Needing middle name ideas, suggestions?

needing suggestions on a middle name that goes with Liana.
(Rose is already taken)


Idk but Liana is so pretty!

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Liana Lace

Liana Renee…Larkin…BreElle…Eileen…Michelle…Jahnay…Jonelle…Kathleen…Leigh…Peyton…Paisley…


Liana Grace
Liana Marie
Liana Rayan
Liana Renan
Liana Sue

Liana marie or liana rayne or liana grace or liana faith or liana destiny

Liana Alexandra
Liana Grace
Liana Faith
Liana May
Liana Michelle
Liana Elizabeth

Star ava Mya arayiah may rain

Liana Amore
Liana Lenae
Liana Rose
Liana Sade

Liana Denae, Liana Kathleen or Liana Rose

Liana Grace
Liana Faith
Liana Michelle

Maybell (or spelling differently)

Im Lianne and my middle name is marie :wink:

Hey ladies this is my post (share a fb with my husband lol)

Just wanted to say thank you all for the wonderful suggestions you are all awesome!! :blush:

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My daughter’s middle name is Moon

Lynae, Shay, Marae, Brooke, Kaylin

Lauren pernounced la-ren.

Faith, Beth, Belle, Kay (lol :wink:)

Liana Denae, Liana Kathleen or Liana Rose

Liana Rae, Liana Grace, Liana Lynn, Liana Jo, Liana Belle, Liana Faith, Liana Joy, Liana Dove, Liana Rayne

I was going to name my baby Lianna!
Liana Jade

Liana Kay
Liana Kay-Leigh
Liana Rochelle

Liana Renee
Liana Olivia
Liana Christine

My lil ones name is the same except spelt, LeeAnna. Her middle name is my first name, Jennifer. I thought if i wanted to shorten it, we could call her LJ but that hasn’t happened.

Liana June, Liana Violet