Omg mamas! Sorry if TMI

But I am 12 days postpartum(also FTM), and today had some alone time at home while the hubby and baby were out. I was feeling a little frisky so I decided to try playing with the for the first time since giving birth(all outside, nothing inside). It went great, woo hoo, I took a nap. 2 hours later I wake up and my ACHES!! Like a deep ache that feels like I did 3000 kegels everyday for a week straight. I took some ibuprofen but like wtf!! I knew some weird stuff would happen after birth but wasn’t expecting this. Anyone have any experience with this or know why it happens?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Omg mamas! Sorry if TMI

You’re uterus is still sore.
And when you had an orgasm it caused you to cramp.


It was too soon


Its because you are still healing and it causes cramps and contractions inside. Which is why they tell you to wait 6 weeks.


You are supposed to wait week like 6 to 8 your body is still healing and not ready for that kind of exercise


You have lost an organ the size of a dinner plate ( placenta )

Take it easy x


Too soon. Best keep resting for a while.

Omg yes I did that with my second child and never ever did it again with any of the others lol


Yes and it’s an awful feeling. You just weren’t ready yet

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Some people say too soon, but it’s YOUR preference. I started back to my habits with the hubby after during the 2nd week,because by the 2nd week with each pregnancy, I was done bleeding and I felt great. It’s all on you, listen to your body. The cramping is due to your uterus still trying to shrink back down.


Not sure why people don’t take drs orders seriously. They are given for a reason.


Your uterus is going to be contracting back down over the next few weeks if you were breast feeding or pumping it would happen then because it releases oxytocin or the love hormone… same with self play… orgasms and oxytocin are to blame …


I think the worse part of postpartum is my uterus contracting while breast feeding. If it started hurting a few hours after it might not be from that. I would contact your OBGYN and tell them about the pain.


It’s been TWELVE DAYS. Chill.


Old wise tales Do Not Drive or ride in a car for 6 weeks, ( something to do with the position When you sit, and bounce around) Second one—( Don’t lift Anything heavier then the baby for 6 weeks, for fear of your bladder falling when you get older.) Nothing but Nothing was coming around my who- ha after I pushed out my baby, for many many weeks). But I have heard of people having sex a week or two after having a baby, and getting pregnant again. Not this mom.

12 days. Not even 2 weeks.


Reverse contractions… I made that up lol but basically everything is shrinking back to normal. It hurts like hell


So for everyone jumping down her shit…. She didn’t have sex…. She masturbated!! I’ve birthed 5 children and the rule for all 5 was nothing INSIDE of the vagina for 6 weeks but the outside was up for grabs when I felt comfortable…. So as long as she didn’t actually stock anything inside her she’s good

You’re probably sore because orgasms cause your uterus to contact so you worked out an already sore muscle


Yes that why they have you wait 6 weeks or more for sex it can cause a lot of discomfort

Perhaps a bit too soon don’t ya think??? I mean you just pushed a watermelon through a kiwi and your uterus is still not back to its old self. FTM??? Female to Male :thinking:


Take it easy girl! You’ll be good :heart:

They tell you to wait 6-8 wks to have intercourse bc the risk of infection. They don’t say to abstain from orgasms…


Because you just gave birth and the area you were messing with stretched to get get a whole human out…

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:flushed: I could barely wipe my own ass at 12 days pp. Rubbing one out would have been up there with leg amputation and sticking hot pokers in my eyes :flushed::flushed:

I waited at 3 months before anything was that sore :weary:

Girl let that V rest


I’m just jelly you had alone time with a new born and I have 3 kids with the oldest being 14 and youngest being 6 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t play with it at all but I’m 5 days pp and have a sore lower back and hips. I had pubic symphysis during pregnancy too. It’s because of the hormone relaxin which helps stretch the pelvis for birth and the pain doesn’t go away for at least 3 months after birth(midwife told me this today). I’m only 5 days pp too

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Sounds like its from the orgasm. That can happen. I had that problem even after waiting 8 weeks pp and my doctor told me that can happen. If you’re worried talk with your doctor.


Jesus your poor uterus :grimacing: Chill, sis… 12 days. Your uterus isn’t even half way down to normal size


Literally wait, i ain’t one to judge since I fell pregnant a month after I give birth :woozy_face: but it caused problems months down the line don’t risk problems to your body for the sake of a month or 2 x


Don’t do that anymore. Until your cleared… There’s supposed to be no type of sexual simulation… All your muscles and everything are still healing…


2bf you just pushed out a human , she’s probably tired :joy:


Skip right over the judgements here!. Yes, nothing can go in for a few weeks, but there’s nothing wrong with orgasms postpartum so if you’re feeling like it then do you! An orgasm is a contraction of the uterus though, so be prepared for some after discomfort. If anything, contractions are what shrink your uterus back to normal size so if anything you’re only helping :slightly_smiling_face:


Your uterus is like the size of a plate after birth… it takes awhile for things to go back to normal so the orgasm obviously contracted your uterus even more hence the pain. Your body needs at least 2 months to heal itself


The aching is just from the stimulation itself, your body just went through a traumatic experience. It’s normal. Before you go for actual penetration- make sure you are feeling better. For now I’d say masturbation/oral are fine.


So when u orgasm you actually push ur pelvic floor down, a lot of moms have actually done that to birth their kids (weird ik but its happened)
Its similar when after u give birth and u breastfeed, ur pelvic floor bares down to contract ur uterus as well. Im sure that’s all that is happening is ur body is just baring down


I agree with the post above mine. Ignore the judging posts🙄
With everyone of my babies it was different but I remember with my first I almost immediately felt frisky lol I was told no penetration but orgasms were fine they helped you heal fast, unfortunately our felt like you were having contractions after. Nothing to really worry about it just hurts for a moment.


You all are acting like she was pounding herself with a baseball bat. :joy::joy::sob:

Girl, you do you. The soreness is normal, but it will pass.


Theres no judgemental posts that I see. Only people who care enough after the person who made the post asked for opinions. Doctors tell you not to have sex for a reason. Your uterus is healing as well as the rest of your body. I know what you mean when you say you got frisky lol. We all do pretty much but 6 weeks is really not that long when it comes to your health because one thing can go wrong that can take your life and no amount of pleasure is worth the risk to your body in its weak state.

Yeah you get it anyway well I did it’s horrific x

Over stimulus after birth is my guess.


You were horny 12 days after giving birth?? Damn…I hated my children’s father for like 2 months after each birth. Lol :rofl:

12 days?! You go girl…I’m so chicken, I don’t do squat until like 3 weeks! Hahahaa… so I guess I can’t give u any advice. :woman_shrugging::rofl:


Vowels are important

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OK… I am 47 years old and grey. My first birth was twins, second a single. I will tell you this… listen to your doc and listen to your body. No penetration means NO penetration. Risk of heavy bleeding and mostly infection is serious . I’m not sure if you breastfeed or not(doesn’t matter) but if you BF your uterus will contract like a MF. So any outer play will stimulate this same feeling which can be extremely painful. I tried breastfeeding & pumping all three of mine til about 4 weeks til I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. If you are still in extreme pain… get checked & don’t lie to doc. Otherwise I would say your uterus was cussing you with a vengeance and telling you to wait.


Legit just wait. You have a baby sized hole inside you. Organs are shifting back into place. That’s why you’re supposed to go to a 6 week postpartum check. You can cause issues if you have sex (or even orgasm) too early. You barely gave it two weeks.

And that’s why they say wait. Watch for infection love and wait a bit longer


That’s why your doctor tells u to wait AT LEAST 6 weeks before doing anything


Nah I waited my 6 weeks :weary: I know someone who had a stroke because she didn’t wait :unamused: didn’t even know it was possible


You do what you are comfortable with sweetheart, just take it easy, you and your body have been through a lot, trust me I know, I had 11 children, if you want you time you have you time, orgasms are the best to help get your body and the organs inside to get back to normal, just be gentle


Uterus contracting often clitoral orgasms help so whenever the dogs away play with the cat :rofl::rofl::rofl::shushing_face:


Your fine mama. Just an orgasm.


:rofl: it happens… This is why you were told to wait :joy:.


Just sore muscles sister. Same muscles used to give birth and have an orgasm.


It’s only been 12 days!!! The doctors recommend waiting 6 weeks before starting that kind of stimulation. Your body needs time to heal. Granted, every body is different and you know your body better than anyone, so you may not need to wait 6 weeks, but I’d suggest waiting at least 4. All of those muscles were just in overdrive!


12 days is way to soon…the doctor recommends 6 weeks you need to give your cervix time to completely close…I attempted sex after 4 weeks and felt swollen…went to the er where they explained waiting is best that the wait period is for multiple safety reasons but they said the big one is making sure your cervix is closed and doesn’t get air inside…it could be fatal…so be careful…and give it the recommended time…for you and your baby’s sake

I didn’t have sex till like 3 months after I delivered, yall are CRAZY.

Having an orgasim causes the uterus to contract, so it is probably just soreness from that.


I am kind of impressed because I literally would have fallen asleep the second they walked out the door when I was 12 days PP lol. I had absolutely zero desire for that for awhile after tbh because I was so sore and exhausted. I’m guessing it’s because the stimulation caused your uterus to contract a lot, which basically feels like reeeally intense period cramps (happened every time I BF my kids at first too, and reg cramps are already terrible for me because i have pelvic congestion and endo). I’m sure you’re probably okay, but there’s a reason that doctors tell you to wait 6 weeks for any stimulation down there. You basically have a gaping wound inside that hasn’t healed until then. Childbirth is so rough on our bodies and it makes sense that we need time to recover. I would suggest maybe waiting until the 6 weeks after this. It may be tough, but you don’t want to hurt yourself worse. If it persists I would call the doctor just to be safe.


