Recipe ideas for toddlers?

what are some finger food I can feed my 16 month old?


You can feed a 16 month old pretty much anything you eat, just cut it up in tiny pieces.


They can eat about anything. Just cut up small and smash the texture out with a fork if they dont have many teeth.

Everything you eat. They should be eating with a spoon/fork and drinking from a regular cup. Or course there still will be a mess as they are learning.

Cheese puffs, dry cereal, fruits cut up, cereal fruit bars, so much stuff lol

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My 15 month G baby eats whatever we are eating has for a couple of months just cut up small pieces

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Check out baby led weaning. Literally feed them anything healthy, finger sized cuts

When you serve grapes, hot dogs, etc be sure to cut them up so they don’t get lodged in their throat. Pretzels, flavored rice cakes, finger jello, Vienna sausages

Any fruit but not kept whole…grapes, cherries, bananas, ( cut in small non round pieces …never give whole…olives…
Plain noodles ,little butter,peas (any other small chopped vegetables) use long noodles best vegetable ones like spinach…but cut noodles in short pieces.
Same can be made with brown rice…good for them to learn to feed themselves.
Boiled eggs…Finger foods to take with you at his age he can eat cheerios, graham crackers fishies, with a take along snack bowl that cannot be dumped.
Bread spread with peanut butter and raisins chopped in Ninja or ? They love that…

Just about anything you eat. Just cut it up. But be cautious of hot dogs, grapes and popcorn tho. Can still choke on those.
My daughter loves chicken nuggets/fingers. Fish sticks. Puffs. Noodles. Crackers/dry cereal.

Cheerios grapes cut in half blueberries things like that

My 10 month old eats anything

By that age they can and should be eating whatever you’re eating, just cut appropriately to size. Also give fork or spook and start teaching how to use. There will be a mess, but that’s how they learn.