Pros and cons of an epidural?

Epidural VS no epidural
I personally want to try not to get an epidural. I hear the healing process afterwords is better and quicker. I just think regardless I’m going to be in pain and would rather just suffer through it. Instead of basically being numb than coming down off of the drugs and feeling like shit. But I’m a first time mom 35 weeks pregnant also I want to breastfeed.
Opinion on which is better ?


Well if ur gonna breastfeed you’ll heal faster if u take epidural

Dont get it! I was able to get up 45 mins after skin to skin. And was able to breastfeed as soon as he was handed to me

I had one both times but the second time it didn’t work. Recovering was so much easier the second time. I guess being able to actually feel what was going on helped keep me from over doing it.

I didn’t have any issues after either of my epidurals. The day I came home with my second I was vacuuming and cleaning house, I felt really well


I had an epidural, they had me walking after an hour and breastfed an hour later and it did not make me feel loopy at all, the only difference was the pain wasnt as bad but i was still slightly feeling the contractions and definitly felt when i needed to push, but everyone has different reactions and opinions so all up to you, good luck!


I had an epidural I couldn’t feel anything was the best decision I made. Made a labor comfortable and enjoyable. I agree with the Amelia. I breast-fed I stopped bleeding within two weeks and was back to my prepregnancy weight. I know everybody’s different but that’s my experience. I definitely plan on getting the epidural with my second in July .

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Get one! My recovery was super easy and I breastfed right away. The numbing went away fast and I could get up and walk soon after. Best decision ever.

I’ve done both now. Labor is rough, you don’t “come down” off of the epi, or feel like shit. You’ll be tore up and in pain afterwards either way. You can breastfeed immediately with an epi.

I went 40 weeks with my first pregnancy adamant that I was having a natural birth, after about 15 hours I decided it was best for me to be able to rest, regain my energy, so I made the decision to get an epidural. In total my labour was 30 hrs & I still to this day know I would not have had the energy to push her out, had I not. That being said, I had no complications afterwards (she’s now 3) I was able to delay cord cutting, do immediate skin to skin and breastfeed.

At the end of the day do what you think is best for you, and remember don’t try to be a hero and suffer in pain.

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I didn’t have an epidural with either. When I had my daughter at the birthing center I was home 6 hours later. With my son I walked from the delivery room to my room unassisted about 25 minutes later.

I don’t know about an epidural cuz I’ve never had one I plan on doing my second delivery without one as I did my first one. but I was up walking within 2 hours like I didn’t even give birth. I have also heard that an epidural can you prolong your labor and delivery because you can’t feel when to push or how hard to push but I can’t say that from experience. just like how they say breast is best natural is best unless of course you have to do a C-section.

I got a epidural (first time mom) my labor was SO calm, and better than I could have EVER imagined!! I felt great right after I gave birth to my daughter, and the healing was fine too! Also my daughter is breastfed! The only thing is I chose not to get I.V. of pain meds before epidural for pain because I didnt want anything getting to her! Needless to say, my labor experance was the best day of my life, everything was so calm, my daughter and I were happy and healthy and I was up walking around that same day!!

Got it both times and was a lifesaver I was in so much pain. X

Had one my first time around but I had back labor and by 6 centimeters I was begging for it. Back labor hurts so bad. I plan on getting another one with this pregnancy.


No epidural not worth it if you get spinal headaches

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I had the epidural with my first and did not with my second. Yes it will hurt like a sob but I feel like its worth it. I would totally go with out the epidural again if i choose to have another baby. I will add that my labor and delivery with my second child was rather quick so i didnt suffer to long and i was begging for the epidural. But once it was said and done it was truly amazing. Was a very proud moment of mine. Giving birth is a proud moment its self but doing it all natural I literally felt like super woman.

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If you can take the pain don’t get it…

I went with the approach of trying not to get the epidural either being a first time mom, and I just had back labor and needed pitocin and the pitocin scared me more than getting the epidural so I got it because I didn’t want worse back labor with the pitocin, but I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t feel the epidural hardly! So it didn’t matter either way :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

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I didn’t get an epidural. I was a first time mom. And now I’m pregnant with my second one and not getting it with my second. I was up moving around after I have my son.

I preferred without an epidural! I had 3 out of my 4 kids without an epidural! And no epidural was much easier for labor and delivery as well as recovery!

