Needing breastfeeding advice

I would keep doing what you are doing different sizes but stay at 2 to 3 oz for now when baby becomes older say a month or to then bag bigger cause they will eat more my babes if almost 7 months and at 5 months she could eat a 4 to 5 oz bottle a sitting and she still considered small to the doctors

Those bags get expensive. When I was breast feeding I would put the whole pump session into one bag to freeze. Just be sure to use it within 24 hours.

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If you don’t need to pump, wait at least 6 weeks till your milk supply and demand level out.
I used the hakka everytime I nursed. I popped it on the other breast and got the drop.
Let the supply and demand establish.
Feed on demand!

I just joined a group on Facebook to get tips and info, bc I am also in the same boat as you. Due in May and my last baby things didn’t work out and made me so depressed. I want to try again due to the formula issues.

Biggest tip is to let your supply establish without pumping. Nurse on demand for at least the first 4-6 weeks then work pumping in. Also, once you give birth ask for a consultation with a lactation specialist before you leave the hospital and soak in all the info they give you. It’s tough but we’ll worth it. Good luck Mama :heart:

There’s also breastfeeding moms group that is great support on Facebook. Your local wic office also should have lactation consultants!!

Try a lactation consultant or lactation specialist in your area. Mine was so helpful to me.

Our pediatrician told us to, but I only gave it a time or 2 during the 2 weeks because, well, that’s just another thing to keep up with lol. But I then switched to mixed feeding & didn’t need to give it anymore.

I exclusively breastfed all 3 of my babes past 2 years & never supplemented.

Feed on demand! Even if it seems like baby isn’t getting anything keep feeding. If they’re having wet/dirty diapers they’re getting milk. The first night is always the hardest for me, none stop breastfeeding,I almost gave up but a few days later I had more than enough.

You got this momma :heart:
I would suggest eating oats or foods high in healthy fats like coconut oil or avocado.

I know there is natural tinctures out there that can help with that, I know because I have a local store and they make there own and it worked like a charm :slightly_smiling_face:
Lots of skin to skin!

Hold back on using a pacifier in the beginning until nursing is well established. A pacifier or bottle requires a different movement of the mouth to remove milk so it can cause nipple confusion in the very beginning so a baby can really struggle with latching after that. Put them on the breast as early and as often as needed after birth. And most importantly be patient with them and yourself! You’ll get it! :blush: Congratulations!

They have lactating coaches. My niece was over the moon thrilled with hers. Plus, most insurance is accepted.

Just remember your supply is supply and demand. Your milk doesn’t ‘run out’ as long as you remove milk, it will tell your body to make more! And be patient with babe! It’s a learning experience for both of ya!


Iv always recommend a nipple shield, the breast feeding consultant will be able to help you with that at the hospital and WIC is also extremely informational as well.
They will show you many ways of breastfeeding , tips, tricks. Definitely go talk to them.


Use a nipple shield! I didn’t breastfeed with my first because she wouldn’t latch, this time I started using a nipple shield and now he’s 2 months old and breastfeeding is going amazing! I also don’t have to use the shield anymore either. Drink tons of water, continue to take your prenatals and try to eat lots of protein and nutritional foods :blush: good luck!

Babies supposed to latch naturally they smell the goodness lol. My wet nurse had me pumping every 45 min when my baby was in nicu my first 3 days after she was born. 3 months while she was in the hospital she wld nurse from me and I wld pump at home and freeze at the hospital. My nurses helped me and she nursed total 15m.

Was your first son circumcised, many boys will not nurse after being cut. Research that for starters because severing his bond with you won’t help. Bf on demand. Probably will feel like that’s all you do, keep doing it. This is what builds supply. Forget the pump.

Don’t pump until you have the nursing part down it’s just adds stress and changes the cycle of your body. Remember you’re both trying to figure this out together. Look up different latches and just spend the first few days working on getting a good latch and just offering to nurse whenever you feel baby wants to which can seem like always especially that first few weeks. Try expressing some milk around your nipple to encourage baby to latch. A few days in your colostrum will change to milk and this was always a set back. Baby has to adjust to this change. As time passes the feedings do get longer but fewer and farther between. As your baby grows your body adjusts to the amount you produce. The best supplement is always water before anything else. Always have water with you. Once you get the hang of it then start adding the pump in if you’d like to store milk or have someone else feed baby. I pumped after the first feeding in the am and after the last one at night. If you’re replacing a nursing session with a bottle always pump during that time. Expect adjustments when transitioning to bottle and back to nursing. Use newborn or slow flow bottle nipples. We never moved up from the slow flow nipples because the breast is typically a slower flow and you want to match that as much as possible. Try to stay consistent and offer the same type of bottle offering multiple kinds can cause added stress.

