Needing dinner recipe ideas, suggestions?

I need new dinner options. Kid friendly. What are some of your favorite dinners


Check out tasty foods that page always has amazing new foods and it’s super kid friendly. Just the other night I made veggie burgers with carrots and broccoli my kids loved them

This is what we are doing tonight


I make a sausage potato casserole that my boys love! It’s super easy! Sliced potatoes, butter/margarine, sliced sausages and shredded cheese

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Noodles, chicken, pesto and broccoli
All in one bowl

Tortellinis in chicken broth or pesto

Super quick and easy one bowl type stuff

Sloppy joe bites roll out biscuits or crescents and put the mix on it and close it up bake it and it comes out yummy and messy but fun!

Tacos, casseroles, make your own pizza night, I agree with tasty, they have so many options

Pork chops and Mac and cheese

Fried potato tacos… nachos,

All these can be made in a few minutes & are kid-friendly.

  1. Lentils & rice. Cook any color lentils + rice in broth or get some interesting combos, like ancient grains mix or brown & wild rice, or Rice A Roni, or use those 90-second microwave rice or grain packs. Serve with fruit & colorful vegetable. Kids love this!
  2. Indian food packets (International aisle of store) are great too: heat them & pour over cooked brown rice or other grain (made in advance, quick-cook, or instant). Most kids like chick peas, & paneer cheese. If you can only find jarred sauces, add a can of chick peas, plus any or all of the following: grated carrots, chopped greens (or mix of veggies from the packaged salad section), chopped cabbage, onions, peas, cubed potatoes.
  3. Soup: Make chicken bouillon (cube/s, water & nuke 3 min) or buy broth, add fresh cooked or leftover chicken bits (optional), frozen mixed veggies, leftover or fresh noodles (any kind) & you have chicken veg noodle soup. Or use beef & beef broth/bouillon instead of chicken.
  4. Quiche. (30-40 min, makes 2 pies). Get frozen pie crust shells (or make your own crust if you’re ambitious). Mix 4 eggs, 1 1/3 c milk or cream & add leftovers & 1/2 cup grated cheese & meat/veggies. Pour into pie shells & bake @ 350 for 30-40 minutes or until set. Adding ham, bacon, onions & Gruyere cheese are traditional but you can use any flavorful cheese or combination (yes to cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan, Asiago, Blue, etc. but not American, Monterey Jack or Mozzarella), and any meat, including sausage, salami/pepperoni. Add small or chopped veggies (mixed frozen ones, any chopped greens, celery, carrots, salsa or tomatoes, pieces of green/yellow/eggplant squash—anything in your fridge that’s not fuzzy & crawling :wink:). Quiches are good hot or cold, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with soup, salad and/or whole grain French bread.
  5. Beanie Weenies: Mix cooked brown rice or mixed grains + cooked hot dogs, sliced, + canned baked beans, heat up. Rice keeps the farting to a minimum. :rose:
  6. Quinoa. Rinse the grains first. It cooks in a few minutes & is a complete protein (have also seen it in microwaveable packs). Add veggies, beans and/or meat if you want. OR: you can add raspberry vinegar to the quinoa plus halved grapes, fresh dill or dill weed, then chill & top with cashews for a cool salad meal. Keeps well in the fridge (only add cashews at the last minute though to keep them crunchy).
  7. Cold rice salad: make brown rice. Add mayo, parsley, frozen peas, celery (& celery seed if you want), chopped, cooked onions. Put can of tuna in the bottom of a greased bowl (or carry-out soup container). Fill with rice mix. Chill in fridge. Unmold on a plate & fill can indent with tuna from the can.
  8. Ham casserole. Add cooked whole wheat spaghetti (or other pasta), small onion, chopped (cooking optional); several slices of cooked ham, chopped, a small container of sour cream & about 1/2 cup grated Parmesan (&/or Romano). Mix & put in casserole dish. Heat in oven for 15-30 minutes until heated through. Also good with frozen peas added, chopped asparagus, any vegetable your kid will eat.
  9. Cuban Beans & rice. Get Goya brand black bean soup (the only kind we liked, but if your kids will eat it, any brand). Make basmati rice (brown if possible—it also comes in 90-second microwave packs). Heat soup, pour over cooked rice. Top with a bit of minced onion (fresh is good, but from the spice aisle is fine) & fresh squeezed lime juice.
  10. Hide veggies in food. Add: yellow squash to mac n cheese; mashed cauliflower to baked potatoes; cooked spinach or other greens, grated carrots, zucchini &/or yellow squash, celery, mushrooms—whatever can be puréed—into spaghetti sauce; add greens, salsa, peppers to egg dishes; use whole grain rice, pasta, bread for added nutrition.
  11. Bonus, but this takes more than 10-15 minutes: mix corn meal with can(s) of creamed corn & an egg (or buy polenta ready made). Spread 1/2 evenly in bottom of pan. Add a layer of grated cheese (optional). Pack thick spaghetti sauce with veggies & cooked, crumbled hot Italian sausage (can also add hot salsa—you won’t taste the heat once this cooks). Spread rest of polenta/corn meal mix on top until sauce is covered. Bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes. You can sprinkle grated cheese on top for the last few minutes. Slice & serve like lasagne.
  12. Double bonus: open can of mixed vegetables, drain. Put in bowl & add 1/2 mayo & 1/2 Dijon mustard. (For milder version, more mayo, less Dijon). Mix & eat, or chill first (or can put can of vegs in fridge to chill first).

Chili cheese dog tot casserole, hot dogs in casserole pan, cover with chili, sprinkle with cheese, top with tots, bake.
I also mix it up and do it with manwich
Chicken wraps (grilled chicken or with chicken strips)
Cheesy ham bake- frozen hash browns cheddar cheese soup& cream of chicken soup,milk, ham chunks, bake, top with cheese
Homemade personal pizzas, where you let the kid/s make the pizza themselves
Those are some of my daughters favorites

Get on Pintrest you can find anything.

Sausages and veggies
Quorn nuggets and salad

They’re the 3 biggest hits in my house