Relationship advice

Hi mommas,
So over the past year I’ve been with my partner, things have been great at least for me. I had divorced my ex husband(BD) and was doing good on my own when I met my partner. I was absolutely smittened with this man and his daughter. I love them to absolute pieces. Well over the past year there’s been some serious red flags, such as when we first got together he couldn’t get over the thought of her being with another man and him taking his place within their household. Remind you they are separated when we started dating and this was clarified with BM. Well I brought it up one day and he stopped doing it. Understood where I came from and was good about it. Well then baby mom gets upset. Sends me old sex tapes of them and you have to understand we are two different body types. I have a hyper active thyroid disorder and I’m a 103 pounds and she’s very thick and pretty. My partner is an ass man. You could see how just… into her he was in these videos… made me not want to have sex with him and I felt really uncomfortable with myself… well this woman has made issues for us throughout our entire relationship. Constantly texting him all day, for the most part it’s about their daughter so i try to never say much because I love hearing about their daughter. She means the world to me… but recently I’ve noticed unfamiliar nudes in his phone of himself that i had never seen… hes talking to her a lot without telling me… has liked other womans pictures… but if a man flirts with me i have to delete them or its a huge fight… gets mad if i take pictures that expose my figure… i mean ive caught this man looking at other woman infront of me and stuff… i feel awful about myself because he never seems interested… then if i bring up the things that make me uncomfortable, he blows up and somehow flips it on me and how im disrespectful to him. i dont know what to do anymore… i love him and his daughter… am i ruining my relationship? is my insecurities the problem? am i making shit up in my head?

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