Not sure if I want to have more kids because I love my son so much, how do you decide?

When did you decide it was the best time to have a second baby?

My husband and I were discussing trying for a second child soon, but I’m undecided. My son is almost 2. I always said I wanted to be done having kids before I turned 30 which is a year away. We were both on board to start trying soon, but I have mixed feelings. Not about having a second baby or what that entails, but my son is my entire world. I work part time 3 days a week and spend all my free time with him. We do everything together and I feel like we’re just getting into the good stuff. He’s my best friend. I’ve been considering putting off trying for a second until next year just because I want more time with him before everything changes. However, I’m also afraid if I wait another year and do all this one on one stuff that it’ll be harder on him when the second one comes and it’s not just the two of us anymore.


I’m pregnant with my second and I worried about this a lot before. I guess the way I think about it is, it’s not about splitting your love between the two. You get double. Double the love, kisses, hugs. Instead of one best friend you get two. Two best friends that love you no matter what & who you get to hear call you mommy. If you want to wait that’s fine, don’t rush into it just because you had it planned this way. Make sure you’re ready and it’s what you want.

I had my second one after my first one went to head start at 3/4 ish. So I got to spend alone time with the new baby and build a bond while my oldest one was at School. So neither child went without that first few years of bonding time, and one on one time. Now my oldest is 20 and has moved out, so I get to spend alone time with my 16 yr old, and be close to her during her teen years. So it works out great. I’d say wait till the older one is in school first, then have the second one.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Not sure if I want to have more kids because I love my son so much, how do you decide?

That’s a choice y’all have to make together. No one else can make this decision for you or guide you in any direction.


I feel like 3 years apart is a perfect age gap for siblings :slightly_smiling_face:


Have a kid when your ready to have another one. Even if it’s 30 or after. Your son will be just fine with another sibling and will probably love having a sister or brother to play with.

I never wanted to have kids in my 30s but life doesn’t always go as planned. I just had my second one and I turned 30 while pregnant. My oldest daughter is 6 about to be 7. Lol


Having another baby with bring twice the amount of joy to your life and your son will have a b.f.f. for life. :heart:

My son is my best friend too will be two in November I want him to have a brother or sister for life def have one more

I had waited 6 years. Pros and cons she helps with baby not because I make her because she loves her baby brother. They play and she’s able to understand more. However her jealousy is alot she had me for 6 years to herself so she felt the attention change luckily I am able to have conversations with her and she understands.
I had my third exactly 2 years apart from my son and he is too little to understand why he is jealous. He’s loves his sissy but he’s rough with her. It’s also a handful having them so close together both in diapers and my 2 year old talks but not fully so we still have language barrier. I’m also dealing with terrible 2s while also dealing with a 9 month old

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If you want to wait, then wait.

My oldest and middle kiddo are 3 years apart and it honestly was a perfect age gap. Me and my oldest were/are just as close as you describe you and your son

You definitely have to be ready in yourself as a parent, but I was also thinking long term when I got pregnant with my second. I’m one of three and we lost our dad this year. I don’t think I would have gotten through it without my sisters. That, for me, was when I was absolutely sure I wanted another one.


he needs a sibling.what a strange thing to think about.?


It’s 100% a personal choice. I wanted my kids 3 yrs apart but when it came time to start trying again, I was not ready! My children are four and a half years apart. My daughter (17) is the coolest person my son (almost 13) knows and he adores her. She was his other mother and loved that role as a little kid. They fight like kids do but they love each other AND THAT RIGHT THERE is the best part of parenting. To see your children show genuine affection for one another… that’s a love YOU created.

They’ll be best friends :heart: you’ll be amazed at how much a two year old wants to help and be around the baby and love them I always thought my oldest one would be upset but she wasn’t it was such a blessing

I always wanted my kids close. My body had other plans ( I have PCOS and other health issues) , i had my son when i was 21 he just turned 14 in July i also found out 7 days before his birthday that i am pregnant with baby #2 i am currently 12 weeks along and just celebrated my 36th birthday on Wednesday. The gap between my kids has me scared that they won’t have a close relationship because of their age difference. Don’t do something your not yet comfortable doing but don’t wait so long you regret it.

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Could have a whoops like me I have a 1 and a half year old and now 2 month old lol… def didn’t think I’d have another one so soon

I have 2 children a boy and girl - my girls older - they are teens now and the best of friends :heart:I enjoy every second of watching them grow together!

