Partner doesn't appreciate me? Advice?

A little back story, my partner and I have been together almost 10yrs and have 2 children together.
Months after our youngests birth (1½ yr now) my partner bought up/we talked about myself being a ‘stay at home mum’, which neither of us had an issue with and I actuallydo love it, he himself has said- “I make enough to support us”. Fast forward to now, he often says, " if we were a 2 income household", and stuff like that, we aren’t expensive people and we don’t struggle to pay necessities or anything, so I’m confused.
It makes me feel unappreciated and as though I don’t contribute anything because I don’t get a pay check.
Should I just jump back into the workforce to just keep the peace? How can I better discuss this topic with him?
Please help, I’m so lost!! :sleepy: