Peeing in pants

My 7 year old son is peeing his pants all day long but will use toilet at school just fine many doctors have done test after test and everything was fine we have tried set bathroom breaks no drinks before bed help he is ruining the furniture its all day long

I have two boys and this was never an issue for me. My personal instinct is if he can do it at school he’s just being lazy at home. Unless he had some disability that would hinder his ability to recognize when he had to go or understand that he needs to use the toilet then I see no reason for it other than that.
If he’s just sitting on the couch watching tv and pees then take away tv until he gets the idea. Etc etc. I’m also a firm believer in kids helping to clean up their accidents at a certain age. I’ve done that with all of my kids and it’s the easiest way to curb accidents in my opinion.

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He is perfectly fine just being lazy I have made him clean it he doesn’t care

Yea I would honestly just make him as uncomfortable as possible until he complies. No tv, whatever it is that your child enjoys. Or whatever he’s doing when he has an accident gets taken away until he can go to the bathroom.
I’ve realized that a big part of being a mom is being more stubborn than your kids. Eventually he will get it if your consistent about the consequences.