Recipes for toddlers?

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I’m a stay-at-home single mother of a 14 month old boy and I’m trying to get him off of formula does any moms have cheap quick easy recipes my boy does eat some solid food but I’m just trying to find stuff I can make for me and him or even just him thank you in advance!


He can eat everything you eat. Including honey now.
Its time to go to milk or toddler formula.


Just completely cut him off. Replace it with cows milk. He should be able to eat anything you eat.

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Anything you eat he can eat , if he gets full meals and snacks he will prob go down to one bottle a day until he completes quits asking for it

We had to use almond milk due to cow protein allergy. So we did half and half for a week then went straight almond milk.

He should have been off formula a few months ago and should be eating 3 meals a day plus snacks by now


Stay at home single mother?

Anyway…he shouldn’t be on formula and he should be eating regular food.


My 11 month old is off formula, he wanted nothing to do with it anymore n easily switched to milk, plus he eats what we eat… good luck mama!!

Dear he should only getting a bottle at night before bedtime and using a sippy cup during the day for his juicy and water as far as food he is old enough to eat anything you do .you don’t need to buy jar baby food just put his meat in a blender if he’s teeth have not all came in .I had to do this with my baby and she was very happy and healthy.

My little girl hates plain milk but I started adding a little bit of honey & cinnamon to it & she loves it, she won’t drink it unless it has cinnamon smh lol


I’ve NEVER heard of them not needing milk, and we all know that if they didnt need it WIC wouldnt give it because you know WIC is all about nutrition. These people are nuts this is why you don’t ask the stranger perfect parents of the internet you ask YOUR PEDIATRICIAN


Just start giving him milk in bottles. We stopped formula on my daughter’s 1st birthday. Then gradually started only giving a bottle at night. And then at about 14 months, we took the night bottle away completely. Now she only gets milk in a sippy.


I just replaced formula with cows milk with all three of mine, and feed them regular meals.

Just complete cut him off and do regular milk in a sippy cup( finding a sippy he loves we’ll be the hardest part lol) I wouldn’t put milk in a bottle that just creates a whole other problem. And yes he should be eating anything you eat by now.

He can pretty much eat what you eat… Normally formula should be stopped.once they turn 1… There are many toddler transition formulas but they are just as expensive if not more than formula… My daughter is almost 13 months she is on vitamin D milk… Half milk half water ar the moment because the milk has made her constipated… My Daughter will not sleep without a darn bottle unfortunately… I am slowly trying to eliminate the bottle… But as long as he has no milk allergies I would deff. Start cows milk or ask your pediatrician what they think is best for him

My kid hates milk. We went straight to watered down juice at 1yr. Doctor just said feed him yogurt and stuff so he gets his dairy.

I switch my kids to whole milk at 8 months…they just had a hard day, after that they were good.

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He should have been off

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All 5 of my kids were off at 12 mos stop giving him a bottle and switch to milk

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Must be nice to just stay home and not have to work as a single mom. How do you do it? :joy:
He should have been switched already to whole or 2% milk. Try half and half in bottles or sippys.


No bottles at all should be given. Should have started wearing him off formula and bottle around 9 months slowly. Now he needs whole milk and should be eating just about anything you eat with the exception of foods like popcorn.

You’re supposed to stop formula as soon as the babies turn one.

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should be off it already and having 3 small meals day of what you eat…

He should have already been off of formula and bottles, he’s too old for that. He can have whole milk and should be eating 3 meals just like you do.

I did 50/50 bottles at 11 months. 50% formula and 50% milk then just took the formula out of the equation. But she still wont drink just milk. I put in a few drops of strawberry syrup. Just enough to slightly change the color. No problems

Y’all they do have toddler transition formula and toddler formula. She is a ftm so cut her some slack.


Hopefully the person asking this question will see my comment bc I dont think many of these answers were very helpful…mostly judgemental. ANYWAYS… Good recipes for 14 month old… My son loves cinnamon raison bread with cream cheese, most fruits (blueberries are fave), spaghetti with zuchinni throwed in, cubed grilled/pan sauteed chicken, corn, any kind of beans, kraft mac n chz, sweet peas are a fave, sweet potatoes or even canned yams, etc etc… I can go on all day. Hunny, get in touch with me if u need more ideas!


I mixed whole milk with Mines formula until I stopped adding formula

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Put him on cows milk?

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with my 16 month old we do grilled cheese, spaghetti, stir fry, rice with small chunks of chicken or hamburger, mac and cheese, apple sauce pouches, fruit in small pieces, freeze dried yogurt, yogurt, eggs, bagels with cream cheese, donuts, and fish or seafood. i use tasty a lot to look up different recipes to try with what i have in the house. as for formula maybe transitioning her to whatever milk u normally drink or whole milk. if u need help with milk and other basic necessities wic is a really good opportunity as well as can help u with multiple things. remember in the end just feed ur child whatever u can they wont starve themselves. keep trying new things. just do ur best. being a stay at home single mom is hard been there (medical issues stop me from working) just try ur best and follow ur instincs

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Switch to a CUP NOT A BOTTLE and give him 2 percent milk. Not hard to figure out and do at all

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She deadass said in the post she is a single, first time mom. I swear some of y’all come on here with this holier than thou attitude just to be a fucking bitch. Thank god y’all had someone there to offer help and advice, but god forbid someone ask for the same. Get the fucking stick out of your asses, maybe you’ll feel better​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

In response to the post, try giving him a sippy cup with whole milk, and like others said, he is old enough to eat whatever you eat as long as it isn’t spicy or something he can choke on. (Popcorn, grapes, chips, etc. Are big no-nos right now) my little girl is 16 months and she eats what I’m eating, just cut up small enough that it’s not a choking hazard. She gets milk in the morning and at night, then water or a little juice the rest of the day. She only takes sippys with soft nipples, but every little is different. Feel free to message me if you want. No judgement here as I too am a single, first time mom. Contrary to what some of these women are saying, we’re all just winging it and doing the best we can. I’m lucky enough to have a small support system when I need advice, and I would be more than happy to share tips and tricks with you away from all the rude ass comments.

My 11 month old ears whatever I eat just in smaller bites. She loves Mandarin oranges and the come apart easy. As for the bottle I cant help with that my little girl sees us drink out of a cup and wants one and as long as it only has 1 or 2 sips in it she does great

Baby food… Baby cereal… Warm up whole milk in his bottle… He will get used to it. My daughter transitioned easily. She loves milk.

He probably can eat whatever you eat just offer a food 3 times ( meals)to see if allergic to it before you do another. Get a small $10 food chopper)(ndollae general) and puree it so he can eat… start giving ounce less formula or milk in bottle every three days pretty soon it wont be any. Be sure to offer snack and milk before bed and teeth brushing.hide all bottles… oatmeal is good. Be sure to cut bananas up tiny

Give him a good sippy cup with half water half sugarless juice. Or water with fresh fruit infused.

14 months old maybe a bottle at night but should be able to eat alot of table foods by now Cut in small pieces if your afraid of choking

Wow… So many women are shaming this mother simply for having a 1 YEAR OLD CHILD on formula… As mothers we should all know that no child is the same… How prefect your lives must be to judge and shame another… She’s asking for help… Not to be torn down… If you can’t be helpful just move yourself along… :v: