Pls help me help my boy get over his fear for the dark?

My son is turning 8 this year. But we have so many battles regarding the dark. For eg. Bathroom light is on the light in the room is on yet he will not go shower or use the loo unless someone goes with him. My daughter is turning 5 and he kinda rubbed off on her sometimes she is not bothered at all other times if she sees him scared she doesn't want to go either... How can I help him to feel safe and that its ok?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Pls help me help my boy get over his fear for the dark?

Is there a hallway between the bathroom and his room?

Take him to counseling

I got plain spray bottle and I would add water, told mine it was monster repellent ( this was something his therapist suggested) . And spray it towards closet under bed. But it worked.

I still sleep with the lights on . I can’t be in the dark . I wont leave my room once all the lights are off in the other areas

LD lights will help put them up around there toilet or bathroom :restroom: some on Battery’s All one You can plug in.

I had this fear as a child. My mother put night lights in my room and the bathroom and said now you can see to go potty! And some other stern words and I got over it! Pray you find a way to help him soon.

Im 40 and still want go into the dark alone. Its not that I am afraid of the dark itself, my mind is afraid of whats in the dark that can see me that I cannot see. It has gotten better as I have gotten older, but in certain places it still gives me troubles.


I’m sure he’s afraid of the dark too…but…If the lights are on, and there’s no dark in the hall or bathroom…then it sounds less like extreme fear of the dark and maybe a fear of something else too.
Perhaps try to get to the bottom of it. If you can’t on your own then I’d suggest consulting with your child’s doctor and maybe getting your child into counseling.


So I would try the monster spray but also start teaching them about God. Pray with them that God bless your house and fill it with love, joy and peace.


Some people just don’t like the dark. I’d try led lights n let him know u are always there. Im 35 n I still don’t like the dark. It’s not the dark it’s that if something is looking at me I can’t see it. I like to be able to see what is around me.


Better stop the horror movies and scaring like years and years. No to horror movies.


i’m 21 and i sleep with a light on at night because the dark is scary to me

They have lights you can get for your toilet. They work great for little kids

Maybe he knows something is in the dark that you don’t see


I taught my boys to believe I can see what their doing without even being near the toilet bathroom etc… They are both 7&8 and hate going to the toilet and bathroom by themselves so now they’ll ask me to watch them from where ever I am and so I shout out and say I know your in the toilet now I can see you washing your hands in the bathroom etc…

The way I started it was being near the door of the room but doing other things in the room like for example our toilet is near laundry so I’d mess about with the washing machine or trough and walk in and out last the toilet door but not look at my kids in the toilet eventually I started doing things in another room whilst yelling out and asking if their ok or saying I’ll be one sec just got to go grab something etc…

I’m 47 and have a nightlight in every room

I am 58 I don’t do the dark. Just light it up and if he needs u to check it out first do it


maybe a child therapist for him to find out why he is going thru this. Since either you haven’t sat him down & really talk to him or he won’t say a thing to you


Idk. My birth mom is 56 and still needs every light on in the house…to be fair she was traumatized as child an never delt with it so she has every room light, lamps in every corner where the main light doesn’t reach and I have two younger sisters and they are now the same way. And I spent so much timing constant light I crave darkness. Nobody bothered to find out why my mom was afraid…I did but it was too late…maybe try talking to your son and see.

I must say I do not get the monster spray thing at all. Doesn’t that feed into the thought that they are real, which would make them more scared? My 8 yr old is the same though. We have lots of nightlights.

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First thing you should do is figure out why he is afraid of the dark, if you can’t figure it out find him a counselor. Then trach him a nightly prayer with the phrase “As I close my eyes may God send his angels to watch over me in the dark or the light to protect me from what ever gives me fright.” Maybe put up a smaller string of Christmas lights in his room and bathroom let him know that because they are Christmas lights they contain the light of God which chases away all bad and scary things.

I’m 32 petrified of the dark sleep with a light on

I sleep with the hall light on still. For me and my daughter

Did something happen that scared him in the past??

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I’m 37 and still afraid of the dark. It’s okay to leave the a night light on. Kids have wild imaginations and the things my eyes seen at night or in the dark​:pleading_face::scream: I really freaked myself out. It was a big deal for me.

My son is 18 does not like the dark. Not sure it requires therapy. But up to you

Arm with a bottle of water with a little peppermint scent or other scent and mark it magic monster spray or whatever you want so he can spray anything that he may see that scares him and make it go away

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Night lights everywhere…I hate the dark and have them everywhere

Just use nightlights in the hall so he can see when he needs to go to the bathroom.

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Hang bells on your doorknobs. The sound will alert you when he is moving around and help him feel seen in the darkness. Push to activate lights are cheap. They stick right to the wall and don’t damage it.

I’m 29 and still have to turn lights on as I go. I still sleep with a TV on and I can’t take a candle lit bath because it scares me. Bathrooms in general scare me. Especially since I saw the shower room part of the original IT movie.

I had Christmas lights up around my walls to save electricity.
I bet you this will help!


Try to get to the bottom of what is causing his anxiety?


Maybe your home is haunted…just how old is this home…?? May sound crazy to many…but it’s very real…

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I am 50 and afraid of the dark. I keep a small flash light handy in my purse or pocket. All you can do is encourage him that Gif is with him and has Angels protection around him. You can even pray to God for Angels around him for protection. Let them both pray as well so they hear you and they too can say a prayer for courage and bravery. It is very calming to a child and also some adults. :joy:. Be encouraging and never get frustrated with them in this. I had a radio at night by my bed to help me sleep. Your children have what is called Discernment. They can hear and possibly see spirits. My children did as well so do I. But go thru the home and have it cleansed spiritually. This too will help them. God says 365 times in the Holy Bible " Fear Not"! That is every day of the year. God bless. Go to church as well if you do not.


I was going to say give him flash lights I think magical spray is a good idea so he can spray the boogie man


I never use to like the dark but I grew out of it. My son still has a light on to go to sleep and he is 9 but when he was a baby, he struggled to sleep with light… so whether it’s anxiety or just something to grow out of who knows. My idea to help him is to sit with him in a dark room, and talk through it with him. He is with his mum so he feels safe. Or you make being in the dark something fun. Show them the beauty of being in the dark, we wouldn’t see the stars if it never became dark, we wouldn’t appreciate the light if it was never dark, or our bodies wouldn’t know when to rest if it didn’t become dark. There’s lots of ways to try and help them. Just have to find what works for each individual child.

Give him a flash light to carry around and put nightlight in bathroom, hall and his bedroom. Worked for mine.


I was like that as a child, not sure when I got over it

Make some monster spray for him, or you guys can do it together then everynight before bed have him spray it around his room and other parts of the house that scare him.

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Buy a room spray.
Wrap a new label over it
P.S. it worked for me

If you child plays or watch a lot of videos games just try to see what is the problem coming from. Because I believe something is going on around him.

My son just turned 10 and he has to fall asleep with ambient light. So he has a 5 dollar led light strip on his wall. Or he just falls asleep to a campfire video on youtube.