Needing lunch ideas for my 5-year-old!

Looking for inspiration: no heat lunch ideas besides sandwiches for my five-year-old


Different snacks!
Cut up different fruits and veggies. Have a “deconstructed” sandwich, bread they can dip into peanut butter, or rolled up meat and cheese.

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Cold pasta with ham or cheese maybe tuna

Pin wheels/wraps. Can be different meats and cheese. L

Cut up fruit, veggies, sausages and cheese. My son used to love that!

Nachos,muffin,cold pasta,diy lunchables,

Veggie wraps. Mini pizzas
Cheese and crackers
Hummus and pita
Hard boiled eggs
Tuna pasta salad
Veggies and dip

Feta cheese kale peach-strawberry salad!! You can make it with a light brown sugar balasmic vinegar dressing and it comes out very sweet and healthy!

My mom made me pb and j on ritz crackers I loved them

Homemade Lunchables. Cut the meat and cheese to fit crackers.

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look on line, there are so many ideas for kids lunches

Google kids bento boxes. Tons of ideas

Cheese, crackers, grapes. My daughter loves sunbutter and jam in her school lunches

My son has lots of food allergies. And the school has us send his lunch no matter what. I typically do pepperonis that habe been microwaved cuz he likes them “crunchy” or jerky, pretzels, fruit snacks, sometimes a little cereal and capri sun

My son is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to what he will eat. He gets cereal and yogurt some days. Other days I will send some pretzels or goldfish, grapes, blueberries, strawberries & yogurt.

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Lunch meat rolled up. Hummus and crackers or veggies.

Fruit, cheese , fishy quakers ,cold cuts ,yogurt ,salad ,sushi, pizza is always good cold ,bagels & creamcheese ,

Cubes of meat and veggies using a tooth pick

Lunchables, uncrustables, protein snack packs. Fruits and veggies with a sandwich

Cheese sticks, yogurt, pb crackers, salt, sliced veggies.

Pinwheels and homemade lunchables are my kiddo’s favorites!

For my son we usually do uncrustables, string cheese, grapes, apple slices, bananas, apple sauce, carrots, granola bars

Sometimes I’ll just do some plain lunch meat as the entree. Or ritz crackers with peanut butter on them. Gogurt always makes a good side, and same with apple slices or half a banana. I’ve even cut carrots into sticks before and gave them ranch to dip them in

Sliced watermelon mozzarella cheese beef sticks or homemade peanut butter crackers

Sandwiches are kinda the go to for no heat lunches around my house. But we also tend to do crackers with peanut butter, cheese and crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruits and veggies cut up with dip, granola bars, and even tuna on crackers. My daughter used to love when I would make wraps with tortillas, lunch meat and cheese, because it was better than bread apparently lol

Hummus crackers cucumber fruit, sausage rolls, wraps, zucchini slice, pasta salad, rice salad tuna etc, sushi

sandwiches cut into Hearts or mini sandwiches cut into different shapes with fruit and chips or wuth fruit by itself or chips by itself.

Get a kids thermos. It was our saving grace last year and gave us more options. Just make sure to put super hot water in it for a good 15-20 minutes before you put the food in. We did pasta and sauce, grilled cheese squares, chicken nuggets, mini waffles, etc.
It also keeps cold things cold, and I sent my son with milk in it and a baggie of cereal and some fruit a few times at his request.

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My 9 year old son alway loves grilled chicken or steak (he eats it cold) with fruit on the side. My 7 year old loves to take arugula with strawberries, avocado with shaved Parmesan on top.(he is my super healthy eater) with a side of chips.

Pepperonis, cheese sticks or cubes, pickles, crackers, carrot sticks with ranch. Wraps with cheese and meat. Fruit cups or cut up fruit. Frozen go-gurt. Chips. Cheezits.

Cottage cheese, fruit and some crackers, and deli meat

I have a small thermos to switch things up when my son gets tired of cold lunch. Keeps food warm 3-4 hours.

Pb on celery with raisins on top. Pb n apple slices. Cut sandwiches into shapes…use cookie cutter, deli ham rolls wrapped with cheese strip n crackers, granola bars, fruits, veggies, diluted protein drink…flavored protein drink w milk added more milk than drink. Gogurt…freeze…like ice cream but healthy. If child can open sm thermos warm Mac n cheese or soup.