You are post too wait the 6 weeks or longer u can cause problems or cause a infection or get pregnant again


12 days is a little soon to be doing any kind of play. You’re body is probably mad at you for doing it because it’s still healing. I waited 4 weeks to try anything with my fiance and when it uncomfortable we stopped and waited even longer


I did the same thing kinda of. I had a miscarriage in September almost two weeks in I had sex cause I felt fine. The next three days I was in so much pain from the contractions I swore off sex for a while :rofl::rofl::rofl: I guess there is a good reason to wait six weeks even if there is no damage seen to the eye :rofl::rofl:

All it is is sore muscles mama just rest as much as possible I know it’s easier said then done with a new born


That’s your uterus contracting. It happens with breastfeeding at the beginning too. Hurt more than the actual birth for me :sob:


12 days pp and feeling frisky ? Holy fk i want whatever youre taking :sweat_smile:
Girl you gotta give ìt a break. 10 cm is a lot :joy: any tiny bit of contacting your body does now will obv hurt


You’ll be fine. Orgasms cause uterine contractions. The same thing happens when you breastfeed. Make sure your hands are clean to avoid infection and you’ll be fine. Four kids here and I didn’t wait a single time past 1 week for full blown sex. My doctor, after my second told me “I know you’re not waiting and you’ll be ok, just be mindful of your body and take it slow.” Noone knows your body the way you do so listen to it. Before anyone comes for me, :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I am aware that giving birth leaves a “gaping hole in your uterus”, I am also aware of the risks, are you aware that 6 weeks is recommendedbecause every single person heals differently and it’s average. Some people heal quicker and some heal slower. I personally had stopped bleeding completely with each one by the time I left the hospital and my uterine contractions had also stopped. No pain and was up walking within minutes of each. Not everyone takes 6 weeks. However, I am also aware that my ob was completely fine with me resuming sex as soon as I was comfortable and laughed about my eagerness to have sex again. Some of you sit in nasty ass tubs for sitz baths but are complaining about sex :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Your uterus has a giant hole in it where the placenta was attached, you had an orgasm which ultimately contracted your uterus and the huge open wound in there.


You’re supposed to wait 6 weeks because you’re uterus is stretched out and went through a lot of trauma.


Sore muscles. Same happened to me :joy: 13 days pp and I felt like I was going to explode lol. No regrets :joy:


Ok… For all these comments… You are supposed to wait for 6 weeks due to risk of infection… BUT That’s only for penetration…
You can clitle diddle until ur blue in the face.
But ya expect some cramping… O makes everything contract.
I have 7 kids… I never waited… For either… Which would explain why i have 7 kids :neutral_face:


Shit girl, my hubby and I waited a week with our first. A week with our second and a month with our last cause it was a dangerous birth.

It sounds like your uterus contracting. Stimulation most likely caused the intensity.

This happened to me a week after my daughter was born my fiance ate me out. No penetration. Cramped bad a few hours later. No regrets.:sweat_smile:


Let your body heal girl lol


Well ur uterus was trying to heel. Your supposed to stay absent for 6 weeks to heel. My god 12 days I was still passing blood clots cramping.

When u have an orgasm ur muscles and uterus contracts

Yessss I had the same. You’ll be fine wait a few more days before trying that again. Just your muscles working inside etc you have just had a baby so your body will tire more. But it’s safe to play outside anything inside can wait a lil longer​:joy::innocent:

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Well you just had a 5-9lbs human being shoot out of there. Let it heal LOL y’all are saying it’s only the outside but if you’re having an orgasm that contracts. Your uterus is not even close to normal after 12 days. Lol

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12 days? You’re supposed to wait way longer. Self control.

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Your uterus of course is still shrinking so an O will induce contractions, but also your pelvic floor will have gotten some “exercise” so completely understandable. Pelvic floor muscles are not the same as used when doing kegels (sp?) anyway, those contract your vaginal walls…pelvic floor rehabilitation is a must! Not taught or talked about at all, but after 6 babies of my own…things are great down there because of it :wink:

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I would have almost phantom pains at the thought of sex for months after which was terrible but I definitely didn’t wait 6 weeks like they said :sweat_smile:

Your uterus hasn’t even gone back to its original size. You just need to relax focus on letting your body heal you’ll have plenty of time for pleasure later if you let it heal properly.

More power to you! I bleed heavily for 6 to 10 weeks after on both of mine. I didn’t want anything touching down there.

I had sex 1 week post op it just might be your body going back to normal :slightly_smiling_face:

…… you’re serious aren’t you?

D D D D DJ Diddles lol love it!!! Vagina contracting will be sore that soon! But good on yah

Abrianne Coon and Patricia Escamilla Ashley Claeys these comments are everything!!!

Your still going to have “contraction” like feelings when stimulating yourself because your uterus is still enlarged. Not even two weeks after the baby?! Holy hell. If I had anytime to myself I would nap. :joy::joy: of course you are going to ache.