Pregnancy announcement ideas?

How did you announce baby #2 to your parents and family without using a picture? I’m thinking a gift of some sort…


I ligit said hey we are having another baby.

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What about a cute lil quote like pink or blue all we know is we are due

We told my mom it was an early Christmas gift. We found out December 2nd & told her the next day. I gave her a small box with the pregnancy test inside of it. She cried. With my in laws we bought them a cookie cake that said “see you soon grandma & grandpa” & also gave them the box with the test it in. Everyone else found out cause we posted it after we told our parents

Got my first a t-shirt saying he was a big brother and let him walk around in it till they noticed

We posted these pictures and said that we were welcoming another baby boy and it also announced his name so we got it all done at once