Pregnant with high blood pressure

Anyone else pregnant with high blood pressure? What risks will i have if i get pregnant and laways have high blood pressure


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I had high blood pressure with both my daughters and my doctor put me on blood pressure medication and I have had blood work done more than normal and did ultrasound A LOT.

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I had hypertension most of my pregnancy. My Dr watched me closely (lots of blood work and ultrasounds) I checked my blood pressures regularly and took a medication.

I had High BP before getting pregnant. The BP meds I take are safe during pregnancy and nursing. High BP is genetic in my family. I was considered high risk which just meant more dr appts and more ultrasounds.

You will be at a higher risk of hypertension disorders: preeclampsia/eclampsia (if it advances), chronic hypertension (since you always have it), gestational hypertension, or preeclampsia superimposed on the chronic hypertension. Your doctor would probably recommend you start taking baby aspirin at the end of your first trimester to try to help your BP. They also will probably recommend you get an at home BP cuff and keep track of your BP in a journal or something to be safe. They might label your chart/you as a high risk patient just to keep tabs on your BP. If you are concerned, you can definitely speak to your obgyn about it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: