Pregnancy or period symptoms?

My period isn’t due for about 1.5 -2 weeks. My back has been killing me, My boobs have been sore, headaches, lower stomach pains but feel different than my usual period cramps. I usually get cramps 1-2 days before my period but never 2 weeks early and never boob pain?? I am on the pill but some times take it early/late but something feels very off. My stomach feels like it did when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 17 months
Could I be pregnant or am I just paranoid :pleading_face:

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There is always that possibility. You can go to a dollar store and get a pregnancy test.

I wanna wait to test to see if my period does come, but I’m also scared to keep taking my birth control if I am pregnant :confused:

I would just take the pregnancy test that way if it’s positive you know to stop the pill. If it’s negative and you still aren’t sure you can go ahead and stop the pill until you know for sure

I had very very light colored blood today when I went to the bathroom :pleading_face: it was a small amount and like a pale pink. My period isn’t due until next week so if its not heavy by the morning time I will probably test!i never have spotting before my periods

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