I’ve had five babes. Had an epidural with my last baby. Best decision I made :joy::grimacing:

I had an epidural with all 3 of mine and felt fine after. You’re gonna feel like you got hit by a car regardless of the medicine. I was up walking within an hour of having my kids breastfed as soon as they came out

I wanted to try without and I regret it and got the epidural lol I was walking an hour after birth and breastfeeding I didn’t feel a thing after the epidural it was amazinggg

4 babies. 4 epidurals. Absolutely fine. I said I wasn’t going to get one with my first and that went right out the window mid may through.

If you want to try without medication go for it but make sure that you take Lamaze class.

I thought that I was prepared to handle the pain until I had to deal with the pain.

I don’t have long deliveries so my kids were natural whether I wanted to or not but just keep your options open.

Once you get an epidural they will want to keep you in bed so go over every pro and con and do what’s best for you.

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There’s nothing to “come down” from. It’s not cocaine.


Everyone is different that pain is rough but worth it in the end with my first I got it to late so it didn’t take and I just had my second and got it at 7 and it helped .

my birth with my first son, I had an epidural. start to finish, 12 hours. 4pm - 4:23am pushed for maybe 10 minutes

my second son was all natural. start to finish, ~1.5 hours. 7:30pm - 9:10pm. pushed 3 times

my second hurt a lot less, somehow.

No epidural its gon hurt anyway

I had the epidural. Had absolutely no issue, could still move my legs on my own and as soon as they took it out, I was up and walking around with no problem. There was no wait time to move around or anything.

I wanted to go natural but ended up being induced and getting an epidural. It wore off pre-labor (28 hours later) but I felt completely fine a few hours after birth. I took ibuprofen once in the hospital because I had a headache. It took 2 weeks to stop bleeding but I had no pain and no effects from the epidural at all.

I was induced at 40w3d and had an epidural. I didn’t have any ill effects from the epidural and it made a world of difference in my labor and delivery experience. From my limited experience I would say get it, I don’t know if I could’ve done it without the epidural.

I didn’t have a epidural with either of my kids but they were both also born at home

I had an epidural the first time around with my induction and I didn’t get feeling back in my left leg for 8 hours after I delivered! Made it more difficult to care for my daughter but I had my husband to help me since I couldn’t get out of bed!
With my second I tried for an epidural but he came so fast there was only time for it to work somewhat and it just took the edge off the contractions but I felt everything to push and deliver. I couldn’t feel any of that the first time. Both times I had 1 stitch and healed up great/recovered great.

Neither is better or worse than the other. They’re completely different and thus can’t really be compared. If you don’t want an epidural, don’t have one.


Everything depends on you and your baby. If you hold out, by the time you want one it might be too late to get one. I chose not to get one with both of mine, but it all comes down to how your feeling

Don’t get it. Don’t listen to the people pushing you to get it!! If you want to go without, you can do it!! You have to keep telling yourself that the pain is your body’s way of getting the baby out. It is supposed to hurt, i got an epidural and it slowed my baby’s heart rate down (almost had c sec then and there but didn’t) then hours go by and epidural stops working, so they try another one, doesn’t work. Epidural slows down the process and cause failure to descend and I ended up with a c section at 9 1/2 cm :frowning:
Try with all you have to push through the pain with no epidural!!!

Epidural is fine theirs no side effects and it helps quite a bit. Although my youngest is 25

Mine was completely natural no epidural or pain meds, wasn’t that bad… My 2nd is due in September and probably going to do it the same

I didn’t have an Epidural with my first. 2 weeks away from my due date with my second and don’t plan to have one again .

If you can do it, I’d go without. I had an epidural the first time and drug free the last 2 times. My back hurt for months after epidural, and I got annoying headaches for a year. It numbed my left side only so I could feel contractions on my right side. Lol so weird. After my last 2, I could reposition, get up, no catheter, bounced back right away, took myself to pee, etc. I wasn’t even planning on drug free labors. I was only in labor for 2 and 3 hours the last two, so it just happened but I’m so glad. Next time I’ll go drug free either way, but so what you want! Some people are fine!

I have had 7 all natural no epi ! I’ve heard my friends that had them say they felt bad afterwards and also had pain. 30 min after each of my births I ate, showered and was ready to go ! Zero pain. During birth : 1-5 cm isn’t very painful, 5-7 a lil painful, 8-10 is pretty painful, the ring of fire is no joke, but once you start pushing it isn’t that bad. Do it girl !!!


