Over the counter help for yeast infections?

I do have diabetes and unfortunately with that cause' of medicine I'm on, I'm at risk of yeast infections, and I'm pretty positive that's what I have. I can't get into a dr appt this week, so I was wondering if there's anything over the counter that can help with one??

Azo Yeast plus dual relief works wonders. I was recently on strong antibiotics and got a yeast infection and my pharmacist recommended it.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Over the counter help for yeast infections?

Monistat is over the counter… they have a 1 day, 3 day or 7 day treatment. Normally a suppository cream.

Monastat in the pharmacy Dept

Boric acid suppositories.

I was recently on strong antibiotics and developed a yeast infection. My pharmacist recommended this and it was a lifesaver

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Boric acid suppositories work wonders!

I’m a diabetic and have dealt with this a lot over the years as I’ve been diabetic since I was very little. Usually any over the counter meds won’t help because of the cause of the yeast infection :frowning: I hope you do get some relief though.

You should not have to go into the doctor for a yeast infection. Call your doctor tomorrow morning tell them your symptoms and they should call you in a pill called diflucan one pill will stop your itching and stop most of your symptoms within 24 hours. If you do not want to go that way go to the pharmacy and buy monistat do not get the one day formula it burns get the 3-day or 7-Day


I have the same issue with my diabetes meds. I try to eat yogurt daily, Greek yogurt is lower in carbs. The azo pills can help, but drinking lots of water is important. Any over the counter meds are just as good as a prescription, as per my pharmacist.

I use Calmoseptine ointment. Cant feel the itch. It slows the growth of the yeast until it cant populate anymore. A bag of ice down there helps too. Yeast hates cold so I kill them that way. It’s a bit painful for 5 mins when it gets really cold but if you can’t take the cold s little longer, you won’t feel it anymore. Yeast infection is usually gone in the morning

Get acidophilus capsules and take them daily for life. Will keep you well. This sounds weird but works well and cooling feels good: get douche. Empty bottle and fill w plain yoghurt (kind of a pain) or empty acidophilus capsules into water & fill container. Squeeze into yourself. Wear panty liners after to catch any leakage. Repeat as necessary. Works wonders.

I use over the counter brand antifungal.

So…this is going to gross some of yall out but I swear to goodness it works! Plain yogurt applied to the vaginal area and then a pad at bedtime will work! Depending on the severity of your yeast infection it might take a day or 2.

Boric acid capsules are in use now for yeast infections. Along with an anti fungal prescription but you can try the boric acid capsules

Wisp.com will call in diflucan to a local pharmacy!! It’s great.

I also have diabetes and you should look into candida it’s like almost like a yeast infection in fact I think it’s like some thing that feeds off of the yeast of the sugar that you intake but I usually have candida and I get a lot of UTIs and all kinds of stuff because of my diabetes

Canesten Once with the vaginal applicator. Also eat less yeast as it can react with the sugar in your blood to make you feel ill.

I am 37 weeks pregnant and have had 3 yeast infections my whole pregnancy. What I found that helps me is baking soda baths, being sure not to soak too long, I use about 1/2 - 3/4 cup of baking soda in a warm shallow bath. Doing this alone helps ease all symptoms immensely. Taking a vaginal health probiotic like Rephresh Pro-B has helped me sooo much too. Use Monistat 7 day when you have one as well.

Apple cider vinegar capsules help with the yeast infections

Azo for yeast infections plus Monistat

Diflucan/fluconazole. Prescription only

Is your blood sugar under control? Having it under control will help a lot! Also if you have them all the time you should consider asking the gyno to “paint you purple” I have no idea what it is but it and getting my blood sugar under control was the only thing that worked :woman_shrugging:

Do Doctor on demand. You just download the app and put your insurance info in. Some insurances it is free. It takes like 5 minutes and you video chat with a doctor and they send your script to whatever pharmacy you want. It’s awesome!

Cut out sugar, and eat a lot of plain Greek yogurt. And Probiotics! I had one not too long ago and NOTHING was helping, and I had people I knew that would put plain yogurt up there. So I put plain organic greek yogurt in a tampon applicator and froze it and inserted it and it was so relieving of the itchiness and it made it go away in a couple days.