Question for parents and grandparents

I would like to ask parents as well as grandparents this question. Once you become a parent /grandparent, is it normal to only want to spend time and make memories with the grandkids? Never wanting to spend anytime with your kid/s (and or spouse/s) and grandkids together unless you have no choice because it’s a holiday. And would you flat out tell your grown kids, " we want to make memories with the grands by ourselves, if yall (the parents) are there, then there isn’t really any point in us(grandparents) being there. And it has gotten worse (grandparents only talk to the parents when they want to get the grands) since boundaries ( that were being over stepped and ignored) have been made clear again. Is this a normal grandparent, parent, kid situation /type of relationship. I do understand the grandparent/ grandkid relationship is different from the parent/kid relationship but no one seems to deal with this. Just looking for input/thought/opinions. Thanks in advance.