I had epidurals with all three of mine. No issues with it and glad I had it because with my first one I ripped and I had to be repaired. Thankful for the epidural. I wouldn’t have wanted to go through that without the epidural.

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I had one with all 4 of my kids. Never was it hard to recover. I was perfectly fine. Much more relaxed because I wasnt in pain.

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My doctor made me sign consent Incase I changed my mind but I did it without. I would say do that because you may decide you want it especially if you’re in labor a long time.

It’s more of a preference of comfort. I have 6 kids and had 4 natural and 2 epidural. I lived not feeling as much pain ( I have really bad back pain with contractions) recovery for me was the same I think the epidural just made it easier to relax right after giving birth. Since I was still a bit numb I was able to sleep with no contractions. And without wasn’t bad after just bad cramping which made it comfortable to sleep at times but nothing unbearable. So I think it just depends on if you want to be able to relax right after and sleep without cramps :woman_shrugging:t2:. Good luck and hope you have a FAST and safe childbirth no matter which you choose :blush:

No epidural for both my boys and don’t plan on for my third child coming in September!

I had one with all 3 of my kids and it only worked with my 2nd child. I was numb from waste down and honestly it felt great. It didn’t work with me 1st and 3rd child and honestly were it hurt so bad, I ripped really bad and it took longer to heal for me. It was extremely painful. But with my 2nd child I healed so great and didn’t have any problem what so ever. I held my 2nd child great and felt great after birth. So epidural worked great for me for my 2nd child. 1st and 2nd I was so exhausted and in pain it took me a while to be able to do a lot. People are different though.

No meds here but my boys came out fast.

I had an epidural with both of mine. I didn’t feel like crap but I have heard the healing process is slower also. But I was up and ready to go after my first my second I milked it a little longer than I should have! Lol. But whatever your comfortable with! Congratulations on the new blessing!!

I loved my epidural. I felt nothing after I got it, and there isn’t any “coming down” you just have to regain feeling. You aren’t like loopy or high from it (i haven’t heard of anyone being that at least). I recovered very quickly.

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I didn’t have one with my last and it wasn’t any worse than having one. It does block the worst of the pain but that’s temporary. The pain will be there no matter what. Epidurals don’t change your recovery time. It actually prolongs you being able to move/walk. I wish I would have never had one. The back pain years later is awful! So not worth it for a few hours of no pain.

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My first son no epidural ( I feel no pain during labor), my second they told me I had to get one since my sons breathing was slowing down and it helps labor progress (not true). I was so numb for hours, the nurse told me to go shower while I was still so numb and I got up and fell. If you can have the baby without getting an epidural don’t get it

I got an epidural and still felt my baby come out. It wore off. However i had her on a Friday and was moving much better by Tuesday

I had one birth with an one without. I’m doing epidural again, because none of the other options(morphine, or demerol) worked…

My first I had an epidural and my recovery was horrible. I was able to breast feed right away though. My second I didn’t have one and I was up walking within an hour and breastfed right away as well. I’m due in September with my 3rd and plan on going all natural again.

I got an epidural both times, however it didn’t take on my right side the first time and didn’t take at all the second time. Both of my labors were fairly quick. First was 5 hours and the second was less than an hour. My second delivery was easier to recover from despite being in a collision less than 24 hours before hand.

Personally I would say if you want to try not to get one that is perfectly fine! If you change your mind mid labor and decide you want to get one, don’t beat yourself up because you got it. Getting an epidural doesn’t make you any less of a mother. Labor hardly goes strictly according to plan anyways. Good luck momma :heart:

Everyone is different.
My older 2 I had epidurals. My labors were calm and amazing! My healing was easy. My youngest I did natural no pain meds or epidural. It was the roughest thing ive ever done. Healing was so rough. Idk if it was becausw I had a tubal done right after or what. I will say however, with an epidural i had no clue when to push or anything I had tI be told. Without the epidural my body automatically knew what to do and took over!

See how it goes! Know that your birth plan can change! I had an epidural after hoping not to; everything was calm, I did not feel like I was on anything, I was walking an hour after giving birth, and breastfed right away!

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Had epi with my 1st. Not my 2nd and both afterwards was the same healing and all. No issues. And I breastfed my 1st born for 27months and she turned 3 in march. Just had my 2nd in jan and brestfeeding her. Neither of them have ever tasted a drop of formula. I personally think its just diff for each person. :white_check_mark:

I’ve had 5 kids. First 2 with epidurals. Last 3 without. I had a reaction to the epidural with my 2nd one and literally itched all night long. But if I could go back and have a do-over I never would have had an epidural.

