Needing some morning sickness remedies, any suggestions?

Ive been having really bad morning sickness and it seems like nothing is working. I cant even keep water down. Do u have any suggestions?


Zofran!!! Ask your ob for it.


Decaf green tea and dumb dumb lollipops were my saviors.

My daughter had the same thing the doctor gave her Zofran and it really helped her.

Green tea, as long as it does not have ginsing in it. Ginger candies. Room temp sprite and crackers.

Keep drinking water and Gatorade …try room temp try cold try all different temps… But never ever stop pushing fluids into u even if you feel like ur gonna puke it up you have to stay hydrated! ( Ps for some reason…teddy Graham’s and Graham crackers I could keep down)

Diclegis is an anti nausea med made for pregnancy. Zofran is not safe for pregnant women.


I am pregnant with twins and have horrible morning/all day sickness and eating a few crackers 20 mins before i eat seems to help me

I’ve taken zofran with both of my pregnancies. If it wasn’t for zofran, I wouldn’t have been able to eat. My second pregnancy, I had HG. I was hooked up to a zofran pump because I was losing weight. That didn’t even help me. They finally prescribed me the dissolvable zofran and it worked wonders! I could finally eat and drink fluids. Good luck mama!

CBD oil derived from hemp, works wonders!!

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Vitamin b6 and unisom works together wonders I was do sick it was horrible I had to get IV infusions 3 times a wk. My dr also prescribed zofran.


Eat a soda cracker before you get out of bed. Worked amazing for me :slight_smile:

Water is not good for you when your throwing up you won’t keep it done. Try some cold ginger ale I swear it works wonders when your nauseous and throwing up. It helps calm your tummy. You can also try the brat diet it’s bananas, rice, apple sauce & toast to help with your tummy.

Zofran can cause birth defects. I took diclegis (4pills a day, the max dose. It is a time release so you need to take it at certain times so it stays will remain in your system at a constant level. If you miss a dose, you will get sick.) and had a script for phenergan just in case.

What I did was ate 3 saltines before I even got out of bed and I alternated a glass of ginger ale and a glass of water every hour (I know it’s a lot but soda is dehydrating and you need to keep super hydrated) and always had either mints or mint gums

Healthy Mama Nip the nausea sold on Amazon its B6 and ginger, it helped me a lot.

Have a small snack when you get up at night to pee. And sour things help.,

Ginger tea,or ginger ale

B6 vitamins and/or unisom. :raised_hands:t4:

Suck on peppermint. I was sick throughout my whole pregnancy.

Figure out what the baby likes my 1st tri I couldn’t eat nothing but salads nd that’s what I ate until I got 3 months because my daughter was picky

My doc prescribed me zofran. And I felt sour stuff helped.

This sounds crazy but I’d freeze pedialyte and make popsicles… It worked until I felt that I could keep some things down

Gatorade and saltines

Sip on Room temperature coke cola. If you can handle flat that would be even better. I was horribly sick the whole 9 months with my first and this was the only thing that helped. The heavy syrup coats the stomach calming the nausea and knocking down the acid

Drink the syrup from a can of peaches

They make something called preggie pops. I think you can get them on Amazon. My daughter had terrible nausea. They helped a lot. She also wore seasick bands. They helped a lot too.

Got the above post from a previous FB post hope it helps

Protein helps… take tiny bites and eat slowly. Cold things also helped me when I was that sick, popsicles, ice cubes, cold fruit. You want to eat things that have a high water content if you’re not able to keep liquids down easily. Be sure not to let yourself get too dehydrated. Go to the ER for fluids if you need to.

The vitamin B6 and Benadryl/Unisome worked wonders for my cousin. She took it everyday faithfully. I wish I had knew about with my pregnancy. Only thing that helped me was eating small snacks throughout the day at least every 2 hours even when I felt sick. It was when my stomach was empty that I felt the worst.

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Make ice cubes of Gatorade! My doctor suggest that one time as i was always in the hospital because i was so sick and dehydrated

Sip the water or suck on ice its no fun also peppermint tea or ginger ale might help

Ginger tea. Or ginger ale. Or ginger candies saved me

Eat crackers in BED before you get up.


B6 and unisom right before bed seemed to help the best, and let me get some sleep when I was so sick. Blue Gatorade or cold peppermint tea was the only thing i could drink and keep down for months. They say plain water can actually make some women sicker, so maybe try something else to keep you hydrated for a while, like adding flavor drops to water. Try different foods, literally just whatever sounds good, in tiny amounts, until you find something that doesn’t make you sick. For me it was McDonald’s cheeseburgers, and it was the only thing that didn’t make me sick until way into my 2nd trimester.

Dill pickle juice helped me tremendous, even when dr rx. wouldnt work.

I had morning sickness so bad I couldn’t even drink water. I once threw up cheering a piece of gum…I was desperate. And I’m about to get a MILLION hate comments but Oh well Fuck it… I smoked weed not full on stoner but when I really needed it. I was actually able to eat. Out of six kids I never had morning sickness like that… EVER. Its so taboo but my baby was born healthy and is very smart. Now come for me bitches lol. Not any worse than pills made with chemicals in my opinion…

If none of the things these ladies suggest help, Talk to your Dr about hyperemesis. Think of it as morning sickness in overdrive. Mine was so bad I had to have in home iv therapy and a reglan medicine pump😞 I hope you get better soon

I have morning/anytime sickness my entire pregnancy. I’m on my 3rd pregnancy. The ONLY thing that helps me is taking 1 zofran before bed every night. I still get sick sometimes but it helps so much. I did the same with both of my sons too.

Talk to your provider

I took diclegis with my last pregnancy and it’s supposed to be more powerful than Zofran. Lol. But I was still getting sick everyday (my whole pregnancy) while taking it. But a lot of insurances don’t like to cover it (so I’m told). It’s expensive. With my insurance I paid $40 a month co pay and insurance saved me over $300! I took this in combination with peppermint (candy and essential oil) Good luck! Trust me I know how you feel. I had horrible morning sickness with all 3 kids. I still can’t eat crackers and drink water together because it makes me sick. That is what I had to live off of with my first.

My sister and I have had horrible moring sickness throughout the our whole 1st pregnancies. I ended up taking zofran at least once a day to get through it. My sister is using sour gummy worms through her second pregnancy and it made the moring sickness go away within 2 weeks. But do what works for you. :slight_smile:

Ginger chews, I got them for my daughter when she had bad morning sickness. They help

I had to be prescribed anti nausea medication I was so sick.
I could only keep down fruit flavored sodas and Hawaiian punch for the first 3 months lol

I know this sounds crazy but I tried everything under the sun. The only thing that worked for me was a glass of tomato juice when I awoke each morning. Don,t know how I heard about it but it did the trick.

I had terrible morning sickness, not a single remedy worked. Not crackers, ginger ale, nothing!! I just went to the hospital first time they prescribed me something. Got it and it didn’t help so went back for a second visit and they prescribed me something else that worked wonders. I wish I could remember names. Also these helped a little !

I had horrendous sickness with my first baby… I lost a lot of weight… Like 15 pounds and i was only like 86 pounds when i got pregnant… But im a very small person… I did have a doctor tell me to smoke a little pot… No i didn’t do as he suggested… But did have a doctor tell me that on the down low because of how bad it was… But the only thing that did help me was hot coke out of a can and burping… Something about the fizzles in it…

Cinnamon toast and Ginger ale. Anything with cinnamon or ginger helps but that was always what I could keep down.

Ginger nut biscuits or ready salted crisps worked for me