Pregnancy test question

I took a clear blue test first thing this morning and accidentally forgot about it while getting ready for work. Noticed it less than an hour later and it had what I would think is a blue positive test result, but I’m worried it was an evaporation line. So when I got to work I took another test and it was negative. If I am pregnant I would be around 5 weeks. Could the negative test result be because I’m not far along and did not test first thing in the morning?

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I would go to the doctor and be sure. I had nagitive results myself and went to the doctors office and found out I was pregnant so double check on that

If you are very early then yes morning urine would be the best to detect it. Like suggested above I would go to the dr and get bloodwork done to know for sure. If your hcg is 5-25 it can mean early pregnancy, any higher is definitely pregnant

It could be a false positive! Take another and follow the instructions. I took one and it was negative then hours later my fiance saw it and it was positive and had a mini heart attack.

I’d head to the doctors, if it were me I would assume not pregnant my tests all came back positive really early. Blood test would definitely be accurate

I say get the digital test that clearly spells it out for you that way there’s no questions about any lines

Test again in the morning that’s when the hcg is the most potent

Sometimes a blood test is way better than a urine that’s why at docs they run 2 different tests. Had to do that for all 6 babies because tests would say positive or negative I request blood test results. Sometimes pregnancy tests detect more than just pregnancy