I had my 10 year old at 24 and she’s an only child, but if she had it her way, I’d be giving her a sibling… :laughing: Even after 10 years…I don’t regret getting fixed. I don’t want no more kids.

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I went through those same feelings. I was afraid I wouldn’t love another as much as I loved my first born, because he was the center of my world and my little best friend. My second was born a month before my first born turned 2. And oh my goodness. I couldn’t believe how much I loved both of them. My worries were quickly put to rest after the 2nd was born. My youngest turns 2 this month and my oldest turns 4 next month and they are best friends and just inseparable. It’s amazing to see them play together, tickle each other, console one another. Don’t get me wrong. They’re kids and they’re brothers, and they fight. But they have a bond like I’ve never seen. I’m now due with my 3rd in March, too.
It is absolutely a personal choice and something to discuss with your partner, outweigh conflicting feelings.


My kids are 8 years apart and my son absolutely adores his little sister!

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My two are like 7 years apart. I was afraid because I didn’t know how my older one would take it, being he was an only child for so long. It actually turned out way differently than I expected. He loves his brother and is always playing with him. Helps with him. He doesn’t even like for someone to look at his little brother in the wrong way.:joy: I love their bond. I’m thinking of having another soon, to be close in age with my baby. My boys now are 8 and 1.5 years.

I have 3 sons. Personally, I feel it’s nice to have more than one. Looking far into the future, when we’re gone, with one, they’ll be alone. I am not being morbid, I know people this has happened to. Besides, all the fun more than one will have growing up with a sibling, it’s the best. Good luck with your decision. :slight_smile:

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No matter the age gap another child will always be a blessed addition to your family as long as you are ready for it. I was scared to add another child too for the same reasons. My son (9) is my daughters (5) world and vice versa. Of course they fight like siblings do but at the end of the day they absolutely adore each other and would much rather be together than apart. Good luck momma. Whatever you decide is the best choice for you

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My kids are 26 , 21 and 9. My two sons house share and are best friends and they both dote on their little sister

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I felt the same way when I only had one. My oldest felt like my best friend I always knew I wanted more than 1 but once I had him I didn’t understand how you could love more kids the same way. It’s definitely possible. I just had my 5th boy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::woman_shrugging:t2::blue_heart: it’s really true that when you hold that baby the first time you fall in love. I didn’t plan it but all the boys are about 4 years apart and yes they do have their fights but they love each other :blue_heart:

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My daughter really has wanted a sibling for a long time. Life just wasn’t planning out for us though. Finally we just decided life might not always be perfect and decided to try to get pregnant, we tried for three months and got pregnant at the beginning of this year. My daughter is turning 6 in 15 days and we are having her baby sister in 40 days. She’s so so excited but I know when the baby gets here she’s going to be a little impatient on waiting for her to be able to play with her and do things with her. If we lived in a perfect world we would have started trying when she was 2-4. For our third child we most likely will not wait as long and will be trying for our third when my second is 2-3 years old, I want my kids to be closer and I feel like sometimes age gaps can get in the way of them building that bond. Good luck Mamas. Do what you think is best for your family.

I had the same feeling after I had my daughter, but me and her dad split then I found someone amazing and I ended up pregnant. My daughter and son are 5 years apart and they get along so great! I think it’s always nice to have a sibling!


2-3 years apart is a good age difference, they are close enough to share some interests, and far apart enough the older one can understand baby will need a little extra attention for a while, they are also old enough to help with baby by fetching diapers and such. I have 3 children, should have been 4, and I love each one more than I thought I could ever love anyone each is so different.

You will have the nine months to be with him

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i have 5 didnt plan any and they are just my world my little best friends …and they are also eachother best friends

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Your child is just that. Your CHILD. Not a best friend. That’s is extremely important when having children. You must be respected by them or they will end up being wild and then you’ll be asking for help with them. It’s your job to teach and guide him to be a descent man.

You need another so that you don’t become too confused who is who. Another child may help you because they will force you to settle disputes and discipline them. Children also teach you how to be a better parent. Mine did.


My son was 3 when I was having my second and he was in love with his baby brother while I was pregnant he loved him even more when he got to hold him. He loved helping with his brother

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Depends on the kids’ temperaments. I had kids 3 years apart and the oldest was jealous & they fought a lot. Others, they’re best friends right off the bat. Friend had kids 10 years apart & they were & are super close. Have the children at whatever age you want, since you never know what kind of personality you’ll get. Each child is unique.

