Needing Christmas ideas for a 7-month-old

My husband and I are starting to prepare for Christmas. We are first time parents. What are good Christmas ideas for a first Christmas? Our daughter will be 7.5 months old.


Learning blocks, books

I got my son everything hed need. Clothes, some learning toys, diapers.

mega blocks… maybe flash cards to help with first words/talking… my 1st baby doll… clothes diapers… favorite snacks

Books for you to read to her, building/learning blocks and push toys. She’ll be up and running before you guys know it

a empty box. the bow you put on top of the gift. wrapping paper.
lol the baby won’t care about anything else!


I would get learning toys and stuff she needs

They dont even understand xmas. Let them play with the wrapping paper and save yourself the money :joy:
Honestly, I use Printerpix or Shutterfly and just do a 10pg book of the year… my kids are now 7 and 3 Nd love their picture books more than any other toy I’ve ever bought them


I bought my first a bunch of stuff on her first Christmas like learning toys and new pacifiers, but she didnt really understand what was going on and I unwrapped the gifts myself and tried to act "excited ". With my second, I did not get her anything for her first Christmas because she was too young to understand it. They do not have any interest in Christmas yet. Around the age of 2 is when it gets fun for them


I bought my son stuff he didn’t have but could use for the upcoming months & several toys that he would use. So he got a walker, Elmo & Mickey Mouse toys, a teepee to play in, a wagon. Etc.

The lights and decorations will be what’s most important, and the dreaded first trip to see Santa!

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I got one of these as a gift for my 2nd child it was her fav as a baby and both her little sisters fav as well. Any rattle, she’ll be crawling before you know it, little cars for her to push, my baby’s liked the kick n’ play piano around that age as well.

A box.
More specifically, a big box.
I would put my kids under the lights for them to look up, they loved that.

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At that age they don’t care. Clothes if they need it and a small toy. Put money in the bank for them instead of spending money on toys they will break or not care about.


Don’t go overboard…puzzles, books, pacifiers, things the baby will use. Christmas means literally nothing to a baby. If people ask… money for a college fund a a share of stock in a solid company.

Our son was only 3 weeks old for his first Christmas so we didn’t do anything.

We did something she needed, something she wanted & something to read. So we got her some warm pjs & diapers, let her pick out a toy in the store & got her a few books.

Last year we baught our youngest 2 months at the time what she needed high chair excersaucer 10 0z bottles and some outfits

This is the only time in your life you can get by with not buying everything you see enjoy it!! My first baby was 8 months her first Christmas and i went way over board im talking presents from the tree to the front door i wish someone had told me this then :woman_facepalming:

For each of our daughter’s first Christmases, one was three weeks in the other was 4 months, we gave each of them glow worms. The oldest is now 5 and still sleeps with hers. It was a cute little toy they could cuddle with and she want when they were younger, and now that each is a little older they use it as a night light.

I would say whatever she really needs

Clothes, pjs, books little toys and a stuffed animal.

Who cares if they don’t understand whats going on, the point is to get him/her involved and make memories. And what if she doesnt wanna save her money ? Anyways. I’d suggest learning toys, a walker, clothes, maybe baby snacks for his/her stocking.

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Clothes. Maybe a learning toy. Mine was 7 months her first christmas and all she likes was slapping the presents and playing with the wrapping paper. She didnt care what was in it. I got her clothes, a pooh bear bean bag chair and diapers. She loved it. Lol. :slight_smile:

Have fun and take pictures!

Even though they may not remember it…document it for their memories later on. I did a small tree with a ton of sensory gifts and she was so happy about the lights. I took plenty pics and her papa took some too. It was awesome

We bought our little one a couple outfits. Until he was 1 or 2 they dont remember!

Just do a big box with fun wrapping paper to rip then the bubble wrap and crape paper… sensory items to make it fun. Then just add a few gifts (new onsies, sippy cup, things for upcoming life stages) here and there. Babies dont care about the gifts so just make the sensory parts the main present.

Teethers, snacks, balls, sippy cups, a soft doll etc. I always bought things that they were going to need in the near future because they don’t really care :woman_shrugging:t2:

A little stocking with some teething toys, bath toys and a Christmas teddy and some new outfits and PJ’s

I liked the peek a boo bear!! Saw a little one laugh when the bear was playing peek a boo with the baby! Not sure if it talks or not. Don’t spend allot.

