Needing advice on products for my daughters hair

What do you mama’s use on your daughter’s hair? My daughter is a year and a half, and I would like it to grow faster. It’s longer in some spots and shorter in others. She has some gaps from where she sleeps too. Do I just have to wait for her hair to finish the baby phase? Are there any products and routines y’all recommend that could help with this. Would trimming it all to be the same length help? Thank you!


My daughters hair was the same I trimmed it then just let it grow. They still go through a phase of loosing hair. I don’t know about any hair growth products but give it time momma and it will be long thick and beautiful.

When my girls were little I started using this stuff my grandma had, it was called German hair tonic or something. It was basically a mixture of different oils.
These girls have the thickest, healthiest hair you’ll ever see. And it grows so fast!
Idk if it’s from the oil, or just genes. 🤷

I know it sounds wierd but my hubby’s family told us to shave the babies head. My sin was the same. His hair grew back quick and even and thicker. We did his around 16 months. My daughter is 3 months now. We’re gonna do hers after the holidays.

It will grow at it’s own pace. Shes a baby and theres nothing u can do. My girls were all bald when they were born and thur hair is so beautiful now. Again shes a baby .use a head band. No matter what shes gonna be cute.

You need to get the ends trimmed off at first yes a good portion of a trim and then after that every two months get a little tiny tiny trim or it will never get thick and it’s knotting because the ends of split and dry you need to get your child’s haircut if you want to get thicker


She’s too young for hair regimens wait it out


:notes:Let it gro-ow! Let it grow…:notes:


Girl… find some patience. That baby hair soon grow :smiley:

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My daughter was born with lots of hair, lost most of it by 6 months old, so it was patchy and uneven for a long time. You just have to be patient and it will grow in. My daughter now has more hair than I know what to do with!!!
And most products that claim to make your hair grow faster, aren’t meant to be used on infants anyway.

I trimmed my daughters hair when she was that little so that it was mostly even. Then it started filling in and growing out. Before I knew it it was down to her waist and beautiful!

My mom always told me that if you rub the spot where you want hair to grow the rubbing will active the hair follicles to grow in those spots.

Be patient momma bear ! :wink:


Monat has a great children’s line of shampoo products. All plant base, vegan.


Leave it alone. Wash it as usual and thats it. All those thin spots will grow in along with any bald spots. Give it time other parts of her body need more attention than her hair!


I think all Baby Girls have that problem

I’d leave it for now, and just wait til it has matured a little.

It will change, SO FAST, and before you know it, her hair will be completely different.

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This may sound crazy but cheap suave professionals 2 in 1 is what i use here even on my daughters. We get compliments on how long our hair looks. I’ve been using this shampoo for at least 5 years. Its PH balanced that may have something to do with it

This is just one of the many milestones you will be waiting for. Each in its’ own time.

Shave off the head .i mean yours😂

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Let nature do its thing…if short hair or bald spots are your biggest worry then you’re a lucky mom

Organic coconut oil.

Coconut oil massage into her scalp once a week👍

I use dream lengths shampoo/cond and their hair mask my daughter is 13 months and her hairs at her shoulders xx

Just relax.
Trim it a little to even it out.


You just be just gotta be patient and let it grow


That’s just baby hair lol it will grow on its on… my goodness :thinking::woman_facepalming:


I trimmed my daughter’s hair at that age, just to even it out a bit, and it grew pretty quickly from there.

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Time time time…it will grow in time. Relax and enjoy your little girl

This is part of acceptance!!


My daughter was still bald at 13 mos. At 20 years old she had a head full of beautiful hair

My daughters hair was very thin and very short until she was 4 then it just started growing like CRAZY and now it’s super long thick and healthy she’s 21 now but before she was 10 it was down to her butt. It will grow when it grows there is no magic pill or conditioner. Just make sure she has a healthy diet and it will do what it is supposed to do.


My daughter is 2 and I still can’t make a pony tail. She has very short tight curls. Just relax, itll grow in time.

My oldest was bald until she was 3 and didn’t have “normal” looking hair until 5. My baby has hair midway down her back at 3🤷‍♀️ It’s a luck of the draw thing and I don’t think you can really rush it. She’s still a baby anyways, just be patient. I would not start putting a bunch of products on a baby, and a lot of that stuff doesn’t even work anyways! This is part of having daughters… accepting who they are instead of who we want them to be🤷‍♀️


Trimming hair makes it grow faster!!!