As long as there are no fertility problems, go ahead and wait. Had my kids at 32 & 35, and both were surprises! We adapted.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That said, make your firstborn part of the process when you get pregnant, listening to the heartbeat, feeling kicks, playing with a baby doll, reading about becoming a big sibling, looking at the ultrasounds, talking and singing to the baby in your womb and kissing your belly.

Once the baby is born, give your older child tasks (and a title and badge if need be) to bring wipes and diapers, hold a bottle, pat and talk to and sing to the baby, giving a finger to hold. Handing you the soap and shampoo for a baby bath or washing baby’s back in the tub, turning the pages when you read to them—whatever you can think of to incorporate into the day.

Good luck! Enjoy your time together with one and then two.

My children were not planned but I had them 22 months apart and I feel like it was a good age gap. I had one coming outta diapers and one going in. Now at 8-10 they conquer the world together. They fight bitch and bicker like siblings do but at the end of the day they have each other’s back no matter what. I think if you wait to long the oldest seems to out grow the youngest and they end up not even being friends really.

I thought the same with my daughter and honestly you be able to love your new addition , no one more

If you aren’t 100% don’t do it. Give it a year and see how you feel.

You’re overthinking it. Having kids closer together is easier for you and the kiddos will most likely have a closer bond. And your oldest will be your big helper too.

I say go for it that way when ur gone they’ll have each other all throughout life…but I see ur point…I’m 36 mine are 4 (feb2017) & 2 (jul2019) I spoiled my first never imagining I’d ever be able to have another…long story…but I’m so glad they have each other but I say go ahead & give yourself that xtra year cuz ur age ain’t gonna make that much difference & once he sees how much his mommy loves that little baby so will he momma…kids are resilient so believe me…he will adjust, love & protect his sibling like all big bubbys do!

So. When I got pregnant with my son, my daughter was 4 at the time. & I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to love my son the way I loved my daughter.
But that mindset quickly changed when I felt his first kicks, when I seen the first ultrasound. & heard his heart beat for the first time, as soon as I gave birth I knew I would never love him any less then I loved my daughter.
Take the leap, there is never not enough love to go around :heart:


Currently 17 weeks with my second, and my daughter will be 4 in April. I was hesitant to try for a second for the same reasons. I love my little girl so much and was worried how I would feel adding another baby into the mix. But seeing how excited she is already, helping me make plans and picking out toys/clothes for her little brother on the way… I know I made the right choice.
Of course it will be an adjustment, anything in life is. But she will finally have someone to play with other than mommy and a new best friend.
Go with your heart, and you’ll know when you are ready

I enjoyed time with my son for 7 years! I think I waited too long because he and his sister do not get a long due to the age gap…

I have 3 kids, a boy and 2 girls. My son was 17 months old when I had my first daughter. They are now 2 and 3 and the absolute best of friends! But, my son is still my absolute best friend. We go do things one on one while my daughter stays with her dad and they have their own time together. My youngest is only 2 weeks old, but I definitely foresee them all being close friends, while I still maintain my relationship with each of them thanks to the assistance of their dad.

I didnt. We went to a music festival and boom… pregnant with our second. :sweat_smile: she is a blessing though and the most wonderful little girl. I didnt think I could love someone as much as I love my son but your heart finds a way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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When the test told me I was pregnant. Lol. My ex husband and I were planning a second child but not till our 1st was close to 3… I had our second a month prior to our 1st turning 2. (June 09, May 2011) now with my 3rd and 4th they just might be 3yrs apart. (She was born January 2019) and my 4th is due January 2022. 6 days after her 3rd birthday. I wanted my toddler to have a sibling closer to her age as my older two as they are best friends. And wouldn’t you know it I’m having a girl (yes all 4 are girls) … but we decided on one more before I hit 35 would be good. I was 32 then. I didn’t think k id get pregnant that soon so it was a surprise as it takes me a while to get pregnant. Nahh took me a month after bc removal. All 3 of my girls get along for the most part. But my oldest two (12 and 10) are use to babies. On their dads side after them is a girl(6), boy (1), unborn sister.