Keep it simple and age appropriate and don’t over do it. The baby won’t care not understand what’s going on so you don’t have to do to much and remember that others will be getting them things too so let everyone enjoy getting baby new things.

Just something memorable that she can have forever. Family pictures, baby blanket, custom book or ornament.

Honestly at that age they care more about the lights and music and the happy environment. Maybe letting them taste some foods like gravy and mashed potatoes, corn bread dressing if you make the softer creamy one instead of the chunky kind, clean off the turkey leg bone and let her chew on it for flavor (My kiddos got chicken bones at that age or a little earlier and had a first tooth popping out really soon afterwards), even some desserts like pie fillings and things. All for flavor not to replace baby foods. Letting them experience it and get the feeling for what it is will help them appreciate it more later in life.

I got my son a walker type toy, a ball, go grippers cars, a shape sorter, and the Fisher price puppy every kid seems to have! In his stocking I put snacks he could eat!

I bought my kids things they needed at that age and only a couple (I mean really 2/3 actual toys). Family bought enough of the toys and crap, so I could spend my money on things like diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. Basically things I could wrap that looked pretty under the tree.

If you decide to put up by a car Christmas tree get ornaments that she can touch and play with such as a yarn based or plastic version of oranaments maybe get some mirror plastic ones so she can see herself In your want her to enjoy her first year

Don’t go overboard which is so easy to do. At this age, they don’t care. Sure, buy the cute outfit, the cool toy, have a few gifts. Save your money or buy savings bonds. Encourage family to start a savings account or college fund. Kids don’t need every new toy or a closet full of clothes that aren’t worn.

Shatter proof ornaments and watch out for the ones with hooks and little pieces. E-6000 is a good glue stocks better than hot gule for projects . A lot of twinkling lights inside and out. I decorated the back yard. They could look at it from inside. I put everything up high enough so they could not reach it. One year they turned the tree over. After that I anchor it to the wall.
On Christmas morning the paper and the boxes will be what they love best. And tents.

Learning toys, shaker toys… but the best gift would be to take some money and start a savings account with some of the money you’d like to spend every year. This is such an easy age. They are real happy with simple things and my suggestion would be only 4 or 5 gifts. They lose interest quickly. In the end, it’s up to you. :blush:

Hugs and kisses, sing Christmas songs and attend Live Nativity! Tell her the true meaning - celebrating Jesus’ birth.
Being loved by you - is the best gift!

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Get a picture of her with a Santa hat on, and she’ll love the tree lights. You may also want to get a play gate that you can put around the tree so she can’t pull It down on herself.

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Start an investment account and add to it every year with the cash she gets at holidays. She’s too young to do anything but eat the paper this year.


Brightly wrapped empty boxes.

You’ll save yourself a ton of money by simply letting her play with boxes, pots and pans, big spoons, etc.

She’ll have a blast tearing into wrappers, etc.


Get each something for your child that she/he 1.need, 2.want,, 4.wear, 5.and play.

Take her to the store and see what toy she likes . A shopping cart so she can push

Set up a FL college fund!

Nothing. They wont even know. Let her play with the wrapping paper from the gifts you exchange with family

7 and a half month old babies have zero clue what Christmas is and will probably be more entertained by the packaging whatever you buy comes and then the actual gift lol so I would say educational things that help with hand eye coordination etc


Push toys to help with walking maybe a few outfits…good pair of walking shoes…she’ll be starting soon. Don’t go all out she will never remember. Starting her a savings account is a good idea!

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You could wrap diapers and she wouldn’t care lol

Something special so when shes older she can see how you cared ,also learning videos,games like others suggested.

Things they need clothes etc. At that age they really don’t get into Christmas. My kid’s were about 3 when they started getting into Christmas.

Books . Its quality time spent with your child


Education toys build their skills like buildings blocks shape toys etc.


Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear and something to read

Age appropriate toys. At that age they really don’t care …lol

Motor skill toys, pop up books, anything to start learning

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toys she can hang onto to help her start walking