I had an epidural and could still feel pressure when I needed to push but wasn’t in any pain. It actually helped regulate my contractions and was up walking around 2 hours later when I moved into the other room. I breastfed for an hour right after she was born as well. I had an easy recovery but also an easy delivery with a little vacuum assistance because the cord was wrapped around her neck. I came home and the next day I couldn’t sit down I cleaned the whole house. I feel like getting one relaxes me enough to be able to focus on what needed to happen instead of just the pain. Overall I had a great experience with it and would probably get one if I have another child especially if I have back labor again.

It was a godsend for me after 32 hours of labor!!

No shame in preventing pain if you need decide it’s too much

Had an epidural and wasnt numb, still felt pain but not as severe and I didn’t feel like shit at all coming off it. Was totally fine

3 kids no epidural. A lot is mind over matter and breathe. Take warm shower if you can to relax.

I feel your pain tolerance plays a big role so if you feel you can go through with no epidural go for it. I have no experience with the epidural as I had both previous kids without epidural. I’m on my 3rd pregnancy if I have a vaginal birth I don’t have plans on getting it.

My opinion you do what’s best for you but I would not get the epidural personally I have naturally given birth to all 5 of my children and I am currently pregnant with baby number 6 I just told myself my first pregnancy which I was 18 at the time that it’s mind over matter I don’t mind and all that matters is my baby is happy and healthy when he was born I was only in active labor 3 hours and about 6 pushes he was out I have not personally experienced the epidural but my friend just had one with her 2nd baby and she is having really bad back pain and she’s 6 weeks post she said she feels tingling and numbness and her back constantly hurts but good luck either way you choose you know what’s best for you :blue_heart::green_heart:

I have had 4 births, 3 were natural and I’d prefer that over an epidural any day. I ended up with severe back pain that is chronic after my epidural 7 years ago.

i said i wasnt get an epideral and it didnt happen that way. with it was time to push they turned it down some so i still felt everything just wasnt in as much pain as it could of. only time they completely turn it up is during a csection so all u feel is a little pressure normally its not that high. u will feel everything its numb isnt the correct term.

I only had it with my 1st out of 4 boys. Ive had back problems ever since. Labor hurts but there are pain meds they can give you.

I had epidurals with my 3 and they didn’t work so with this baby (37 weeks now) I won’t be getting one either because of the same reason I’ve felt the pain and the healing is a lot faster.

I went all natural both times and plan to do the same with baby #3 for me it was so light and easy our bodies can naturally do amazing things and it’s so empowering!

I didn’t have one with my first and recovery was longer (tho I tore with my first so that makes a difference$. Second I had an epidural and it was awesome. Was up taking a shower within two hours, had no tearing, recovery was extremely fast. Will most definitely be getting a epidural whenever I have another baby.

With my first born I was dead set on no epidural. I lasted 6 hours and couldn’t take it. High praise to the mommas who have natural childbirths!!! It is a pain like no other. I’m so glad I ended up getting the epidural. I was up walking around in no time & had no side effects.

I had my son a month ago and I originally wanted to do it with out an epidural… well after my water broke my contractions weren’t close enough together so they started to give me pitocin to help, well I don’t know it was that stuff for not but it made my contractions feel so much worse. I lasted 5 hours then I asked for an epidural. The pain was so bad that every time I felt a contraction coming I would grab the side of my bed and cry. I went in at 7:40pm and had my son the next day at 10:15 am. I don’t regret it. Also I think depending on the size of your child and if you tear or not will depend on the healing. The pain after was bad but you’ll feel the same regardless.

I have done both all natural twice n epidural once and LOVED my epidural birth. Only my last birth was epidural and the healing was the easiest. I had 2 all natural births prior. I breastfed the last 2 births with no issues from epidural or no epidural.

There’s isn’t really a better choice. I went in with an open mind both times. Both times I got the epidural. First time it was a good thing I did as I was in labour for so long and feeling the need to push when I shouldn’t have been! Second time had I known that labour was going to be significantly less than my first I wouldn’t have gotten it (not that I’d fully worked anyway!). Just go in with an open mind. If you need/want it get it but if you think that you can do it without it, don’t!

I didn’t get one and had a great experience. Even though my labor was 41 hours.

