Relationship advice

Can we keep this anonymous please…
Any of you mama’s lose that spark with your partner?
Before he and I had children, our passion was strong and we couldn’t keep out hands off each other. I loved that man 110% and then some.
I find now, 6 years later and a few children later, it’s not the same. Don’t get me wrong, I still love him with all my heart but we seem to be more roommates if anything. Those feelings we had in the beginning have diminished. I don’t know if it’s our busy lives or the fact that he cheated on me while I was pregnant with one of our children as to why I feel out of the loop with him. He broke me. Maybe I should’ve left then but I was so in love with him I couldn’t.
Fast forward a few years later and I’ve found my feelings have changed towards him. I’ve tried to let go and move on but it’s just not the same. He claims to love me with all his heart and promises to never hurt me again but it still doesn’t change how I feel.
Have any of you ladies been through something like this, does it get better, is it our busy lifestyles, or am I just holding onto something that isn’t there anymore??? Opinions please.