Needing parenting book recommendations

Best parenting/mom book to help with patience?

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I’m an Usborne Books & More Consultant and we have books on patience working with both parents and kiddos!

How children Learn is a fantastic parenting book.

“37 kinds of wines and their magical properties after a long hard day”
“Mommy is in timeout please come back later”
“That’s definitely how your kid acts & other ways to tell parents how good/bad their kids are”
“This is the 5th poopy diaper today! I better be placed in a great retirement home!”

None. You have to learn it. 100% honest. A book can’t tell you how to parent your child

“The Strong Willed Child”

As a mother of 6, and a bookworm, I read every book I could get my hands on. Fact is, every child needs a different style because they are individuals. Parenting is a learn as you go thing. My advice is to have a lot of pillows everywhere in the house so that when u r frustrated u can scream into the pillow. It is a healthy way to get out your frustration so that u r not cranky with kids and its good 2 not hide it from kids because it is showing them a healthy way to deal with stress. And its great for tantrums. Many parents get embarassed when their kid has a tantrum. Keep 2 small pillows in diaper bag or purse for in public tantrums. When kid is overwhelmed let them scream into pillow and u do it with them. The good thing about it is if 1 needs more time its all good. With my grandkids we do a wiggle shake to make sure no stress is stuck somewhere. And once you are done kid is 2 tired 4 another tantrum n u r 2 tired to b cranky. Win win.