I had an epidural for my first and for my 4th baby. For my 2nd and 3rd baby I did it without any meds. We lived in a remote area and it was not offered. I took it on the 4th child to get some rest, it was the middle of the night. The epidural slowed the birth down, and you are up a little sooner without but it doesn’t make much difference. Do what you have to

I was induced at 37 weeks, my body wasn’t ready at all. Took 4 doses of cervadil for me to be dilated enough to have my water broken. I kept saying my back hurt and the nurse ignored me. When I got the epidural the anesthesiologist said “oh yeah, looks like the baby is twisting your spine”. So yeah, I had one.

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I did natural the first time and epidural with my second and third. I felt I healed faster with epidural.

Think of an epidural as like… a break. By the time you need it you’re gonna want a break. I seriously tried to get an epidural with my first and it didn’t pan out. And that is how the nurse explained it. But since I didn’t the first time, I didn’t with my other two. Yes, it sucks ass. Sooo bad. But I’d like to think it made me appreciate my boys more. The relief of it being over was almost euphoric. Then adding the satisfaction of meeting your little one? The best. (I would most emphatically like to add that no matter if you had an epidural, or all natural, or even a c-section we all put in hard work and we all felt the euphoria of meeting our babies. No Mom shaming here… unless you fashioned a way to teleport the baby out, cheater! :joy:)

2 babies one in a hospital one at home… both natural vaginal and was up walking around right after… personally im not ok with these medications crossing to baby or risking baby being to tired to nurse

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Had one with my first and said never again :rofl: did not have one with my 2nd or 3rd!!

I took 2 birthing classes. I was (or thought I was) prepared mentally for no epidural with my first. (I heard horror stories)
Let me tell you, those breathing techniques went out the door. I was only in labor 4 hours, 1 hour pushing, so 5 hours total. My “no epidural” was 3 hrs. I stopped at 4cm. They gave me the epidural and I went up to 10cm in an hour. Best invention ever. And I have no everlasting effects (e.i. no back pain, no horrible migraines (more horrible than before, I suffer from chronic migraines) this “ring of fire” is literally no joke. I had a pain free birth. As for breastfeeding after, it was skin to skin immediately. He latched right on. If you decide the pain free route, dont feel bad. You’re still a super woman!

Take a natural birthing class. Like yesterday!

I had one didn’t even work so all natural it was for both my children.

I was hesitant on an epidural also and I ended up just getting stadal to help with the pain, it took the edge off and i still felt my body. It helped through contractions and by the time I needed to push it was wore off and it hurt but just think in the end you’ll have you bundle of joy, I also am breast feeding :slightly_smiling_face:

I went in at 39 weeks to be induced knowing that I wanted a drug free birth, by the time I felt that I couldn’t handle any more pain it was too late for the epidural and I was minutes from pushing and that was over quickly for me. In my opinion, the contractions were worse than the actual birth because of the duration of the pain.
It is so different for every woman, good luck!

I’ve done it both ways and my recovery wasn’t very different! No one gives you an award for doing it without! I also breastfed all 5 of my babies (currently nursing a 20 month old) with no ill effects! I was up and walking around within the hour!


I’m a mum of four boys never had the epidural with any of them our body’s are made to birth. So many women complain about the back pain after a epidural I wouldn’t risk it! I’ve had two very long labours and two very fast ones. My two fast ones I was induced with and they were way more intense and painful but I just breathed though it

Didn’t work for me just messed up my nerves💁

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I would say it depends on length and how well you tolerate labour. I am due with my 3rd next month I am not planning an epidural I have never had one…or any other pain relief drugs during birth…but my labours are not long my first was 6 hours total.

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I had a horrible first labor where I had to have an epidural. It was horrible and the healing was long, not to mention only helped one side of my body. My second was the complete opposite. All natural and she came super quick. I felt great after.

My only reaction to my epidural is itching on my back. I was induced at 40 weeks and labor escalated very quickly and then slowed way down but the contractions continued to build. I thought I wanted a natural and so i first opted for Nitrus oxide. While waiting to get approval for that, the pain intensified and knowing it would be an additional 30 mins for them to do it, I called back and asked for the epidural instead. The best advice I got was from my mother in law - she said go in open minded and not opposed to ether. She said in the moment, you’ll decide what’s best for you.

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also every person i know had injection site pain… the side effects last years… natural child birth a little while…

No epidural.I’ve had 3 natural and one epidural…It messed my back up

I had an epidural with my last (fourth). I wished I did it with all of them.