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Stick to breastfeeding only for the 1st 2 months! Don’t pump and don’t bottle feed, baby needs to gets used of your nipple and the pump just tears your skin and leaves you with over sensitive boobs. Google best positions for a good latch and just see what works for you. Second and third time was much better for me. I stopped listening to people giving wrong advice, that baby the baby is not getting enough. I also used a mama moo pump that collected alot more milk than the electrical pump but I had to be breastfeeding to use it, and it didn’t give me any sore nipples.

I would not pump, let the baby’s feeding demand produce your milk

I’m due in November and same. Had a bad first experience so I’ve been adamantly researching. This is a very good support group! Knowledgeable and they have several active LC’s in there also. Since it’s private, you might need an invite. If you’re comfortable with it and need help, PM me.

Try a nipple shield if unable to latch again

Number 1 thing to do is find a lactation consultant. Most hospitals that provide baby delivery services have one on staff. They are a huge support and have all the knowledge you will need moving forward. Number 2 don’t waste money on pumps sold at baby stores. You need to rent a professional grade breast pump from the pharmacy at the delivering hospital. They do the job well. Next don’t give up it’s hard momma but any amount you can breast feed is helpful. Best wishes.

Check tongue ties and lip ties. Talk to an IBCLC

Call your insurance and see if you qualify for a free breast pump. I’d suggest an electric one personally. Manual pumps are a lot more work and for some reason I just couldn’t hand express as I didn’t get anything that way.

Antenatal hand expression/ pumping starting at 37 weeks! I have so much already and I’m due to deliver Thursday! That way if baby doesn’t latch I have plenty stored to give via syringe while we work on breastfeeding

It was super painful for me so I pumped more often than not. At one point I decided to try and power through it, now it doesn’t hurt but took awhile to get there

Football hold really helped with all mine that would do that. If you haven’t tried it, I see you said you tried different positions. Or maybe the shields, i haven’t tried those though. Good luck

I always had to do the football hold starting out. Latch baby and dig the chin in. I would also use my finger and just pull the upper lip up. If you can make it 6 weeks, it’ll be so much easier!

My daughter wouldn’t latch so I have to pump round the clock every 2-3 hours. I would recommend a lactation specialist. The labor and delivery dept at the hospital you delivered may be able to point you in the right direction. And CONGRATULATIONS!

Put her on a breastfeeding cushion, latch her on and then move child and cushion so the chin digs in. Also putting under armpit helps but usually only for one side (football hold). Don’t expect things to be perfect straight away but the cushion and moving thing made such a difference for me.

Try getting in touch with Le Leche League.

I’d check with your doc my youngest did this as well and it turned out he was lip tied and tongue tied so he couldn’t latch correctly. Check with a lactation consultant as well if you haven’t already.


You definitely need to contact your dr and get a lactation specialist to help.

sounds lip tied… Common, and can be fixed… check with your pediatrician or a pediatric dentist… In the mean time pump away. The important thing is that baby gets breast milk. Hang in there and good luck!

Doctor as it’s more than likely a lip tie I have had two babies with it and the littlest ties mate getting cut the 15 of December

Might be a lip tie consult your gp or midwife

Idk if anyone said this but nipple shields are an absolute life saver!

Have the nurse check for lip tyes. Or if you have smaller nipples. Might ask for a nipple shield…

Breastfeeding Education, Support & Talk join this group

I wld have a IBCLC or pediatrician look for a lip tie

I would definitely recommend useing these , very helpful with reduceing pain , i know sooo many woman who have used them and it helps so much , i used them for all 3 of my kids.

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Call the hospital where you delivered they usually have a lactation consultant on staff. They are the experts. Or google search lactation consultants near you. You can use your finger to lift the top lip to pull the lip out. Breast feeding hurts even when done right until your nipples get used to it and toughen up. Mine literally bled. The nurses that took care of you and baby would probably be willing to help. Praying for you and your sweet blessing momma.

Congratulations!! Have you tried a nipple guard? Medela makes one, easily found on Amazon. Best of luck!

Nipple shields from walmart/target.
I couldn’t get my little on to latch, it took a couple weeks of using them. They worked great. 2 years strong

Ive never peraonally used that brand however i am having amazing luck with the momcozy s12 pro. This is also my first time breastfeeding any of my babies. Im only 2 weeks postpartum but i am able to produce enough for her to eat every meal everyday and i am exclusively pumping and bottle feeding

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As for weight gain… my little breastfed dude stayed in the 4percentage to 5percentage. Not all babies get fat and not all gain a crazy amount. He is now 21m and 22lbs. He breastfed til 13m. Deep breaths… Amazon has lots of supplies. I didn’t breastfeed my first baby. My second I was only able to the first week. My 3rd is my nicu preemie baby who didn’t get to start breastfeeding til he got home at 22 days old. Lots of patience is required for breastfeeding. Reach out to one of us. Also join a breastfeeding support group… helped me tons.

Do not use a portable pump as your main pump. It does not give the proper output

Nearly everyone’s milk takes a few days to come in, in those first few days, the baby feeds on tiny bits of colostrum, which doesn’t feel like anything coming out of your breasts, but it’s there! Every baby is different and it takes time for them to learn how to latch, and they don’t need a lot of food at first; they just need neerly constant latching and nursing practice, which is definitely one of the greater tests of a mother’s patience, a lactation consultant is a great way to start, it might take a few consultants before you find the one for you but when you do, it’s a huge weight lifted off you and the knowledge they pass on to you will make breastfeeding so much easier for you. They also have great recommendations on pumps and sometimes even have units they rent out to see which one works for you!

Now saying that, I have exclusively breastfed three children, it’s time consuming and can be extremely tough on one’s body and mind. Make sure you have the correct support and if it ever feels like to much just remember a fed baby is a healthy baby :heart: good luck

*Sorry I didn’t use a pump! I find they didn’t completely empty my breasts and made me over produce


I had to spoon feed my daughter for like a week because she wouldn’t latch. Just stick to it. It usually takes a few days to come in


Don’t stress that main problem can produce milk stress less

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Meet with an IBCLC following delivery. They will be able to address direct baby to breast issues, pump issues, and any other questions you may have. If there is question of baby not getting enough, they can do a weighted feed as well. Some drs are not well versed in what is best for breastfed babies.
Also, look into what pumps are available through your insurance. One should be covered for you. You will most likely have better luck with one of those. The general OTC pumps don’t have as many overall options, accessories, flow pressure, etc.

My first advice is to google search lactation consultant near me. They are experts at all things breast feeding. Should be one at the hospital you delivered at. Second call hospital pharmacies to rent a medical grade breast pump. They rent by the month and are much more efficient than any you can purchase. Then eat and drink. Lots of snacks and rest breaks for mom. Praying for success for you.

My biggest tip for you is to NOT STRESS YOURSELF OUT OVER IT. Relax. Your baby and body knows what to do. This is one is the biggest reasons women stop or give up on the breastfeeding journey. RELAX … RELAX…… R E L A X. Stress will make you not produce, resulting in a cranky upset baby. Stay hydrated, eat a little more and don’t let the whole schedule thing freak you out. Ugh. I wish I could personally encourage all new moms who want to breastfeed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: good luck and RELAX.

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Follow The Thompson Method Breastfeeding

Call the hospital your going too, most have lactation consultants that will come right in your room and help you. They will help you with latching on and pump help.


Reach out to a lactation consultant. They’re a wealth of information. They’ll evaluate for tongue and lip ties, help you with education, give you tips for producing, and size you. Keep in mind nipple size can change multiple times in your breastfeeding journey, so may need different size flanges later on. Amazon has a lot of breastfeeding supplies available, including most flange sizes.


When you delivered the baby the Hospital should have a Breastfeeding consultant. Ask if you could have her help you.

Don’t get obsessed with pumping. You really don’t need to pump. You are usually producing enough - I got told the same and it was pouring out of me :woman_facepalming:. You need to invest in a nursing pillow. Also check their nose is free from your breast and their chin is digging into your breast. I found latching on then moving them sideways was the best plan for this. I got told I was feeding beautifully but actually mine wasn’t feeding properly which was why they lost weight. Also they need to feed every three hours or so. Don’t expect to be brilliant at it straight away - it takes patience and practice. Hope you manage it x

As an IBCLC reach out to an IBCLC locally to you for a prenatal appointment and a postpartum appointment :heart:

It takes a few days for your full supply to come in for most. It’s normal for baby to lose a little bit of weight in the first few days and then gain it back.

