Rainy day activity ideas?

What are some things I can do with my 8 year old on a Saturday? Its cloudy and maybe a chance of rain. Also dont want to break the bank. I have a one year old so I can’t go to the movies. All she wants to do is watch stupid YouTube. I’m having her get off it so we can do something but she says she just wants to stay home. I haven’t spent much time with my kids this week since I started work and we have been getting home late. Would love all ideas. I’m in Washington if it helps.


Have her help you make play dough, make home made shrinky drinks, buy a jewelry making kit or science kit at Walmart to do together.

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Do they have like a jump craze there close or maybe arcade fun

Of you’re in a bigger town, check & see what the library has to offer. My library does a matinee every Saturday & has toys & play area in the kids area. Sometimes they have an activity calender that lists events in advance & usually is free.

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Bake some cookies :cookie:
Home mani and pedi :nail_care:t4:
Make dinner together :heart:


Have an indoor picnic and get her help u make it xxxz

Do some baking cookies… Brownies Make pudding… Jello. Slim

Carebears activities!! That’s old school though lol

Is there like an indoor play area near you? It’s cold here so we went to burger king for lunch and it has an indoor play area

Dollar store, cheap canvases, get washable paint (usually are cheap too) and let out a sheet or something that they can get paint on and let them go to town on the canvases. I lay vinyl designs on them after they are painted or before and hang them up in my now 3 year old (was 2 a week ago) room. She loves it.

Bake a cake or something. My 4 yr old and I will be making cake pops later.

I literally just made the stairs a slide by putting a cardboard box on it and let me tell you my boys have been occupied and happy as clams for over 2 hours. They kept saying it’s better than the one they saw on YouTube. We also painted some picture frames and did a mini dance party.

Make some cookies. Do each other’s nails. Color or paint with her. Build a fort in the living room then fill it with pillows, lay down and ask her about her week. Have a tea party. Watch a movie and cuddle under a blanket with some popcorn. If she hasn’t seen you much this week, she probably just cares to have your attention more than what activity you’re doing.

Arts and crafts baking cupcakes or a cake

Walk down by the river, take a picnic!!

My 8 year old enjoys McDonald’s play area. His ideal day is a Happy Meal and few hours in there.

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Bake some cookies, do some crafts and play hide and seek inside :heart::heart:

Look up a recipe for bread. My son and I went to Salvation Army today, bought a bread machine, and have made a loaf. We also colored, watched a movie together, and played chase around the house :joy:

Rock pooling at the beach wellies and coats great day out

I have an 8 yr old and a 2 yr old. I usually do arts and crafts with them. Whip out the crayons, markers, paint, glue… and basically anything around the house that can be used like wrapping paper, ribbons etc… and put together art pieces…on paper, cardboard… then display it around the house.

I usually cut up old boxes into pieces and just give them paper to color on. Then I would glue thier paper to the cardboard and hang them on the wall with yarn or ribbons. Its pretty cool.

My kids enjoy that and it makes them feel proud. :grin:

Invite a friend of hers to join you all and have a day of fun at the mall and lunch :pizza::spaghetti::hamburger:

trun off electrons and go outside till it rains

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Play cards, cook ( cookies or supper), draw (draw a big letter and have her make a picture out of it)

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You tube is basically a movie…so whats the differsnce. A screen is a screen lol. You can do so much. Baking, library visit, crafts, museum, go for a walk and bring an umbrella…who cares if it rains, no one is made of sugar lol. Make a fort over the tv area with lights and pillows and watch a movie together. Make a scavenger hunt…thats always fun.

Play dressup with her. Let her put on some of your clothes. You could dress up in some of Daddy’s maybe, then, take her on a date to the dining room and ice cream and cookies… Let her put makeup on you. Let her style your hair. She is 8. At 8,my daughter would cook. I bought chicken breasts, washed them, wrapped them individually, and froze them. She would get one out, thaw it in microwave then go into the spice cabinet and get creative, cooking the chicken in the pan. She loved to watch cooking shows, also and would write down recipes as they were being given on TV, from the time she was 6. You could cook something together, taking thentime to show her kitchen safety.

Make edible play dough. That way. Baby can eat and play too. Plus, you can finger paint with pudding.