Needing unique baby names, any suggestions?

Looking for unique boy/girl names.


Boy- Declan
Girl- Aisling

Boy- Asher, Talon
Girl- Astrid , Lyric

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My 1st daughter is Tatum Tate for short and one that im pregnant with Romi

Keegan, coleton
Raelynn brynlee Bria everleigh

Girl alayanna
Boy knight

Tallyn-girl Aislynn- girl Arabella-girl Fallyn-girl Oliver-boy Draven -boy

Boy- Roland

Girl- Azaylea :relaxed:

My Boys are Tristan, Titan & Xander :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Our Boys - Jaiden Tyson and Kodie :blue_heart:
Our Girls - Chloe and Kaicey :revolving_hearts:

Aoife, Siobháinn, Saoirse, - all Irish girls names

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Just found out my gson due in sept Silas James

My granddaughter is Kaia Rose

Look up names and their origins and meanings. You could do an acronym of you and your husband’s names. For example, I knew someone years ago whose name was Lydia and her husband was Donald. They named their daughter Donya.

My son’s name is Zayden. It means “little fire”

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Keggin - boy
Colorado - Boy
Mollyanna- Girl
Evie- Girl

My daughter’s name is Delilah

Girl-Ellie, kimber, jayla boys- draven, kinder,

My twin grandsons are Sylus King abd Sincere Lee
Their sisters are Myracle Rayne and Klarity Skyye


Phoenocia pronounced fa-no-cia

I only know of one girl in the USA with that name, my granddaughter

My daughyer is Arietta

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Dalton is a great name. All Daltons seem to be pretty cool.


Emma, Jalen & Journey!

Some of these names are super cute…but PLEASE think long & hard before you choose a name. While it may be cute to us, other kids (when they can talk/school age) may not think so & the child may get made fun of…kids already have it hard bc things are just SO different from when we all grew up…bullying is VERY REAL!!! Everyone will obviously chose what they want but at least try to make it something kids can’t easily make fun of them for!!!


London ,Nylah, Jordan, Paris

I have Hannah Elizabeth & Haegyn Rose… future names I like for girls are Harper or Hyland and for a boy I like Holden

I love Evan for a girl.

My daughter is Selah. It’s from the book of psalms meaning to pause and reflect on God.

My boys are Silas, Jude, and Ezra. All from the Bible as well.

My niece is named zita, my newest nephew his name is saxon. I also have nephews named Ethan, leon and taytum.
Or Lee, donavan, Michael, James, eli, Jackson…
Girl names I like are (Annabella, rose, daisy, samantha, Margaret, lily)

penelope peyton maxwell

Trebor Elyod. It’s my name spelled backwards.

And 2 grandsons are Kai and Lucian

Emmett, Colton, jameson, jaxen

I have a Majenna Lynn Jane & Makendra Louise Grace, my older 2 are Terry James & Tony Michael are my boys

One of my sons name is Ryker.

Addicus - boy Maybel - girl

Octavia nd clarke for girl and roam and bellamy for boy

Julietta. Morgan. Lolita. Adrianna. Jolie. Jasper. Dallas. Fiola. Vegas . Asia. Paris. Italia. Jersey. Montana . Madelyn. Shayna. Esme. Killely. Leighia. Denver. Telia.

Kairi, Aqua, Sora, Riku (boy) Rikku (girl) Axel, Those are popular game characters names, but they’re cool unique names

I was going to use “Linora” for the first name and “India” for a middle name for a girl from our each other great grandmothers

Chelsea Majeske here u go you will get your fix :joy:

Aquamarie, Josie, Laylanie, Montana

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I like Harper and Emerson

My daughter’s name…Calista

My daughter’s name is Marleigh

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Tatum,Wren, Shaw. My daughter’s name is Bailey,she named my granddaughter Tailey. The father’s name starts with a T. My husband and I named our 2 year old son Negan :joy:.

I wanted names you don’t hear everyday for my boys so their names are Sebastian, Fabian,and Zayden. And if we had a girl she would have been payson

Lorelei Ellis , Sinclair Monroe, Hadley Reagan , Sloan Cambry

Addicus - boy Brocklyn - girl

Treon for girl Link for a boy

My boys are Damien Brantley and Dante

My 14 year old sons name is Jarron and we are naming our little girl who’s due in June, Juniper Jayde

Kash, Royce(my sons middle name) Aurora, Willow, Melody, Kaydence, Georgia, Avianna, nevaeh, Rashad, Melika, Prince, Kingston, Royal, Daisy. Major. Weston. Moana,

If I have a girl in my future… it’s going to be between Aurora Elizabeth or Moana :two_hearts:

I already have a precious baby boy. Nathan (Nate) Royce :blue_heart:

Cainnan, Alistair, Valor, Adastreia, Caliope

I love the name Klaus!

Roman is my son and Ellie is my daughter

My daughter’s name is Markelle pronounced(MAR Kell) we call her Markie… I wanted something no one else had ever used…

Phoenix Ophelia is my daughter’s name!!!

My daughter’s name is Haven. Everyone is always saying how unique and beautiful her name is. And I love Jacoby.

I liked the band Arlo but hubby said no

Brently, laleena, annarorra, Jace, lexondra, draidon, mallix, malinia, Braxton, zage

My daughter’s name is Isis and my son is Osiris

I think I should probably clear clarify they’re both named after Egyptian gods Isis is the queen of the Moon mother of the Earth Osiris is Lord of the underworld

Cindra (Cindy for short)

KIRK, Kirkland, Kirkley, Kirki, Kirks

Charleston , Hollister , Dalton , Ross, Myles, Shelton.

If we have a girl Sadira and if baby is a boy Aydric.

Wolf. Considered this for awhile for my son

My daughter is called Quinn

My son is Flynn and our daughter is Eden :slightly_smiling_face: Or there is my name :wink:

MaeLea and MacLin…Mac for short

I have a daughter named Paislee Lane and son named Phoenix Rayne

I have a daughter named Paislee Lane and son named Phoenix Rayne

I have a daughter named Elektra Evelyna. But i like Katerina, Mera, Persephone for girls. Boys Llyam (Liam), Blaze, Blade

I have a friend that named her son Talon and I thought that was real neat :blush:

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Hadley, Lillian, Hendrix, Peyton, Kinzie

Cord, Coy, Cashe for boys.

My granddaughter is Oakley Janae.