Pink eye treatment?

My three and a half year old just got his first pink eye :disappointed:

This afternoon I noticed his eye was a bit swollen but I just thought something bit his eye so I gave a Claritin. He didn’t mess with his eye too much but when he fell asleep I noticed a little mucus-ish discharge.

I will take him in the morning to Urgent Care but what what do you mommas do for pink eye for those who won’t even sit still for medicine? I have to fight for him to take medicine from a syringe :weary: photo in comments to confirm pink eye


My son has had pink eye and it’s just an eye drop, which suck but I had to have his head in my lap and hold it above his eye and wait if he was closing his eyes until he opens them and drop an eye drop in. It’s not fun but that’s the easiest way I found


if you have breast milk available, best remedy of all


They give you drops and that’s the only way to do it. Either that or ointment.


Warm wash cloth, try your best to keep him from touching it.


I had to wrap my legs around my daughter 4x a day last week just to put ointment in her eye for pink eye😓 I felt soooo bad hearing her cry…after wards I’d give her hugs and tell her she did a good job and was such a big girl

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What I used to do with my kids is lie their head on my lap and have them close their eyes. I would then put the drop in the corner of their eye and then get them to open their eyes. It would just run into their eye then


They’ll either give drops or an ointment to smear on. I think the ointment is easier.

I second what Sammi Maranesi said! I’ve been in Optometry for 20 years and this is by far the absolute easiest way to administer drops to kids! (Even some adults lol)


Tell him he doesn’t have to take it…it’s like either a drop or cream for his eye…
Don’t forget to wash bedding, change pillow case each night for a few days…helps not to spread

Use baby shampoo on a wash rag and wash the eye…it works really well

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I had to lay my son on the bed and straddle him not sitting on him but low enough he couldn’t wiggle hold his head between my knees and wait for him to open his eye and give the drop

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Wash it out with Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby soap. It dries it out and helps with pain.

He needs antibiotic eye ointment. Definitely get him in its contagious and can spread. Poor little boo

Wrap them tightly up in blanket and give them the e-mycin ointment. Good luck!

Ask for eye drops, lay them down, hold something up for them to look at & drop it in eye. We are doing it with a 5 month old. He dont like it, but its over fast enough.

Coming from an ophthalmology perspective, please do not “wash out with soap” of any kind, nor should you put breast milk in anyone’s eyes to help soothe pain or for any reason
Warm compress (washcloth) to help temporarily. He will need an antibiotic for sure. Unfortunately there’s no telling his reaction, but you can always make a game out of it. That has helped with my pediatric patients. You got this momma


Breastmilk for sure! If you don’t have any, ask a friend if you can. It works!:woman_shrugging:t2:


Put the drop bottle to the tip of his eye and squeeze. They won’t see the drop coming at there eye. Rinse the tip off with warm water when done

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No fighting needed. Have him put head in Your lap woth hia eyes closed. Pit a drop in corner and then ask hin to open eye. It rolls right in

Flonase, maybe he’s congested and it’s coming out his eye. It’s that time of year.

Breastmilk works I know it sounds crazy but it works

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Breast milk can also introduce more bacteria to the eye causing more harm to an already infected eye. Just so you know!


They give him eye drops for eye. My granddaughter got it about the same age. It like sitting on her trying hold eye open put drops in it. Take warm wash cloth wipe his eye. Use clean wash cloth every time

I thought my son had pink eye a few days ago. But then he started coughing and his nose started running. So I took him to the doctor and he has a cold virus, both my kids do. And it started out with a pink eye for both of them.

My son caught pink eye at 9 months old. It was the worst having to hold him down to give him the drops but necessary. My biggest tip, even if it’s only one eye that’s got it you might as well treat both eyes. It’s hard enough for an adult to not touch their face and nearly impossible to keep a kid from doing so. Good luck to you.


You can actually pick up the drops at any pharmacy. Don’t need a prescription anymore.

Good luck!!! My daughter had it when she was 4 and somehow didnt spread it to anyone. Lots of handwashing.

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When my baby got pink eye, she was small around 4-6 months. I didn’t put anything in her eyes or give her anything. I wiped her eye every 30min/hr with a different clean damp side side of baby wash cloths. Cleared up in 1-2 days

Made my eyes water looking, poor bub

Eye drops. Wipe from inside of eye to the outside with cold wash rag.

Warm wet was cloth to clean his eye and keep your hands washed Everytime you do this so you don’t spread it and the Dr will give eye drops to get rid of the infection.

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My kids just had it polysporin pink eye is all that can be used at that age and it does the job

For the love of god please do not put breast milk into a child’s eye. Breast milk is only food. Sugary food at that, that will cause a much worse infection. :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

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Ummm…I just straddled my kid and forced the meds into her if she fought :joy: she was a stubborn kid, still is. But she always got her meds and now she knows to take them cause momma will get them in no matter what :rofl:


With one of my kids, I had to have her lie down flat with her eyes closed, and then I put 1-2 drops in the inner corner of her eyes and then have her open her eyes and roll her eyes around and blink a few times. She fought SO HARD when I tried to hold her eye open and put the drops in.

My other daughter got it at the same time and she HATED the method I used with the other kid. She preferred it if I just opened her eye and put the drop in.

I could see a difference after just one dose, but we had to do it for 5 days I think. Worked great.

He will need eye drops for sure. Swaddle him and sit on him. It sounds bad but that was how I got them into my kiddo when he was younger. Also I would suggest benadryl for allergic reactions instead of claritin. My son had a bad rash when he was younger and we had to do constant benadryl. I only use claritin for him when he gets sneezy but if he breaks out or has red allergy eyes we go to benadryl. Also, pink eye spreads super easily so be careful having him around others. Usually when they have pus in their eyes that is a good indicator they need to see a doc

Another suggestion for getting him to take medicines is to shoot it into his cheek while his head is on the floor. That seemed to work for my son. Otherwise a lot of meds can be mixed with soft foods or liquids. I would mention it to your pharmacist:)

If you’re nursing still put breastmilk in his eye every time you nurse

They go away on their own

Needs script drops to get rid of it. My boy just got over this.

First I would definitely take him to urgent care to make sure it’s pink eye my 6 year old is still doing with pink eye as we speak LOL they will offer a eye drop antibiotic or an ointment antibiotic so if you can at least get the eye drops in him. I know what you mean about him not wanting to take medicine my six-year-old does the same way. But they have to pink eye is super contagious I now have it for my six year old and it won’t just go away usually