My daughter is 7 years old and I’m 20 weeks pregnant with babies 2&3 :sweat_smile: she’s ecstatic about them and has asked me, at least once a week, when her brother and sister are gonna be here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: they were unplanned (I thought I was sterile due to the mirena causing a horrible infection in my body about 4 years ago and haven’t been on bc since) BUT here we are and we are definitely excited about them being here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart::black_heart: go for it, sweetie if that’s what you want and I’m sure your son will absolutely love the new baby when they come along :relaxed: just be careful, it’s twin year :joy:

I think most parents go through this with their first child. I remember when I was pregnant with my second I was scared because I didn’t think I would love him as much as I loved my firstborn. It’s normal… You’ll be surprised how easily you adjust and how nothing really chances but more love for your growing family.

The age gap between mine is 5 years and it still sucked. Honestly I feel like there is never the “right” time.


When I became pregnant with my second I was concerned about how my 5 year old son would react to a new sibling, having to share my time and attention. I especially worry because my sons dad and I are separated 2 years and this baby is with my current boyfriend. I feared he would reject the idea of his sister or feel like I didn’t love him the same because of a new baby. So far he has been so accepting and excited for his sister. The fact that he is so excited and always wanting to help pick things out for her makes me feel so much better about growing my family.


I know how you feel . But , you will have plenty of room in your heart for another one . My second son came along four years after my first . Then four more years later , a precious daughter . They are all just wonderful! I had my last one at 30 and it was just perfect .

You need be 100% hun but just because you have another baby doesn’t mean that love will go away if anything you will have more love for the both of them and they will also have each other. Yes its more work but its worth it and becouse you have a second doesn’t mean you cant still have fun with you first.

I waited and said the same thing, I didn’t want any more babies after I was 30 but now that my 30th is next month we have now been trying for over a year and have suffered a miscarriage. I say do it now because when you’re trying to try it makes it harder. At least in my case. Good luck!

Try talking to your son about it. Maybe he’d like to be a big brother. I’ve felt the same way I think I’ve decided I don’t want more kids but my son tells me once and a while that he wishes he was a big brother and I genuinely think he would be an amazing big brother. He started telling me when he was almost 2 he wanted me to have another baby

I’m one and done by choice! but it also sounds like you are one and done as well! And there is nothing wrong with that!

Nah it’ll be good for him. Plus, he’ll have a pal for life.

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I only birthed one but my bonus son when he was 4 years old and an only child. He was kinda lonely and now he’s 13 with a 5 year old brother. My 5 year old is on the spectrum and he just adores his big brother. It’s such an adorable relationship.

I think it’s better to have them close in age so they’ll be closer he will be fine as long as you include him and make special time to give him attention and include him on things with the new baby everything will be fine my daughter loved helping me when her sister was born born she just wanted to be included

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Neither of mine were planned, there is a 5 year age gap. My son (oldest) loves his sister but my god do they argue

Me & my siblings are around 2 years apart all we did was fight I know lots of ppl who have kids 5 or more years apart that get a long great, if that helps any

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My daughter and I were the same way. We did everything together. I had my son 2 years ago and things definitely got harder. She wasn’t the center of attention anymore and she still struggles to this day (she’s 7 now) with not having all mommy’s attention. Some days she still says she didn’t have a little brother and that it was just us again. Youre never gonna love your first any less or your second any more. You might live them differently for different reasons but you will always love them the same amount… I think regardless of the age gap there is always gonna be the sibling rivalry for attention and the dislike for not having all attention. Involving him in as much as possible from the start might make it a little easier. And definitely set aside time for just him.

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I felt the same way with my son before I had my daughter. My husband and I decided that once our son was 3 we’d try, he turned 3 and we felt we needed more time with him so we put off having another baby for a while. We got to tell our son on Christmas that he was going to be a big brother, he was 6. I have never in my life seen a kid so happy to be a big brother. He was so involved in my pregnancy, loved seeing the ultrasounds and hearing her heartbeat, he’d talk to her and she’d kick for him. I was so scared of having another baby thinking there’s no possible way I could love someone as much as I love my son… The night my daughter was born and we were sent into recovery, my husband brought our son in to meet his new sister. When I’m telling you that my heart burst open seeing my son look at his sister, holding her hand telling her, “Hi Myah, I’m your big brother and I love you so much. We’re going to be best friends!”
Have another baby, it’ll be the best thing you ever do.


At least Wait till hes fully potty trained before having another trust me you don’t want 2 babies in diapers at the same time.

Do it now. Have another now. It’s hard at first but completely worth it later on.

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Well. I have a 2 yr old son I thought would be my only. I’m 5 months pregnant with his little sister(happy accident) and my heart just grew. Can’t explain it. I’m still a little bit nervous for when she’s here. But the love, that just multiplies! My son won’t remember a life without his sister in it if that helps you! Lol they’ll be thick as thieves I’m sure

Have them close together. Mine are 4 years apart…wish had had my second sooner. That way they were more bonded and could do more together. Will still love the first just as much…just adding a friend that can keep up with first kid’s energy.

If your scared wait 2 more years and your son will be starting kindergarten gives you some more time with just you and him

Well, I have 18, 12 and 2 years Olds and it wasn’t my plan, that was the 1 above. It’s great to be prepared, but things can be changed at any moment. Be ready for that.
Spend 1 on 1 time with your son if you have another baby. Take him on a momma n son date. Do it often. And do it with the other, or others, later on. When you have multiple babies you’ll find they’re different people and setting aside time for each to bond with is great anyways. It’ll all be good momma.

I have 5 kids. The first 3 are 2 years apart, then next 3 years and the last 4 years.
I worried about the same thing when I had my second. Thought I’d be taking time from her. But it was the exact opposite. I included her in everything! She loved him so much. Bf learned responsibility, not by being made to do things for him or care for him. But by getting used to the normal, diaper changes, feedings. She would ask if he needed a blanket or to be fed. And I would tell her how sweet she was that she loved him so much. What a great big sister. It’s a huge learning opportunity, but more than that, it’s their baby and they just let you take care of them and love on them. Lol. It’s a very special bond. There is nothing in the world that makes your child’s eyes light up, like when they see their new brother or sister for the first time. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sounds like my daughter … but it doesn’t matter how many you have … they each have a special place in your heart . One doesn’t take away from the other

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Not sure if I want to have more kids because I love my son so much, how do you decide?

I don’t have a favourite child I don’t like any of them


Hey, my eldest just turned 3 last week and my youngest is nearly 7 months old so would be a similar gap - i worried about the exact same things as you and now watching them together my heart couldnt be more any more full. Dont get me wrong its hard having a toddler and a baby but i wouldnt change it for the world - something that stuck with me is that you dont have to split your heart in two, it doubles (cheesy but true) x


Because watching your oldest become this big protective brother or sister is the best thing in the world.

Because you then get to share your best friend with a new best friend. You get to smile watching them engage and interact. It melts your heart when they play, talk or hug and kiss. Because no matter how many kids you have your heart grows and you love them all the same and each child comes with just that one special thing you love a tad more.

There is no right time. Both my kids were oopafucks but I’ll never regret it.


I had my 3rd 2 month ago (surprise baby we didn’t plan for) and have a just gone 2 year old (2 year old was planned)
That was one of my worries when I found out I was pregnant. My middle son is my little best friend and I was worried things would change between us and I’d not have much time for him.
But I wouldn’t change anything now. I have a routine going now and have plenty time for the both of them. My 2 year old likes to play with his toys and watch TV so I spend time with the baby then. And when the baby naps I play with the toddler. Even managed to get them napping on the afternoon together so I have some me time! Hahah.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard. And stressful at times. But I can just tell they’re gonna be the best of friends and my toddler absolutely lives his little brother.
Just do what you think is right for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: there’s no harm in waiting if you need/want some more time with just your little boy!


There really isn’t a right time, we have 4y4m between ours. I was so worried because me and my son are so so close, but my daughter has settled into our family no problem. We are now 15m in and the two of them absolutely adore eachother and I love them both, we still do so much together but now I get to watch him teach her and her laugh at him, it’s great!

Maybe wait until your son is at school that way you’ll be able to all the one to one again whilst your son is at school and the weekends as family time. I get where your coming from my little boy is 2.5. I’m in two minds for other reasons but if we do it’ll be when he starts school.

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My son just turned 5 and will get a new sibling next year. He is curious and asks questions “do baby’s even like insert whatever food I’m about to eat?” “Do I have to share all my toys?” “When can I feel the baby? I’m not yet far enough that others can feel movement but I can” “can I help pick some things for baby too,”

We have had surprise babies both this time and with him but we wouldn’t change it.