Never size down with a flange for the pump. You can size up within 3mm as long as it remains comfortable and not painful while pumping.

A trick to keep your supply, drink water around the clock and try to stay away from too much caffeine. Caffeine can cause a drop in production. Snack a lot. Skipping a meal isn’t an option while breastfeeding. I always had my three meals a day and at least a snack between each meal.

Try sticking more directly to the breast for the first couple of weeks rather than pumping. Your supply is dependent on babies demand and baby will get more from you than the pump due to the suction of their mouth.

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Don’t give up, persistence is the key. The best thing you can do but it might really hurt in the beginning.

Don’t pump right away, give it like a month of exclusivity breastfeeding before you start pumping. And nurse on demand. Eat and drink a lot of food. Do lots of skin to skin too.

I did all of this with both of my babies and I’ll do it with my boy when he comes in July too.

Formula!! Problem solved.

In the beginning of both my nursing journeys mine were SO painful. :weary: That lasted about 5 weeks and now its just a tingly tight feeling. I think it’s slightly different for every woman, but if you’re having real pain try to speak with a lactation specialist! :heart:

Mine felt like this too! My youngest is 8 but the let downs would be so painful!

Are your nipples sore/chapped… one of mine felt like that… the other one wasn’t that bad… my son had a lip tie and a tongue tie. I used a lot of landolin, took a lot of warm showers to help soothe them and put warm or cold compressions on them. Hope you get it figured out… make sure you’re taking care of your body too… alotttttr of water… eat for the calories to help produce more. 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽

call the hospital in which you had your baby & ask to speak to the lactation nurse

Let down can feel different for everyone. Mine is painful until baby gets older, by a few months.
If you have another babe look into finding a preferred provider to assess and revise tongue and lip ties. (Many many doctors dentists etc will say no ties when there are ties.)

I’ve never felt it😳 always had a great supply

I usually ate lots of fruits and tried to have baby eat on that side more to produce

U can massage from armpit down to nipple… warm wash cloth will help too pump more on that side to get more too

A bowl of oatmeal and a half an avocado every morning for breakfast

I just gathered a few regular pillows and sat them around me until I was comfy while nursing. I’m a B.

I loved my breast friend pillow! I’m above a DDD.

I gave up on nursing pillows found them too big. Found laying down with baby beside me was easiest

I’m big chested (DD) and none of the pillows I used were big enough or sat weird. I used just a normal pillow and it was much more comfy.

I had this problem. Honestly, the original Boppy worked wonders for me. That was a long time ago though. My kids are about to be teens. I used the boppy or bamboo king sized pillows both worked well.

I had to use pillows on the side and do the football hold, boobs were just way to big to do any other way

I kept myself so stressed out trying to EBF and pump for bottles. I was so much better mentally, physically and emotionally when I gave up trying to keep a stash. I EBF for the first six months on demand, then started supplementing with formula when his appetite outgrew my supply.

Pitcher is more of your pumping and need a babysitter or/ husband/partner to feed for long periods. Or if your an over producer.

Personally when I pumped I preferred the bags oz frozen or refrigerated.

If you want to breast feed you can not stress about breast feeding or you will make your body panic and not produce. You do what’s best for yourself and try different methods until something works best. I exclusively breast feed my son and I pump all excessive milk out when he’s done and every night while he’s sleeping. It’s what works for me. I get about 15 ounces a day pumped that I use for his baby food and for night time bottles. Don’t force yourself into depression. I’m telling you it’s okay if breast feeding doesn’t work for you. It didn’t work for my daughter and it probably wouldn’t have worked for me with my son if he didn’t spend a week in the nicu so I power pumped until I had my supply I have now.

I breast fed at the breast and pumped after once I was done it went into bags to freeze you can only leave your pumped milk in the fridge for 6 hours I believe.

I breastfeed and pump. Love the pitcher method, keeps fridge free of a bunch of bottles. You just need a pitcher (I use the dr browns pitcher) and whenever you pump put the bottle in the fridge to cool down then add it to the pitcher, never mix warm breastmilk with cold. The pitcher milk is good for 4 days from the day you start to fill it then freeze whatever you don’t use👍🏻