Needing advice on how I can manage my morning sickness

It was bad with my daughter. Literally everything I ate or drank was coming up. I lost 40 pounds with her. What seemed to help was minty stuff.

Keep snacks at your bedside. Get a good meal at dinner time, eat a snack before bed, and when you wake up to pee, eat a snack. Then eat another snack before getting out of bed. Crackers will do just fine.

I had to have the dr prescribe me something. I was throwing up all day long.

Vitamin B6 is clinically proven to greatly reduce/eliminate morning sickness.

Peanut butter was one of the only thing I could eat. Spoon full here and there throughout the day.

Saltines and ginger ale, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, before you put your feet on the floor. Or zofran

Lemonade helped me about the only thing I could keep down. I hate Lemonade but it became my best friend while pregnant with my daughter.

Marijuana… and before you judgy mcjudgersons out there start in on me do some REAL research.

I drank ginger tea and ate saltine crackers every day untill late afternoon for 6 months but it helped a lot.

I have a sensitive stomach but no gag reflex. The only thing that helped me was salty fries and dr.pepper. I seriously lived on it with my first pregnancy. I had morning sickness every day after 4 weeks. I tried everything else and nothing helped. My doctor said as long as I was gaining weight that’s all that mattered.

Before you even sit up in the am drink some water and eat a few plain saltiness crackers. Bland food. Small amounts of food several times a day (6small meals instead of 3 regular/big meals and snacks). Protein. Vitamin b6 alone helps but if its real bad a b6 and 1/2 unisom is basically what they will prescribe you. The dr should be able to tell you the exact directions for that combination. If you are dehydrated you will be sicker so lots of water


Take the prenatal vitamins at night

I got lemon,ginger, honey drops. I drink lemon water. They have been helping me with my morning sickness. Im 8 weeks pregnant

Ginger candy and preggy pops were the best

Red Apple and Rits crackers everyday my whole pregnancy…

Mexican coke(aka original recipe) and gramham crackers also chick broth

Eat constantly even though you don’t feel like it.

Go to the grocery store and buy a real piece of ginger. Shave off the outside (you only need a little piece) steep it in hot water… Like a coffee cup.

Fireball jawbreakers :rofl:, saltine crackers, shock tart chewy candies.

Take prenatals at night.

Every pregnancy is different for every woman, so you can never really plan for it. Having bags to be sick in if you need to be out, peppermints to suck on, and crackers to settle your stomach are good ways to start. Avoid problems by staying away from strong smells and keeping yourself from getting too hungry.

I would talk to your doctor about Zofran. It helped me tremendously.

Lemon drop candies helped me!

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Sea bands worked very well for me.

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The Dr. Told me to eat juicy fruits like a variety of melons.

Drink water even when you dont feel like it. Sorry you’re suffering

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I never got sick I ate lemons everyday.

Lifesavers wintergreen mints always helped me.

Only thing that helped me was ginger tablets

God bless you all that had to deal with morning sickness. with all four of my pregnancies I never had morning sickness.

For me, it helped to drink Almond Milk.

  1. Zofran prescription
  2. Suck on peppermint when out of Zofran

Crackers by your bed. Eat a few before you get up. It helped me.

Sour gummies :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Or anything sour lol

Eating sour stuff and salty stuff .

I lived on slurpees. The ice helped

Mint tea and ginger tea

I used preggo pops. Best things I ever took.

Same issue. Ginger. Ginger tea, ginger lollipops. Just ginger.

Coke and crackers, no movement.

Anti nausea medicine

Anything salty jerky

Just crackers and ginger ale for me

Ginger ale helps a lot

Ginger helped my nausea

I used cannabis and suffered hg

Salt crackers before you raise your head

I used pregnancy pops

ginger ale helped me with crackers

Milk before bed crackers before u even sit up in the morning.

Ginger anything and everything

Ginger ale with lots of ice and saltine crackers

Eat a cracker before your feet hit the floor…

My company sells morning sickness teas and candies. All organic. They where made because the owner had HG. I suffered the same thing in my last pregnancy. But anyways these help. Look up or look for pink stork products on Amazon

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With my second child I got nauseous a lot. A LOT! I was told about preggie pops fairly early and they helped my nausea quite a bit. I hope it helps you! Not fun to have nausea while being pregnant. :cry:

Preggie Pop Drops Plus | 21 Drops | Vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness & Nausea Relief during pregnancy | Safe for pregnant Mom & Baby | Gluten Free | Two Flavors: Lemon & Raspberry

Lemon drops helping with my second pregnancy first pregnancy tea helped me

Motion sickness bracelets helped me

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Eventually it will pass

Crackers lots and lots of crackers

Bonjesta is what was prescribed

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Sucking on peppermint helps

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Saltine crackers worked best for me

Vitamin b complex was a life saver for me. And it’s water soluble so you can take it as often as you want. I also sucked on spearmint Lifesavers too

My morning sickness was the entire pregnancy with both of my two sons it was horrible the only time I felt better if I :face_vomiting: when I first got up that was basically my routine every morning that’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to have more kids the heartburn was hell

Salt worked for me. Anytime I was feeling nauseous I would suck on a salty pretzel. Hoping you find relief soon. :heart:

Eat saltines. They helped me.