregnancies. Those seasickness bands helped a ton!

Lived with saltines in my purse. Lots of frequent small meals helped

My daughter in law is pregnant and she can’t handle food cooking,:heavy_heart_exclamation: