Not a mom but I need help, am I wrong for not liking my dads new gf?

Am I wrong for not liking my dads new gf??
My parents are divorced, they have been for like 5 years and recently my dad got a new girlfriend they have been dating for almost a year and she was aware that my dad had kids so she knew what things would be like. She’s never once tried to make a conversation with one of my brothers or my self, and doesn’t say hi to us when she sees us and has put no effort into building a relationship with us. We’ve told my mom about the situation and when she confronted my dad about it he lied and said that she always try’s talking to us and that we are the bad guys for ignoring her. My dad takes her side on everything and each time he spends less time with my little brothers which upsets them to the point that they don’t want to see him anymore because they feel so left out. He spends $100s of dollars on her but can’t buy his kids a simple pair of shoes or even for a haircut. Are my siblings and I in the wrong???

If you’re an adult, you need to let your dad have his relationship and not vent to your mom about it.

Maybe sit his gf down and ask her what she needs from you and vise versa. But if you’re venting to your mom about her and then she is confronting your dad, then your essentially creating a wall between the two of you, and she probably doesn’t feel comfortable around you guys knowing it will get reported back to your mom.

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Unfortunately still a kid but makes sense actually. If she was like that from the beginning, how can I still make a conversation with her???

Just confront her and tell her that you know she is with your dad long term and that you aren’t trying to pick sides… you just want to understand her better. So ask if you can have a conversation.

I’m not a step mom, but I do know a lot and being the step mom can be hard trying to find your place. And if she is genuinely uncomfortable, then she needs to figure it out.