Question for c-section mamas

Evening all. I had my son by c-section in October 2018. I found out a couple of weeks ago I’m pregnant :hugs: I have my first midwife appointment next week too. My question is for the csection mommas! I’m starting to feel a bit of pain in my lower stomach, like inside where my section was. I’m only about six weeks pregnant at the moment, would this stretching/painful feeling happen this early? I’ve been having to bloat but mainly on my upper stomach. I’m dreading what it will be like the rest of my pregnancy, as I was huge with my son. Thanks all.


Second pregnancies have a lot more round ligament pain. That’s probably what you’re experiencing.


I’m not sure about this early stage in pregnancy but during the later stages it’s quite normal for you to experience pain because of your scar tissue stretching. I’ve had 4 caesareans but only experienced this kind of pain during my 4th and last pregnancy (from memory anyway)

It’s normal to have pain in your c section scar because it is a scar and probably has lots of scar tissue and your uterus stretching again doesn’t help. That’s what my ob told me


I believe it’s normal. I have felt this before. I’ve had two C-Sections and I’m currently pregnant. I would still bring up your concern with your Dr.

It’s normal it happened with my last 2 I think it was worse in the beginning if I’m remembering right and got better later

I’m not sure I didn’t experience that but one thing that’s good is the 2nd time around you heal a lot quicker and faster

I had my daughter September 2015 and my son may 2018 and I’m currently going to have my third c section this month, any day. Yes that’s completely normal. I felt that my whole pregnancies it’s weird. Your gonna feel more pains and pressures cuz of it but it shouldn’t be unbearable. Let your dr know.

I had 3 csection an the 2,3 I felt the pain more early on back brace now trust me it helps an use the heating on lower back pain on low never on belly trust it helps

Totally normal cuz your uterus is still low and growing so you’re going to have pressure pain

You’re still healing from your c-section. So, the bloat from the new pregnancy could be causing pain in the new scar tissue. Yes, its normal to feel tenderness.

It’s normal when ur bloating

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I don’t mean to scare you, but this is exactly why doctors don’t recommend getting pregnant So soon after a c-section. From this point forward they’re going to have to keep an eye on your c-section scar to make sure it doesn’t rupture open throughout your pregnancy or during delivery. The recommended time you are supposed to wait before getting pregnant is 2 years If you have a C-section. Unfortunately, it will be painful when the scar stretches. The pain could also have to do with where the baby attached itself in your uterus.


Im glad im ready this cos i had 2csections nd im getting another one soon…so i thought i was getting labour pains🙈…i cnt even walk properly

Mine still randomly bothers me and gets some pain weird feelings even now while I’m not pregnant so I’d say it’s probably normal stretching. I remember with my third early on sometimes feeling some weird stretch and pop near the scar tissue


I experienced round ligament pain and cramping early on with my second. I didn’t have a c section though

I did not have a c-section but I do have an 8 inch scar from umbilical hernia surgery. When I was pregnant with my first son I got really big really fast and had a lot of pain and a kind of burning sensation around my scar. My doctor said it was normal and due to the scar tissue stretching. There’s not really much you can do to help the inside scarring. But I did rub cocoa butter on my outer scar and the area around it and that did help keep the skin soft so it could stretch and not be as uncomfortable.

I had a C-section with my twins that was four years ago I got pregnant four months after my C-section I had the same thing its normal it’s stretching.

OB’s recommend a year of healing in between csections- so maybe check with your doc

Omg so I’m not alone and that’s why I’m c section is hurting I’m about 4 weeks 4 days

Im 4most pp with my 5th and it still hurts one it a while