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I felt the same. People always say you won’t have a favourite and that’s 100 percent true. My 5 year old still gets just as much love and attention, and he loves his new sister. I’m happy for the age gap though, because oldest is at school in the day and I’m home with baby. Me and their dad take turns spending time alone with him so he doesn’t feel left out xxx

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Theres never a right time. We always thought we’d only have one but now my son is 3 and seeing him on his own playing etc made us want another one. Im now 30 weeks pregnant with his baby sister and he cant wait :blush:


My oldest will be 2 in December and I’m due with my second next week… I know exactly what your feeling. All such valid points. I do also worry that my little buddy will feel put out or left out but it’s an adjustment is all… I’ve done up activity trays to keep him busy which he will only get during feeding time, bought him a sandpit and slide also so he can play safely outdoors. Honestly I think it’ll be ok… just you get 2 little buddies to hang with and love.

Good luck mumma, you will choose what’s right for u.

I have a similar age gap. I found out I was expecting again. Just as my son was turning 2. I don’t think it matters what the age gap. If you feel ready to add another in to your family then it’s the right time for you. Xx

I had my second when my son was 27 months old and I won’t lie it was a struggle then went another 8years and had my 3rd I was 31 and I found the night feeds harder with me being older :joy: their is never a right or wrong time to have a child :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xx

There’s never gonna be the “perfect time” if you want another child just do it if you don’t don’t there’s 3 1/2 years between my too and they love each other too bits

I waited until my daughter was 9 x

When he started being cheeky n I wanted the cuteness back lol Nar tbf never a right time just when ur ready u will know in ur self when ur ready

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Not sure if I want to have more kids because I love my son so much, how do you decide?

I would have you reread what you wrote about your son being your whole world and best friend. This should be your husband not your son. Maybe another child would help you focus less on your son or you may be neglectful. This is a hard decision but definitely needs to be discussed with your husband


The one thing I love more than my kids is the love they have for each other.


I felt the same way.
I had my daughter at 32 and i spend 24/7 with her. I was an only child i wanted her to have a sibling but i was scared to hurt her feeling by loving another baby😂. I had my son at 36yr old. And i couldnt image my life without either of them…and arrow loves her baby brother soooo much and is so protective over him. He’ll be 5 months next week. It was a big adjustment at first trying to get a new routine down but now having 2 children is great❤️


Try to imagine the future. If he wanted a brother, company, etc. Would you say “I loved you so much, I didn’t need to give you one” ? Or “I wanted all of my love to only be for you and your father” ? Or could you see yourself saying “I loved you so much, I had to have another to experience it again and so you wouldn’t ever be alone.”

Either way, this son will always be your first born and own that special place in your heart just like each child will gain their own space in your heart.


Watching my daughter become a big sister has been the most beautiful thing ever ! She just loves her little brother so much :sob: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’ll love the second just as much
I never wanted more than one but just had my second
They are five years apart & he’s in love w his baby sister
It’s the sweetest thing ever


A saying that helped me when it was just my son. Love never divides, it multiples. It’s the absolute truth. You’ll fall more in love watching them grow up together.


All moms with only child think the same. We dont imagine how can we love another kid as much as that one… but it happens.


I have both experiences. So apart from each other and so close. My kids are 9… almost 3 and 1. I think this:

From a child pov: is better to have them close in age. They understand life differently when they have a sibling close in age. They have a friend and a partner in crime and also someone to fight but still fun.

From a parent pov: have them apart… very separate. Have them close in age is exhausting. I cant even cook anymore. There is always chaos in my home. The oldest help. He is like a mini Dad too.


Have one now, he’ll have a sibling to love and you will be amazed at how much love you have in your heart & soul!!!


When I was pregnant with my second I had a fear that I wouldn’t love him as much as my first. But then he was born, and instantly I knew that live has no limit. There is just more and more. We are pregnant with our 4th now. The house may be louder and there will be more toys on the floor and more laundry in the hampers, but there will also so be so much more laughter, hugs, kisses, and Joy.


I decided I wanted a sibling for my daughter when she was 3. After months of trying I finally got a positive pregnancy test and my joy was quickly replaced by guilt. I felt that way for a long time especially the first year after my second daughter was born but now they are 3 & 7 and I can’t imagine one without the other they are best friends. They wake each other up in the morning
To cuddle and always have the biggest smiles for each other. I had two siblings growing up and most my fondest memories include my siblings & would not be at all the same without them. :two_hearts: do you. Your making a lifelong friend for your baby don’t feel guilty.


I had my first one at 33. I waited to I was completly ready and had my second at 38. Im beyond happy that I waited. Now each kid has had their one on one time with me