Leave that Baby hair alone


After a year I always trimmed my boys hair even then let it grow it looked better 3 of mine had curly one stick straight my baby had fine thin hair until almost 2 then sprouted a head of blond curls

Definitely patience. I couldn’t put my daughters hair into a pony tail until she was 3 years old :upside_down_face::weary: while my son has had 4 hair cuts already and hes not even 2 yet

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Walgreens, also the shampoo

Hair grows at a set rate determined by a person’s genetics. My daughter took forever to grow her hair, now we fight over cutting it shorter. Be patient.

I would just trim it the even it out of its long enough to not make her bald but honestly it will grow when its ready to grow nothing can be done but brushing hair helps it grows but nothing can make it just make sure her hair is healthy and cared for

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My daughter didnt have a full head of hair until like 2.5 and didnt get her first hair cut until 3.5 you just have to wait it out

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I’ve heard scalp massages help! Lol

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I actually used to trim my girls hair to the same length until it was all even. Yes it was short, but I kept trimming it anyways because they would have long hair on the sides and back and it just looked horrible. Now my oldest (20) has very thick, long hair which she still gets trimmed every other month and my toddlers 2 & 5 have long hair that I’m able to braid and put in ponytails. It takes time though. But I still trim their hair at least once a month. :blush: And braid it before bed.

Nothing makes hair grow faster in children. You can’t give them supplements or do anything. Leave her be


I’m a hairstylist. Doing small trims every couple of months will help the hair grow long and thick. There is really no product to help childrens hair grow that I know of. Eating healthy and taking vitamins will help though.

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She’s a baby. Don’t put your standards of “beauty” on your child. Period. Ever. That’s how you end up with an adult child who believes she’s never good enough as she is. :woman_facepalming::angry:


Shave your daughter’s hair…it’ll grow back thicker and better. I’ve done this for my children and grandchildren


I’m the only one who my mom didn’t have her hair cut at one year old and the only one who can’t grow her hair past her shoulders. It’s most likely coincidence but because of that, I’ll always give any children I have a haircut at a year old.

Leave it be it will only grow at its own pase
Products won’t help either
If its uneven maybe just trim it up abit but that’s all you can do


This is my daughter at 4 years old. I too tried to get her hair to grow faster because other girls in her class had long beautiful hair and my daughter still had peach fuzz. One of her preschool concerts they actually put a wig on her and I didn’t recognize her and it took me half way through the performance before I figured out where she was. Sometimes hair just grows slow. You just have to make sure you let your child know how beautiful they are regardless and don’t rush it.

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Ummmm I want to advise but it really depends on her ethnicity…

I will answer as a black Woman… you can put some Castrol oil in her hair every few days to make it thicker and stronger.

This mixture works very well also but it is too heavy for white hair

You can massage the scalp,it stimulates the hair follicles, also go for a trim!

you can’t make hair grow faster you simply just can’t all you’re doing is putting on needed chemicals on a young child and you don’t know how that will affect them later.

The best thing you can do is trim the ends to encourage growth

But ultimately it’s still a baby by today need to look pretty

My hair is to my thighs, but my baby has baby hair because it takes time, but what you can do to help is start from the inside. Good fatty proteins help hair growth, like avocado, nuts, and eggs. Vitamins also help, b vitamin, c, d, e, biotin, b12. Massage her scalp to stimulate the follicles at the root, and dont put it in ponytails or put elastics in her hair because it will cause breakage. Cutting her hair will make it appear thicker because it will all be the same length, but won’t change the actual thickness or amount of hair, and cutting the ends do not make the root grow faster, like I said it just takes time.

Has she ever had a hair cut? If not, i got my sons hair trimmed and it finally started coming in more and thicker. As for the gaps from sleeping, is that because she sleeps on that spot for long periods, if so turn her, thats not good for her skull either.

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Also, you dont want to put alot in her hair till she is a little bit older unless its all natural and truelly is okay for babies, do your research, not everything that says its good for babies/toddlers truelly is

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My Mom shaved my 1/4inch patchy peach fuss at 1 year old. A month later it was 1 inch long and thick. I’ve always had thick hair. Now my younger sister our Dad wouldn’t let our Mom cut hers till around 3. She has thin hair. My brothers all had thick hair till they got the bald patch with age.

Get thru the baby phase. The hair she has now isnt even her adult hair, hence why shes patchy. Just keep on washing and brushing and then by about 4 -6 then get a nice moisturizing shampoo.

she is just over a yr. Let it be or cut her hair. It will grow

Why are moms in such a rush for their children to grow. Her hair will grow when it’s ready. No need to rush anything.

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